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Am I over reacting?

10 answers · Friends · 2 days ago
Am I over reacting. I hire sitters for occasional childcare like Sundays when I work once a month. I had just hired a new sitter she was background checked, good references etc. she watched my kids at my place as I prefer that and then the idea is I don’t her friends over etc. kids are 8 and almost 10 one with... show more

Is it bad that my boyfriend watched porn?

37 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
This happened awhile ago but my boyfriend confessed to me that even though we re together, he still felt the need to watch porn videos. He also confessed that he masturbated to them. Of course, I was shocked and felt betrayed. I could tell he felt guilty about it and he apologized, even in the days that followed.... show more

How do I get more Instagram followers?

36 answers · Singles & Dating · 4 days ago
Best answer: Get more Instagram followers fast

Moving in with my fiancé her crazy idea?

36 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago
My fiancé and I are getting married in 6 months. We both are homeowners and have decided to sell our homes and pool the money together from both homes to buy a new home. In order to be “equal” she wants to also have the two of us sell all of our furniture in both homes then again pool the money together to buy all... show more

Before you all get on your moral high ground it is perfectly legal for a 16 year old to have a relationship with someone of that age as long as its not sexual. My daughter seems very happy and he seems like a nice boy. It's only a 9 year age difference and she is very mature for her age

Do you need love In marriage?

20 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 10 hours ago
Let’s say that you married your wife because of a serie of unfortunate circumstances and family pressure. It was a kind of an arranged marriage. So you have no feelings for her, but you still think that she’s a good person.

Was this unfair of my parents?

24 answers · Family · 2 days ago
They made me bike to school every day uphill for 2 miles. I had to get up at 6 am and I reeked of sweat.

she won't let me right now, cause of course it can be dangerous. I understand that and i would be extremely careful with them if she were to let me. But what should i say to convince her?

Best answer: I was in love with someone with true feelings . It didn't matter to me if he had car , bike or lots of money . His looks didn't matter to me . What mattered to me was only his heart . But he changed with time as he got successful in his career . I was with him for 8 years . I met him in my teens . what I... show more

My daughter is 12 and sees me naked sometimes. She might talk to me while I shower or getting dressed. Neither of us really care. Is this okay?

Would you pay $700 dollars to your brother ?

20 answers · Family · 1 day ago
So my brother offered me to ride his motorcycle in his apartment complex’s parking lot .i hit the gas to hard and ran into a car and broke my leg and I was given a ticket for reckless operation.and now my brother just texted me saying that the total damage to the people’s car came out to $1400 dollars and... show more

Or do you want to live by yourself?

Wife doesn’t want sex anymore?

33 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 3 days ago
Our sex life has been declining ever since we got married. There would be any excuse In the world. As of lately we’ve sleeping on separate beds. I have brought this up with her on many occasions and have gotten upset how she seems to be naive about it makes me feel. I’m a man that provides for our family, we have 4... show more

What good would counseling really do me?

13 answers · Family · 10 hours ago
My dad says I need counseling because I HATE being a janitor. I hate my job, I hate it, I hate it. I only took a part-time job to get some extra money to pay bills while I went to Barber school but now I finished. The problem was, the custodial company made some serious changes and they no longer have part-time... show more

I get nauseous after I kiss my boyfriend?

13 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
When it’s just a quick peck I’m alright but when we really start kissing or making out and one of us pulls away my stomach feels extremely nauseous and I either puke or I dry heave for a few minutes. It’s not that I don’t want to kiss him or I’m grossed out and I’m extremely comfortable with him. Is there anyway to... show more