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This will be the 3rd time the tech will be coming out in 4 days. System freezes up. I changed filter and cleaned condenser outside with water very thoroughly. Didn t freeze up for a couple of days but noticed it was working hard to keep it had 74 75 atleast. Would not shut off. Tech came out and added 2 lbs... show more

How do I fix my damn door?

11 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: How about using your teeth.

I broke my mums freezer!?

8 answers · 6 days ago
I was just getting my dog some ice to persuade him to drop an item but when I closed the freezer the hinge snapped and now my mums coming back in one to two hours... what should I do?

Thought it was air and let it run for a long time, but it has been happening for a month. It's getting worse with the vibrating.

I have an articulating architectural task lamp that is several years old but still works (and was kind of pricey). When tightening the position of the shade/head one day the zinc clamp that holds the head onto the arm broke in half. The knob that attaches/tightens it is still there, I just need the inside part of... show more

I am building 12x20 single car sheet metal garage. so if its $95 a yard 4 inches thick. 13x21 slab how much will the total price be? I cant find the correct total price on line. help will be appreciated. thank you.

Best answer: First off, you said the mower is self-propelled. Is the broken wheel one of the drive wheels? If so, that complicates removal and finding a replacement. If the wheel is just a free-spinning type, you need to get that bolt loose. There's no special magic that the repair person can do. You need the correct... show more

Best answer: Check your breakers first. If that isn't the issue, ask the power company to check the lines to your meter. It is possible that their wiring is damaged somewhere between where the feed to your home separated from everything else and where it actually connects to your home.

It s now getting hot enough to notice the AC is not keeping up. I called the company and they found the tpx thing was bad. They replaced it and said I was good. It s not ... Have it set on 76 in Tampa area fyi. It gets to 78 and stays there for hours till the sun goes down. They installed a 2 ton Rheem full system... show more

Currently in my city, they are renovating an old elementary school into a education center for students that don't succeed in a traditional school setting. ALL of the windows of the school are boarded up, as are the doors. it happened when a new company bought an empty store as well.