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Best answer: No, it's not cultural. What can be cultural about a window? It might be about the cost.

Ants in my house?

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Best answer: I d agree with Nippon liquid. It's a sweet substance that the visiting ants will pick up and take back to the nest, where it will kill all of them. Put a few drops on a non-absorbent surface near where the visitors come in and leave them to it. Renew it every day or so. It may take a few days but it will do... show more

I have a large hornet nest in a tree and I was just wondering if I use my power washer to get rid of the nest. Would it also kill all of the hornets?


Won't bend, snap, or break if heavier garments are placed on them, like dressing gowns, or perhaps jackets.

How do I get a wasp out my house?

9 answers · 1 week ago
I opened my door and a wasp got in. I don't know where it went and I'm scared

Found a roach....HELP!!!!?

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I found a roach crawling on my bedroom dresser by my television. I killed it, pulled out my dresser, drawers, clothing, etc., and see nothing. I looked in the window and nothing on there. No droppings, dead bugs, nothing. What do I do? I live in a townhouse, but my bedroom is not on a shared wall. There are none in... show more

Best answer: Go to Home Depot or another store and get a box of Harris Roach Tablets. They're basically boric acid, plus some roach pheromone. Cheap, and never failed us, yet. One box lasts for years - you only need a little. You can call an exterminator on your own to get a price. It's tied to the cost of labor in... show more

Is there a good SPIDER REPELLANT?

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At our office we have very large windows. They are about 8 feet high and then another pane of glass about 4 feet high. Every day there are a large number of spiderwebs. I clean them off with a broom every day, and I'd prefer to spray them with something that will do one of two things. Either keep the... show more

I have AWFUL arachnophobia and I learned that spiders are virtually non existent in Antarctica. It sounds like the perfect place to get away from them. I can deal with the cold, if I get a job at a research base. I think i'll do it! Should I??? I HATE spiders.

I wanted to apply for a job but, since I am under 16, they ask if I have a work permit (which I don t currently). But, I am turning 16 in less than a month. Should I just wait it out or get a work permit now? I want to work more hours than allowed for a 15 year old. GAH....I may just wait it out.

I have ants in unwanted locations?

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Best answer: Only for 40-y-olds who are on the computer all day bleating about "no-one likes/supports/ acknowledges me" Get off your behind and get outside. Plenty of support groups and volunteer opportunities if you look for them.

Will loud music get rid of wasps?

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The brand name is called dometic?

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Best answer: Idk