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Or is that too much of an age gap? I'm speaking within legal adult age 18+ (no underage drama with laws)

Cheating boyfriend?

38 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
I caught my boyfriend texting very salacious things to another girl that is his coworker. After catching him I made him block and delete her but as of recent I’ve noticed I’ve had to reblock her several times I confronted him on it and he tried to use it against me that if I wasn’t crazy I wouldn’t go through his... show more

Is my boyfriend somewhat perverted?

35 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
I know that it’s normal to do the whole daddy roleplay thing during sex, but sometimes it exceeds that. He calls me his little girl, as if he’s my actual father, or calls me his little sl*t or little wh*re in a babying voice. Sometimes he tells me to show him that I’m a “big girl” or how I’ve “grown up/how grown I... show more

Why does my boyfriend asked me about my ex during sex?

52 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex he ask me very strange questions like... I’m bigger than your ex right? Has he ever done this to you? Is this the biggest d*ck you ever got? I’m f*ckikg you better than your ex right? Etc I tell him yes all the time so I make him feel good but I can’t figure out why he... show more

Was I wrong to have her sleep over?

90 answers · Family · 4 days ago
I went to a party with my gf Friday night and I had her sleep over at my house. I hadn’t planned on her staying but we got dropped off to my house at 2 a.m. and had both drank and I really didn’t want to drive 30 minutes to drop her off. To be clear, we didn’t do anything. We just slept in the same bed. I dropped... show more

I can’t forgive my family, they have made me suffer so much?

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Why would a man put cologne on to go to the gym at 5am?

29 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
My husband got up to go to the gym this morning and he put on some cologne. He’s never done that before.

Should i tell my husband i kissed someone?

35 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago

Can u get married and decide not to go on honeymoon?

24 answers · Weddings · 1 day ago
Is it a must dat every newly married couple must go/have a honey moon?

How does being in love feel?

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15 and pregnant?

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At what year of marriage do husbands get bored of their wives....?

23 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
Why do husbands get bored of their wives

Best answer: YES, it's a date, but Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps he's a gentleman? Gentlemen allow their dates to spend the night, without forcing himself on her, especially these days and times, when men get in trouble so easily, for just smiling "the wrong ... show more

Wife wants a 3rd kid and I'm happy with the 2, what to do?

28 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago
We've been together for 7 years. She has a son whom I've raised from 2 years old and we have a son together. One is 9 the other is 5 but she wants another baby and is willing to break up and split the family to do so. I am 35 she is 31. I find it crazy to have a 3rd when we can barely afford 2. We would... show more

my male friend is going into a divorce. During one year of separation, he paid absolutely for EVERYTHING in the house. The judge said two moths ago his wife stays in the house, but now she is responsible for house expenses. my friend will provide monthly child support. She still wants him to pay for everything. ... show more

Where can i meet dorky chicks with glasses?

8 answers · Singles & Dating · 19 hours ago

Why won't my ex give me closure?

15 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 hours ago
He refuses to answer my questions. He even said, "I don't deserve closure. The only thing he is saying is that I am the only person to blame for us ending. We did end on a bad note, but my only question is if he was dealing with or interested with another woman during our relationship. He refuses to... show more

Is this guy I’m dating moving too fast?

18 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
Best answer: I think you should stop dating him. If I were you then I would have thrown the book at his head, and then told him to get lost. On the third date he should have never spoken to you about marriage, and buying you a ring. I think he is a moron who stinks. I believe you should be humiliated. Because you are the one... show more