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Raccoon has its smart access to my roof:: from ground, the neighbor's tree, wood fence ,, up wood pergola, then my gutter edge, gutter downspout, and then soffit, into attic. I viewed many websites and videos saying that the most effective way is electric fence. Question:1: Hot line and Ground line of electric... show more

House in need of home repairs?

25 answers · 5 days ago
Hey there, friends. I’m in a pickle rn. My family just received a lumsum of money due to a death in the family. My grandma wants to fix all of the things wrong with the house. There’s extensive repairs that need to be done. However, there’s more that needs to be fixed than there is money... What’s the best way to... show more

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How do you clean a fake grass mat?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I live in a 2nd story apartment and purchased a fake grass mat/carpet to place outside on the deck for my dog to use as a toilet if I m unable to walk her as she s still getting housebroken and going for a walk at 2am when she wakes us up isn t ideal. What is the best way to wash it without using harsh chemicals... show more

Best answer: Really all you need to do is lightly patch the broken edge, which is highly visible. With spackle or drywall mud. If that edge is resolved the whole area will not be noticeable to others after painting. YOU know its there so you notice, but other wont.

Why does my lawn mower stall?

7 answers · 3 days ago
It runs good for about 45 minutes then sputters a little then sputters more often over a period of the next 15 minutes then stops running. It won't restart until it cools down.

Best answer: One has to clean out the old and take in the new......less messes to look at and more space for the proper furnace to be stable. good luck.

Best answer: The new machines take a lot longer than the old machines, and do things differently. Just follow the instructions and see how things work. Most people think their new washer is broke the first few times they use it. For example, the lid stayed locked because it hadn't finished. It was in a "drain"... show more

Water heater does not heat water?

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Rats/ mice in the walls?

5 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: If you live in a suburban our country setting, it's more likely to be squirrels or racoons than mice. Spring is breeding time, so there may be a family of mice or squirrels inside your walls. They will leave once the babies are old enough. When this happens and the noise stops is the best time to seal up... show more

We were walking around our new home and noticed a lack of rough in for a future bar. It’s on our contract so we know we are owed the basic rough in to finish it later....but our GC isn’t really telling us the plan yet. 3 weeks since finding the problem, it has yet to be fixed. What exactly is going to need to be... show more

Ok, my ceiling fan has the input thing so you can put a lightbulb in. (i’m sorry i don’t know the name of it) and i was about to change out the lightbulb so i can put in a cool color changing one. So when i was about to do that, i noticed that the lightbulb i got won’t fit into the input part cause it’s wayyy too... show more

Best answer: Try some seafoam if you can get it running.

Michael Jackson or the Beatles?

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Ok so me and my wife rent an apt with a very old oven. Our pilot lights kept randomly going out so we messaged our landlord about it and she turned off the main gas line or so she says. It's been off for 3 days now and there's still a very strong smell of gas coming from our stove and oven. The answer they... show more