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Topless around a guy friend?

11 answers · 17 hours ago
I'm 15. The girls in my friend group have been talking about going to a nude beach this weekend. It's got black sand, with a famous sunrise view, so even I was excited. Then everyone started talking about if they would get naked or not. All of the girls said they would, or at least lose their tops.... show more

Does she really think he’s nice looking? Or is she trying to avoid hurting his feelings?

Is this inappropriate and why?

25 answers · 2 days ago
I’m 27. My boss is 42. Is he allowed to ask me if I’m straight or not? And if my ex had rough intercourse With me? Why would he ask me personal and sexual questions?

I was told that smiling with teeth is natural

Best answer: You called her Dora? That is hardly the worst thing you could have called her and in any case she could never prove you were talking about her and not someone else. Don't worry, but maybe you should learn to keep your thoughts in your mind if you think expressing them will offend someone.

I'm a 46 year old man, but I've had this problem since my late teens. I'm not good-looking, not like a model or anything like that, but equally I don't think I'm that ugly either, I think I'm a fairly ordinary looking, reasonably nice looking guy. Yet most attractive women (i.e. the kind of... show more

My bro is 20 and he’s been playing a video game where he met 2 girls who are 20 and a guy who is 46. He’s planning to meet with them all at Disneyland since they all got ‘close’. They literally met on a kids game and it makes me wonder what a 46 year old MAN is doing playing a DISNEY GAME. He was saying they were... show more

Is it worth living?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: I think your first port of call is your doctor, I think you have clinical depression. If you think life is not worth bothering about then you are undoubtedly depressed. If you are having Suicidal thoughts then you need to get to a doctor or hospital and tell them how you feel and they will help. Everyone on the... show more

Best answer: a tight circle!! there are going to be less fake people and if you ever want to change friendship groups its not like youre friends with everyone already

Roommate copying me?

8 answers · 1 day ago
Im a freshman in college and my roommate is copying everything I do. I don't know why but its starting to make me uncomfortable. It started out with just her borrowing my clothes, ordering the same clothes and copying my nail color which didn't really bother me, but then she started coping what I say and... show more

Best answer: You are wearing clothes that give her access to feel you easily. She was enjoying her time kinda used you for her own joy, probably one of the best moments of her life.

today my friends slapped and touched my stomach and they said i was "getting a beer gut" im on the skinny side and my metabolism is fast but this really hurts me because i was always insecure about my belly they said it was just a joke and im slim and i know they wouldn't lie, but idk im offended

Best answer: What's your question, dumbass? You were an accomplice which makes you just as guilty.

Best answer: She’s jealous of you, knowing that you’re way better than her in all aspects. She’s also not a best friend. Throw her back into the trash where you found her from and find a new one, preferably not trash.

Best answer: You dont need an excuse, just say 'no thanks'

Why Is Saying NIGA bad if I say it ?

6 answers · 13 hours ago
Best answer: it's about not having the rights to say that word because you're different. like imagine u're in team A, and someone from team B says "sup teammate". i do find it kinda cringey when white kids say that word tho, it's like being desperate to tryna fit in with the black kids. but yeah, i... show more

What does my guy friend mean?

6 answers · 1 day ago
I was telling my guy friend I broke my toe and it was swollen. I said my coworkers were picking on me bc I was limping lol and a box a Keurig came out and whacked me in the head too! He sends a text back that says, "Sounds like your new composite toe shoes and a hard hat with a winky face? Wth does he mean? Ha.