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Someone told me that Queen Elizabeth II is jealous of Bill Gates Wealth, Is this true?

go live on another planet together so they can make each other miserable??? Blacks, women, and conservatives are the pond scum of the earth! They do nothing but destroy the world with their hate and bigotry and sexist, racist double standards! They're all useless! If blacks, women and conservatives could live... show more

got legally elected and he's a good Christian and a faithful husband and he's doing great things for America and the American people! Can we please round up all these retards and lock them up in the nearest insane asylum where they belong?!

She's blackmailing the White House lol She released a tape of John Kelly, Trump, and trump's spokeswomen and herself talking about the fallout of the trump tape saying the n word was released and how to spin it. Pretty funny after blaming Obama for taping and and it seems to be his own people like... show more

Is Hitler that bad or was he just mad?

6 answers · Goiania · 5 hours ago
Best answer: Is? Hitler died years ago. I think he had to have been power drunk - as all too often people in such positions can become. Whether that makes him 'mad' I'm not sure. He was suffering, apparently, with a STD and that is known to make people become unstable. Towards the end, he was... show more

Are five main characters too much for one short story?

5 answers · Porto Alegre · 3 days ago
I'm writing about a group of runaway kids who hang out on the streets getting into mischievous adventures but I worry that 5 kids for a short short story of maybe 3,500 to 5,000 words is a bit much, as I don't want to drown out the characterization. Plus they deal with police, bullies and things like... show more

Best answer: I agree on another answer if you want you could hyphen them. Both last names are short so it will not be a long last name.

Best answer: Yes. Good movie. Damn good superhero movie.

Best answer: Thuh

Is it normal to walking around town in western work boots?

11 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 weeks ago
Is it ok/ normal to wear western work boots shopping for groceries/walking around town? ( I am not a cowboy). And of course I will put jeans over them. They are steel toe.


11 answers · Ho Chi Minh · 2 weeks ago
做个东南大学成贤学院毕业证?加【客服:139.4873.9172薇:app25608】谦虚好学的学习态度,勤劳端正的工作精神,学历可以为你锦上添花,有时也可以雪中送炭。 八项规定永不过时,反四风没有休止符。安化县公安局乱象也提醒监管部门“纠正‘四风’不能止步,作风建设永远在路上”。惟有继续在常和长、严和实、深和细上下功夫,密切关注享乐主义、奢靡之风新动向新表现,坚决防止回潮复燃,反四风的效果才能更加巩固。净化政治生态,重在标本兼治。正如习近平总书记所强调,各级干部要从自身做起,廉洁用权,做遵纪守法的模范,同时要坚持原则、敢抓敢管,立“明规矩”、破“潜规则”,通过体制机制改革和制度创新促进政治生态不断改善。以安化县公安局政治生... show more

Which band do you prefer, Metallica or Iron Maiden?

10 answers · Curitiba · 2 weeks ago


5 answers · Ho Chi Minh · 2 weeks ago
做个郑州工业安全职业学院毕业证?加【客服:139.4873.9172薇:app25608】谦虚好学的学习态度,勤劳端正的工作精神,学历可以为你锦上添花,有时也可以雪中送炭。 净化政治生态,重在标本兼治。正如习近平总书记所强调,各级干部要从自身做起,廉洁用权,做遵纪守法的模范,同时要坚持原则、敢抓敢管,立“明规矩”、破“潜规则”,通过体制机制改革和制度创新促进政治生态不断改善。以安化县公安局政治生态恶化为反面教材,严加剖析,彻底反思,我们的政治生态就会呈现良性,赢得公众好评。要着力净化政治生态,营造廉洁从政良好环境。要深入推进反腐败斗争,下大气力拔“烂树”、治“病树”、正“歪树”,使领导干部受到警醒、警示、警戒。很显然,要净化... show more

You made my life so miserable?

7 answers · Dortmund · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: we have been divorced for years now, i just paid off your car.