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Why do people want to go to hell?

16 answers · Nakhon Si Ayutthaya · 1 day ago

Best excuse to tell my manager for 4 days off work?

7 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 2 days ago

Should I buy bitcoin?

5 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 1 day ago
I'm thinking of getting a $100 worth but am not sure if the investment will likely get me more money or where to even buy it. I would like to sell at two or even three hundred.

How much should I charge customers for my homemade dog treats?

7 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 2 days ago
All my ingredients are below $15. I just don't know how much to put in a bag and how much to price it?

Which dating site accept prepaid Coles MasterCard?

4 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 16 hours ago
Local around the Newcastle area sex no strings attached

Ductwork cleaning 48328?

4 answers · Detroit · 1 day ago

Do books count as printed papers when sending by royal mail?

4 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 days ago

When do businesses in LA close on NYE Weekend ?

4 answers · Los Angeles · 2 days ago
Bars, Clubs, hotel Lounges......etc......... Fofo - please answer with a very descriptive answer. Thanks

Is sperm actually the male egg?

4 answers · Calgary · 3 days ago

I'm amasahed to be thinking about doing gay acts?

7 answers · Other - Austria · 7 days ago
It bothers me, sometimes I feel curious and want to try experimenting with a guy, but I have a girlfriend, and I'm not about to cheat on her. I wish It wasn't considering cheating, otherwise I'd ask a friend maybe. But these thoughts bother me a lot, wish there was an easy solution :(

That’s sick if it is!!!!

Or are we still in denial?

If you kiss a Kurd do you become a Kurd?

5 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 week ago

Why was San Jose built?

6 answers · San Jose · 1 week ago

What ethnicity does he look like?

7 answers · Vung Tau · 2 weeks ago