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So my parents are really strict, to a point where I'm just stuck in the house. I have friends at school but the only time I talk to them is over the phone or through text, but sense I don't really know them outside of school or really "hang out" with them, I feel like I only know the school side... show more

What do you think?

Okay for starters I was adopted & I have always felt that she treats me very differently from her biological children. I live three hours away from my parents & I visit when I can. My mom has been raising her two grandchildren from my sister for over a year & I know that my mom has been under a lot... show more

It's the male lead Franz in the russian movie franz+polina. He's so cute and friendly, brave but sweet at the same times, he saves her lots of times and cries when she rejects him. He's both manly and childish, and I like him so bad I would like to find someone like him but guys like him dont exist,... show more

My dad wont give me back my ipod back?

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See, i know this is going to sound rude so if you're easily offended just don't read, duhh. I am 20 & a Black woman. I do my best to look good.. You do get the idea. I try to look my best. Thankfully I'm not bad-looking so i do get asked out too When i was growing up, i always noticed how... show more

She's so annoying. She won't study or do her work UNTIL I do it. She copies me and i don't like it. Whenever I sit down to study, she also does even though she was sleeping till that moment. She's jealous of my academics and makes it too obvious. I'm not saying she is a bad student or she... show more

My Relationship is making me depressed?

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I feel kinda dumb posting this here, but I don t know what else to do and I need to get this off of me. We ve been dating for 2.5 years, we ve been living together for about 5 months. Our fights have been nonstop, no matter how many promises he makes things never change, I want to stay to be in a promised happy... show more

Why do women cheat?

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Is it engrained in their nature to cheat? No women can be trusted in relationship.

That blows that out of the water.

Hey guys, Laura is back!!! Did you miss me and my sexy pics?

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Best answer: Sure why not... come back again later.

Best answer: She is NOT a good match for you. She has a lot of really negative behaviors that NO ONE should tolerate in a partner (or even just a friend). Calling 39 times is obsessive and ridiculous. You simply did not have your charger with you - there is nothing wrong with that. We can't always charge our phones whenever... show more

She says: “I’m fine with us being cool and being able to catch up from time to time but it’s like i give you an inch and you want a mile. Like i’m only willing to text and catch up from time to time but i don’t see us having a close friendship. Also i never said that i didn’t want you in my life or that we had to... show more

I dislike my mom?

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I am 15 (a girl if that matters), and right now I am just really angry at my mom. She always tells people I am feeling upset or mad about things I am fine with just because she disagrees with them, she forces me into situations to "help me" when in reality they don't help at all, she assumes I have... show more

Does Trump really abuse Melania?

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How do I go about leaving my home?

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I'm almost 23 years old. I want to go back to college in a 4 year school, but I want to go away for school, as in living in a form. I'm not going away to another state, but I want to stay in a dorm college. I know what school I want to go to, but I'm still working on what major I should do. I... show more

My mom is 70 and my father is 75, are they too old?

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Best answer: not at all

Best answer: It sounds as if you are concerned, anticipating the possible, or probable problems arising in the future that might require your assistance and presence, but that you really don't want either to move or the job of looking after them. There are some things you could do: for example, you could start planning... show more