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Why are people online extremely rude?

12 answers · 13 hours ago
I bet half of the people online wouldn’t say the things that they say to people online If they met them in real life.

After 15 years I still can’t stand her or her habits. Was very mean to me in grade school but got over it in middle school. Always bragging, usually for the express purpose of making people jealous to make up for her insecurities. Knows no boundaries and asks inappropriate questions. Mostly talks about herself, not... show more

Why do liberals hate everyone?

104 answers · 6 days ago

Asking my friend for money?

29 answers · 4 days ago
I know I’ve made a mistake, and I was hoping to get feedback on whether this mistake is a dealbreaker or something I can fix. I owe thousands in taxes. $12k actually. I have an ex/close friend who makes about $100,000 a year. I’ve helped her through the death of several loved ones and Helping her get out of an... show more

My friend and I are college roommates and we share a bathroom together. In our bathroom, there’s a toilet and a shower, then the sink is outside of the bathroom/directly in front of our room. When my friend uses the bathroom, she doesn’t wash her hands right away. For example, if she’s changing her clothes in the... show more

Ill be 26 this summer but somehow people think im 23 or under... its really irritating and get on my nerves

Best answer: Context is everything. If the it's a boy of a single mom who has made friends with a man, and the man is mentoring him? No, it's not weird. If it's a boy and he's spending time with a divorced woman who just bought a Porsche? Yes, it's weird.

Am I a year older than my friend?

30 answers · 5 days ago
I was born on November 8, 2003 and my friend was born on January 26, 2004. That would make me a year older right? since we were born in different years. He is saying no but I think yes. Who is right?

What does it mean?

11 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: It's definitely not a good thing when this is said by a friend. It means he or she thinks you are a self centered idiot.

I got two tickets to a concert for my friend s birthday but she suddenly can t go. Is it wrong for me to still go? I paid $200 for them and can t sell them or give them away.

Best answer: I’d ignore them completely and act as if I’m not bothered by them. Truth is, you’ll be graduating in a few months and probably never see them again anyway, so indifference is your best bet. I know it hurts bad, but next year at this time, you’ll have a brand new life, new friends and all of this will be a distant... show more

I went out with this guy and we left our coats in the car when we went to the arcade. So when we were leaving out it was cold outside. And I told him it was cold and he put his arm around me.

Let’s say these two friends are college aged (18-22). I get people are “busy” and have their own lives, but are people really THAT busy where they don’t talk to a friend for WEEKS/MONTHS on end? Is that really a friend? Or, just an associate?

I feel alone?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Everyone leaves me. Nobody wants anything to do with me. I'm a nice person. Everyone makes fun of me, talks about me, tries to make me feel bad. Family, strangers. Everywhere I go, I'm rejected. I feel like I have no one on my side. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like it'll be like this... show more

I am away for school during the week, but I go home on weekends. My parents usually come to pick me up and drive me back up because I do not have a car. I was out with my friends last night and I said I had to call my mom, because that's what I always do every night. They all said that was so sweet, but that... show more

So in reality im 14, but i was 13 when i met my internet best friend (she was 18 atm). And when we first met i lied about being 15, and now i have to pretend that im 16 and its so hard to tell her the truth because she thinks im in 10th grade nad she told me about the thungs what is going be there and i feel so... show more

Am I Too Old To Learn?

4 answers · 10 hours ago
Okay so back in the 6th grade I got my first ever guitar for Christmas. Playing different instruments is something I always wanted to be able to do. In middle school, on some days my counselor who I was extremely close with, would help me practice when she wasn’t busy. And at home I would try and practice by... show more