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Does anyone have any ideas or references I can go off of to decorate this wall. I'm not sure do i want shelves, framed pictures or a mirror. Any ideas would be great. Thank you

Best answer: It depends on what metal it is. Aluminium - No Iron or steel - yes

Do you like ceramic tile?

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Can white give a calming and peaceful mood ? The same as light shades of blue?

Best answer: Personal opinion, some want them to blend into the wall and not show, I remove them first to paint them however.

Some guy painted a relatives interior of house using diesel fuel as a paint thinner. After 24 hours the paint still feels sticky, and smells like fuel. Probably not only bad for his health but unsafe... it s like he is being set up for a house fire since he smokes.

I have an old house and the current floor condition is in rough shape. The current stain and finish is the old wax method and a pain to get up. Can I finish with a gel stain with the built in poly without sanding/stripping?

It seems every time we get rain, water manages to seep through the cracks between the floor and walls of our basement. I know there are profesional solutions to this problem, but at the moment that’s out of the question because of how expensive it would be. Is something simple like stuffing towels down beside the... show more

Tile Job not Done Properly?

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So less than a year ago I got tiles installed on the first floor of my house. Its been less than a year and a lot of my tiles are starting to move, you can even hear noises like the cracking of knuckles when you step on the floors. One of the tiles has even cracked. So we called the contractor who did the job and... show more

Im trying to hang some plants on the ceiling, but I'm confused on how I can do this.

Also, could you suggest a wall and chair/couch colour that would work with it?

So basically I have wallpaper in my living room. A Pinkish colour. I bought a steamer to try and remove it but it does nothing. I have to scrape off the top part of the wallpaper with force, which then leaves a white layer below. That white layer comes off easily with a steamer, literally no problem. However, the... show more

i know it's paper you can put on kitchen cabinet that give it a faux look as brand new cabinets and stuff. can you do the same for furniture in bedroom like night stand or dresser

Best answer: That is one of the reasons why you save money so that you can hire someone to do this. Bat insulation is a lot better and 4 or 5 guys can pass a bat up into an attic and laid into place a lot easier than you can. Call an insulation contractor and talk to him. He will have to do something to keep the air... show more

I got fustrated because every time she makes the bed or couch theres 6-10 pillows and i have to throw them all off just get in bed or sit down there is no fcking room.