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What do you do with spiders.?

31 answers · 2 weeks ago
When spiders are in my house I pick them up with a tissue and put them outside. What do you do with them ?.

Best answer: Chocolate is good,and believe it or not the fat residue from a frying pan

I recently moved to a new building and asked the landlord if i could vape in the room. He told me it could set off the smoke alarm. I'm thinking about covering the smoke detectors with plastic bags and some tape, but I just wanna make sure it won't be set off by covering it. Thanks!

Recently a new roommate moved in, and brought a roach problem with her. Within a few days of moving in we started seeing them in the bedroom hallway and in the bathroom. We've bombed the house twice, lined everything with boric acid, and sprayed. They aren't exactly going strong, Maybe seeing one or two... show more

Say a person was having a garage sale and had an original oil painting by a known artist for $100. A shopper stops and first asks if they would take $75. The seller agrees. After looking around a few minutes, the shopper then asks if the painting could be bought for $50. The seller also agrees to this offer.... show more

Best answer: It's possible to use a type ABC extinguish on any normal type of fire (other than burning metals like magnesium). If it's your only hope of escape, you can use a 2- 5- or even 10-pound extinguisher to "punch a hole" in some part of the fire to make your escape. Unfortunately, you have no way of... show more

How to keep rabbits out of garden?

23 answers · 3 weeks ago

I bought a handheld Black and Decker cordless vacuum. The instruction manual does not say how long to charge it for and the v battery keeps running out. Does anybody know how long to charge it for?

I used a bowl, smoked it out of the window, have a fan as well as a filtration system on as well as all of the windows open

Replacing a battery the watch back was scratched, how do I remove the scratches ?

Which is better? Wallpaper or paint?

18 answers · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: Unfortunately, the flies and maggots are simply doing the job nature intended. The problem usually starts indoors, and if you have one fly, you'll have hundreds of eggs laid in your garbage, and between that and your outdoor bin (which becomes an incubator), you have a breeding ground. Now, that doesn't... show more