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What are reasons to break up with someone?

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I’m too ugly to get a girlfriend how can I become celibate?

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5’7 short ugly midget. Earns an average 60k a year. Age 26 never been a date or had a girlfriend. Never had a kiss also a virgin. That sums me up.

I really hate my boyfriend right now!!! How could he do this to me? He knows I disagree with killing animal. He has organized a hunting trip for shooting deer and has several buddies going with him, but one of my boyfriend's rules was that they can't shoot any coyote or dogs in the area. I honestly find... show more

I'm 14 and I want to get my septum pierced . But my mom doesn't want me to . She let me get a stud in my nostril last May but now she says that septum rings are trashy . Well i think they're cute . My grandma told me that i can get one if i want to so should i get it done with her and not tell my mom ?... show more

So basically my parents are trying to control a lot in my life right now. My mom tries to control how often I see my boyfriend during the week because she thinks i see him too many times and I over do it. I try to explain to her that we just genuinely enjoy each other’s company! Like we’re in love, we wanna spend... show more

Just an obervation ive made in my personal experience. Whenever i bring this up women usually tell me that im wrong and that they are attracted to inner qualities such as sense of humor, kindness and their overall chemistry. But i just dont see that many times. Thoughts?

Have you had family that you never became close to? I am going to see family after 11 years and all i can think about is in the past how when i was a younger person all i was ever commented was on my weight, on my nails, on almost everything. I was really down about it and always felt like I couldn t be myself. I... show more

Would you give your 17 year old daughter a hug?

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Which is the best kiss?

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1: kiss before sex 2: kiss during sex 3: kiss after sex

Or do they still have standards?

It is kind of obvious that she is begenning to feel the same even thou neither of us have brought it up or talked about it to eachother. Any advice.

Is it ok to wait until you're in love to have sex?

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I'm 18 and still a virgin. But i want to wait until im in love and in a relationship. Is that ok?

Was he just using me for sex????

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Best answer: What he wants from you does not matter because he kept making sexual advances on you when you didn't what it and made it clear by pushing him away! This is NOT OK! You deserve better then that and should not give him the time of day because he clearly does not respect you! No means no girl love and respect... show more

Best answer: Dude...he just sounds like an old school Charlie Bronson or Clint Eastwood type. Give him his space.

Does having a lot of money make you happy?

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Best answer: No, just to put food on the table to keep me alive

Should I value my virginity?

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Hey, I'm a 19 year old guy and virgin. I've had no sexual interactions with girls in my life, I kissed a girl many years ago but it was when I was really young and haven't done since the age where you actually want to kiss girls. I'd love a girlfriend to lose it to but at this point I'm... show more

Convincing girlfriend to get laser hair removal?

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Best answer: It's her body and if she wants hair removal she will have it done without your urging. And are you going to pay for all of this hair removal? Same goes for make up and heels. She'll wear makeup when she wants to or not. And are you going to be buying her make up and these shoes you speak of?

Fiancé wants to call of the wedding?

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He proposed in October 2016 and I won't lie, I talked about wanting to marry him a lot! and a month later I found out we were having a baby! She was born in July 2017. We are very happy with our little family and we have paid our deposits for the weddingon August 30th 2018! A few days ago he said he's... show more