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I want to use it to plug in a slide out on a mobile home and it only has 2 female outlets.

Best answer: I have a smart meter. The only thing it does for me is I can look up my electrical usage every day online, which is more convenient than having to go out to the meter to manually monitor it. Regardless once you develop good energy habits you don't need to worry about the meter anyway.

Eletrical help?

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I have exposed wire that is sparking when dryer is turned on. How do I go fixing this? Was probably ruined with condensation from my basement. Dont want to get hurt fixing. Dont want house to catch fire.

I keep my thermostat at 68/69 so if it gets colder than that the heater kicks on and my kids don't freeze (I would prefer it cooler). Lately I will wake up at night or walk into my apartment after work and it will be HOT in the house. I will check the temperature and it will say 74 degrees and the heater is... show more

Best answer: They would know you turned it back on and would just turn it off again, just pay the dang bill already, if you are financially unable, contact them, many places have programs for people on limited income pay heating.

Please help super urgent?

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My sink won't turn off the thing that takes away all the food (not sure what it's called). Yes I did turn off and on the switch but it won't turn off.

My dad has an old battery powered clock clock with a pendulum. It doesn't have any kind of a knob that I can find to change the time.

Is taping your plug a fire hasard?

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I have a plug in a very inconvenient spot in my house and whatever I plug there keeps falling out. Sadly, it s also the only one close enough for my microwave. Is it safe to tape it to the socket using duct tape? I mean the plug is in the socket and the tape only touches plastic. It s not too hard to pull it out... show more

I live in Texas, so the coldest it usually gets here is down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. We are currently in the winter time. One roommate likes to have our heater on, but another gets too hot and wants to turn the system off completely, but turning it off results in it getting uncomfortably cold (like... show more

My electric bill is about $150 higher than it should be this time of year. I went out and checked my outdoor unit and the copper line is very cold. The unit seems to be keeping up the temperature in the house though. What could be the problem?

How do I get a water filter off?

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I've tried a plastic and a metal wrench but all I do is bend the filter assembly. I've tried a hair dryer to heat up the filter with no avail. What else can I try?

I’ve installed many 240v breakers and ran wiring for outlets many times. But now I can’t completely remember. Is the 3rd prong on a 30 amp L plug just a ground or is it actually a neutral? I remember that it’s ok to run 10/2 nm-b to the outlets, and if I remember right, that technically, things that use those... show more

Best answer: The remotes probably aren't causal to the rate of failures you may be seeing. If you really want a fan that lasts, get the simplest one from the most reliable brand you can find. The fewer features there are, the fewer things there are to go wrong. It's possible that the interface controlled by the... show more

Best answer: Not that difficult. The existing wires already terminate in the panel. You simply ocnvert the panel into a "junction box", splice all the cables to new ones running to breakers on the new panel. Guessing it would cost well over $1,000, depending upon the circuit specifics. I did something similar when I... show more

Best answer: The queen of England actually has a c o c k. It's not huge but it is definitely not tiny. Consensus is that her c o c k measures 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, according to sources knowledgeable in the matter...

Southern Texas is hot and humid. Bottom of Louisiana by the swamps is super humid like a sauna room. Arizona and Nevada is super hot but dry. So how did people melt and forge metal into railroad tracks, steel girders, water pipes, etc, in the days before air conditioners was made? How was it done without heat... show more

Last year around this time, our home's humidity level was about 56 percent. A few months ago, we replaced only 3 windows with energy star rating. I have noticed that my home humidity is way down at 36-40 percent now. Could just 3 new windows have that much of an effect on the humidity level?

How can glass shower door repair?

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Best answer: Generators these days have an alternator, which inherently produces AC. Some are fitted to provide a DC output too, if that's what you want.