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Say my house catches on fire, if I wake up from smoke detectors and turn all my four sinks on which are located throughout the house, would that help extinguish the flames? Furthermore, should I stay in and attempt to use the hose on my kitchen sink to manually extingush some of the fire?

I need to replace the 8 1/2 inch thermo coupler on the water heater in my camp trailer but the shortest one I can find in town is 18" long; will it work; - - - safely and - efficiently?

Water leaking at home next door?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago

I am referring to the service drop electrical lines that come from the utility pole next to the street going to my house lines. One of the power company workers said it was live but not connected. Does this mean I can work near and around it to fix a hole in the siding? Can it arc flash or electrocute me if I touch... show more

How can I adjust my metal door?

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The front door too my house seems to be binding in the upper corner above the door handle. I can't just shave the door where it rubs as the door is a metal skin door. The hinges are not sunk in to the door as they would be in a wood door and need to be. Do I get a metal grinder and grind off where its hitting... show more

Best answer: No, low refrigerant level will not cause a capacitor to fail. Abnormal high starting amperage will cause a cap and/or compressor to fail. Good quality capacitors are a must. Don't buy cheap on line caps made overseas that are likely to have a short life.

Water leaking in a couple of rooms in the house. It s out of season to re shingle. Anything we can do temporarily until after winter? It is leaking in two places but we don t have the money and winter is coming so we re really screwed, is there anything we can apply safely to a house with a chimney that could hold... show more

can you pressure a rain soaked deck

I'm replacing heater control valve which hose does it go in ? how can I tell ?

For the last few years, I have been running the gas out of the mower so it was empty. Then next year, it starts right up. Someone said fuel stabilizer is better. Why? The mower only holds a little and any excess I will pour in my car.

Faulty heater in work place?

9 answers · 2 weeks ago
Recently I noticed something about a overhead heater that makes me think it was leaking carbon monoxide it the work area. The heater is a infrared gas tube that has about 5, 10 foot sections that have a clamp at each connection. There always seemed to be an odor along with the heat from it right over my work area.... show more

Best answer: You could try turning it off. If the house is unoccupied, OFF is the least expensive option. This is just me but I think you would do better to cap the temperature at 90, even if you set it Heat-Cool. Heat-Cool will hold it to the limits you set. If you set it to 90, it won't let the house get hotter than... show more

I recently moved into an older apartment and noticed a hole in the floor where the heater radiator goes into it. I put some steel wool to make sure nothing could get though, but read lemon and peppermint oil would help drive away pests. Being my impulsive self I put some oil droppets on the carpet around the whole,... show more

I come home and the circuit breaker to the house was triggered. It turns out the dog (who is fine) has chewed through the extension cord which is plugged into an outlet. The outlet is switched off and there is no appliance plugged into the other end. Is it possible that this caused the circuit breaker to... show more