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My bed is white with pale pink embroidery. And I also have a small ottoman that has peakcocks and dark pink blossoms on it. (It was expensive though made by opal house). My friends say my room looks “elegant” but does it sound too immature? Those are the only things in my room that are pink.

Best answer: No. Plan on needing two coats of a good quality paint, even if you use primer. I just painted my bedroom walls, from a wallpaper in a beige colour to ivory paint. I needed primer plus two coats to cover properly. Primer probably isn't necessary on your walls, except in the spots, if there are any, where you... show more

Can't find a lamp!?

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I am looking for a desk lamp with a clip. I also want one with a switch on the cord and not on the back of the lamp head. I am having a really hard time.

I am remodeling my kitchen and I have the opportunity to replace the old door leading outside. It’s not in the best of shape but it’s not falling apart, it does clearly show its age. My contractor quoted it at about 750 labor plus the price of the door. I am curious on roughly how much an old door costs through... show more

Best answer: We like Scandinavian design, so it's mostly teak and cherry.

Hi bit of a silly question but I am looking for blackout curtains for my bedroom but I don t have a pole or rod instead I use the old fashioned wire and hooks with eyes to hang my curtains but every curtain I see tends to be only good for rods which won t work for me. Does anybody know what type they are where you... show more

Hi. We are having a new kitchen. Which kitchen colour would you choose out of these 2?

We’ve just moved into a property with a wet room. We need to put a shower curtain up but we can’t drill into the tiles. Any solution to this would be great! I’ve even been looking for rails that have suction ends to mount on the wall but I don’t think it’s a thing!

I'm no fan of minimalism. [Where you have as little as possible in your home] But this seems like too much. Something in between the two would be great!

Is it color or colour?

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My dad found some of his documents splattered with dried wall paint today and he was wondering how he can remove them without damaging the paper. Any good ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!