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Whats your dream home?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: The one in which we live. We designed and built it nearly 30 years ago. It is in a convenient (shopping, public transportation, freeway, pedestrian trails, parks, hospital/medical) area with great public schools.

I bought two sprays to paint a surface, but i don't like the paint result. Both spray cans have a cap which is supposed to indicate the color of the paint, which should be shiny, glossy and reflective (like a mirror) but instead what i got is dull paint colour without shiness... I tried to paint in a dry and... show more

Can someone give me some ideas on covering a glass table? Id like it to look like something other than glass.

Best answer: They want to sell the stuff, and knowing that many people like to decorate early, they put it out about August or thereabouts. Also, people who make crafty items for Christmas work all year on their projects, so they need supplies handy. It's annoying. People who buy toys and bunches of stuff for kids often... show more

Need help with a bathroom remodel.?

4 answers · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Remove wallpaper, use joint compound to repair/skim coat any damage to drywall, prime and paint.

Best answer: Online p'most likely.

What is this called?

25 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: It is time to get some inspiration by going shopping and buy something you absolutely love. For instance, artwork, decorative pillows,curtains, lamps perhaps, an area rug, a throw blanket or an upholstered piece of furniture. From there, you can pick up your color scheme for the paint. It is far easier to match... show more

Latex spray can paint?

7 answers · 1 week ago

I'm struggling with a bath remodel in my newly purchased fixer upper. I'm having the pink floral wallpaper removed from 20 ft high walls. The room is very large. The bathroom contractor is going to paint the walls builder-beige after removing the wallpaper. I don't have a clue what to do with those... show more

I'm looking for one for at home but I want to know it's comfy to sit in before paying loads for one. Everywhere round here to do with such things seems to be for outfitting businesses.