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Do men think 34 is old for a woman?

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What do you think about a white guy dating a black girl?

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How to convince boyfriend to use condoms?

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I’m getting into a new relationship with a guy, he’s 18 and I’m 16. I’m a virgin and he’s had about 3-4 sexual partners. When we start having sex I’ll obviously be on birth control, and I also want to use condoms to be safe. I absolutely cannot get pregnant. He has said that he never used condoms with previous... show more

Would you date someone who is racist?

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My brother met this hot girl and she started talking about how she hates blacks, Indians, Chinese, basically all Minorities. He walked away from her. She looked like Kate Upton

Parents think I m a failure. What do I do?

7 answers · Family · 6 hours ago
Best answer: If you're doing what you say you're doing better than average for your age. This is definitely something you should talk to a counselor or teacher you trust about. They sound at least close to abusive even if they think they're helping you by pushing you. This isn't appropriate and it sounds like... show more

How to stop yourself from falling in love?

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Should I cheat on my girlfriend for revenge?

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My girlfriend cheated on me recently. Should I cheat on her for revenge?

GUYS: What turns you off about girls?

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I was in an LDR with him, and later, he married me and we now live here in his country. He is 9 years older to me. I am 23. He loves me alot, he has helped me emigrate to a better country, away from my abusive family back home... And he also pays for my University tuition fee. He actually DOES love me alot, and I... show more

What is your attitude toward meatloaf?

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I have this friend named Kimberly who I have been friends with for 5 years now since we were in 6th grade, for about a month now I have been cyber bullying her on an anonymous Instagram account. I call her ugly, fat, stupid and I even tell her to kill herself. I am not happy about this, I did it for fun and I did... show more

How do I convince my wife I accidentally cheated on her?

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Best answer: Accidentally? tripped and a girl fell onto your dick?

I told my younger brother and sister about it, and they all started crying. I told them that I just don’t wanna live anymore, my life is worthless. They went and told my parents about it . Why would they do that? I’m planning to end my life next week with one gunshot wound to my head.

I’ve found out my daughter is planning on inviting her biological father and her half brother to her wedding. I don’t want her to invite them, I don’t want the reminders of a mistake I made hanging over me all day or having to explain to friends and family who they are. Outside my immediate family - husband, 2 sons... show more

Why do Men watch porn when they have a faithful wife?

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Can my dad take my car if my name is on the title?

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Ok so I’m 18 and my parents want to take my car all the way to Alabama this April to visit family (we live in Illinois). My dad thinks he is entitled to use it just because I live in his house. My name is on the title and I’m the one who makes the payments, not him. But anytime I do something thay he doesn’t like,... show more

What should I do, my sister in law keeps on pestering us?

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My husband's sister can't drive and she always asks my husband to drive for her. Our quality time was affected because as much as I want to spend my free day with my husband, she keeps on asking him to accompany her . I thought she think that the world only revolves her.What should I do? We live in the... show more

Why does everyone bully me?

16 answers · Friends · 2 days ago
Everyone bullies me. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Everyone I've ever met has bullied me. People just don't like me. I don't really know why. I think it's because of the way I look or act. I don't know. But I'm a nice person. I'm never really rude to people because they... show more

Would you eat crunchy peanut butter?

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My husband is living with his ex?

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I got married 3 years ago and Im living with my parents because my job is real far from his place. His job is near his house where he and his ex live; we are on call all day long and I trust him; but it makes me so upset. He got the 2nd floor to himself, she has the first floor. When I come visit I realise how... show more