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Who wants to buy my waterbed?

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How much is your water bill?

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Those flies are annoying me and now that I’m in vacation i will be home but i can’t be with flies around. They land on things of value where they where born in ****. Weren’t they?

What can I do to get rid of mice?

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I've bought traps and tried many types of bait but the mice never get on the traps. Now there's this one mouse that climbs up on my bed and run across then jumps down on the opposite side. I heard peppermint works but I haven't tried it and I only have peppermint tea bags.

Best answer: Most towns have rules against the perpetual garage sale for the very reasons, and then some, that you pointed out. Call your local town clerk or zoning officer and find out if there are any town regulations about having frequent tag sales. When an activity interrupts residents in neighborhoods and traffic... show more

How will pet control remove mice?

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I see a cockroach in my house much but rarely and once there was a cockroach at someone else’s house during the day. Is it an infestation?

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Best answer: 1) Grow up. 2) The hair spray won't kill it, or if it does it won't kill it quickly. 3) The cockroach falling is an escape behavior. As soon as it hit the floor it started running, you just didn't see where it went. 4) Hair spray is glue. Chances are good that the hair spray will radically reduce... show more

I'm new to sewing and this is a brand new machine. The first couple of times I used it, everything was fine. But now, the upper thread keeps getting pulled into the bobbin case so that when I pull the material away, it looks as though there are 3 threads coming up from it. One is the lower thread and two are... show more

My lot is a quarter acre (minus the garage and house areas) and there are 3 large maple trees on the property.

Best answer: The primary difference is in the construction. A modular home uses 2 x 6 material on the exterior walls and has a trussed roof. They are also better insulated. Both are constructed on a steel frame that can be moved on wheels. Depended on local bylaws neither has to be mounted on a solid foundation. In my area... show more

Best answer: If it's soft, it's rotten. But if it's still firm then this is just a response to lack of water (did anyone water it while you were away?), and will recover if watered. It it is rot, then this is almost certainly caused by over-watering. Cacti need watering once a month at most. I water mine about four... show more

Is this a fire hazard?

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Best answer: Yes, it's a fire hazard. The stalled motor is drawing more current than normal, as it fights the stall. You're feeling that as heat. If you don't know how to disconnect the motor and cap the wires, discard the ornament, or use it without electricity.