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How to make a ton of mon?

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Best answer: Steal peoples kidneys, lungs, and even heart, for the transplant people that can and will pay for it.

I'm a disney freak and I don't want to have the towel ripped/faded by using it. I want to display it on my wall but I don't want to do it with nails, and I don't think the sticky tabs would hold it

I have great storage for my regular yarn, but I have a lot of big balls of large yarn (mostly Bernat blanket and baby blanket) that need a home. I tried a large laundry bin/ bag but I had to root through the yarn to find it every time, and the yarn got tangled easily. Any suggestions?

I have a brand new bed on layaway but I'm at the thrifts looking at some dressers and mirror and they ain't the same color as my bed but its looks new and nice! and I want to get it. lol

We’re not allowed to use command hooks, sticky tape, or double sided tape. It says only use thumbtacks (all the other walls in the dorm are normal except except for the long one by my bed) but you can’t put thumbtacks in concrete so what am I supposed to do? I was gonna hang pictures or a tapestry up btw if that... show more

Best answer: you can try using a pin to poke holes in the bubbles and then gently pressing them with something flat... but there will undoubtedly be wrinkles. The time to address this was as you were applying the wallpaper, because once the glue is dry, the paper cannot be moved.

take out the tack strips and reuse them or will they likely be damaged and thus useless? Please explain. thanks.

I have a bedroom loft in my living room. (See photo) need cheap ideas how to make more private. Have none as you see. But the A shape opening is making it hard for me to come up with ideas. Wanna be able to open and close it since there's no windows.

Best answer: we used old carpet layed down in our yard to keep grass from growing around the edge of our patio

will this b safe is this too long for a roof? im thinkin of buildin a lean to roof/garage wer i park my truck. im clueless. wat im buildin to is a junk mobile home trailer lol

Best answer: When I lived in Nevada, we had a big evaporative cooler mounted on the roof of the house. In a hot, dry climate they work well, but they are less efficient in climates with more moderate temperatures, or where the average humidity is high. If you only want to cool one room, you may be better off with just a small... show more

Best answer: Is it a lanlord of apartments, hotel? If you rent an apartment I don't put anything past them. I'm sure mine has cameras in my bathroom.

Best answer: Kilz exterior self priming barn paint is inexpensive and perfect for old/weathered wooden posts. super durable, color retention, high UV protection, no cracking, peeling, blistering and mildew resistant

What's type of paint is best to use in a house with kids that touch the walls? My home has flat white interior paint thats hard to wipe anything off.

Ok- so j just repainted my walls from a very dark gray to a light gray. My mom wouldnt let me pick out the new light gray color. She wanted to pick it out. The one whe picked out turned out to be beige, NOT gray. If i asked her to repaint it she would be pissed. Bear in mind, I have repainted my room 4 times in 5 years