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I have a craftsman 1800 psi electric pressure washer that is not building pressure anymore. The hose had leaks and i replaced it with a different hose with same diameter as the original hose. I couldn't find a original hose so i bought a different hose that almost looks the same as the original hose. After... show more

I used high temp paint not rustoleum but another brand. It just comes out like a matte finish. How do I get it to look like store bought again. Shiny and new looking

I can't just plug up a hole, because there's a screen there, but the stopper part no longer works. I really NEED a BATH,for a few reasons. ANY idea how i can up?

Best answer: Things that may not be so obvious, but show a level of class and refinement: A pocketwatch A set of nice cuff links (which means at least one dress shirt designed to take cuff links) A bow tie that isn't a clip-on (yes, you'll need to learn to tie it...check YouTube for instructional video) A nice... show more

Long story short, 1950's house. In the front corner of the house, a squirrel has previous chewed away the fascia board and gained access into the side crawlspace of the attic, which branches off directly into the attic. It is gone and no longer going into the attic, but I want to keep others out. It is a brick... show more

I know I may sound stupid but I'm not an electrician nor do I know a lot about electricity, but can I use one of the switches on/in my circuit box to turn the power off in a part of my house, then turn it back on easily like flip the switch again. Because I remember hearing something about not being able to... show more

whenever I’m at my fathers house, I’ll be in my bedroom and usually I hear banging on my door around the time everyone in the house is sleeping at night, never happens during the day but always at night, I don’t know if it’s normal or something weird is doing this to my door?

A wall lizard is there under my front load washing machine. ( not on the flooring but in the washing machine itself ) How to remove it without any damage to the machine ? Thanks in advance for your cooperation and valuable answers.

been going on for days now is driving me nuts, I can hear it no matter where I am in my home. Its very loud and has given me a headache, I did not know it would take over 2 weeks to put a floor in since the unit is only 600 sq ft on the main floor. The hammering is driving me ******* crazy, its been 3 straight... show more

So due to needing to level our floor we tore up the tile and backer board. And we notice there's some water damage from years gone by on the sub floor, and the some by the back door. All the sub floor is dry but the small part by the back door is rotted. The floor is sturdy. There's just that small... show more


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Toilet is clogged and has nothing in it but toilet paper, I turned off the valve,tried a proper plunger for about 2 hours, tried a toilet auger that didn't seem to find its way in on this select occasion, it keeps getting stuck on something rubbing on the porcelain and is at the moment of no use, and don't... show more

It stays cold but it has to be working harder to

​I just bought an attached house (PUD) in Fremont. The community was built in 1978. All the houses in the community have wood shake roofs and the HOA dictates that they just be replaced with Wood Shake. My roof is definitely due for replacement (there are small holes in the sheathing and panels have fallen off). I... show more