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Best answer: I don't think you're obliged to leave big tips. I think all tips are at your discretion. Actually tips are a con because they encourage the management to pay less than a living wage, in the hope that tips will raise the workers' wage up to a living wage. So if you give a tip you're encouraging... show more

Is greek world still in business?

6 answers · 4 weeks ago

I have a 2003 Chevy Impala and I had a stereo in it before but it was only a 120 watt stereo so I replaced it with a 200 watt stereo. I wired it all and it turns on and there’s no sound. I tried using my old stereo in it but now that doesn’t have sound either. I do have a stock amp and I wired the ground from the... show more

Can I use Paypal at the post office?

3 answers · 2 months ago
Instead of doing it online, can I walk into the post office and give my Paypal to them that way so I can ship my package?

Yahoo phone?

5 answers · 2 months ago

Best answer: Yes, and they test drive your inflatable woman.

I'm an janitor, so of course cleaning the restroom is a big part of my job. In the men's room, all I usually have to do is wipe down the toilet, clean smudges off the mirror, and sometimes sweep up some trash. When I clean the women's room I have to deal with - Blood from UNDER the seat - Used tampons... show more

Is it true that nazis are on the moon?

19 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: let me guess, you watched the movie?

Best answer: At the bare base level it is black and white, but our mind has the power to tilt our viewpoint in order to see them in a mixed manner as a post facto exercise to dilute their impact on our future actions.

Will being successful improve my mood?

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Are scheduled to pick it up at a certain time, but forget. What happens? Do they still charge you?

I bought somthing on eBay and had it shipped to my house but it’s said there was somthing wrong with the adress so I think it’s still at the post office, if I go in there could I get the package and would they know what’s in it.

Best answer: Solar - The sun's up 24/7 ...................................