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Dog proof couch?!!!?

12 answers · 4 days ago
My dog is 9 months old and he is chewing up our couch, it is a cheap faux leather couch from Ikea. He seams to be able to rip it apart easy, and he is pulling the stuffing out of the couch! Does anyone know of a couch material that will not rip open?

There are these vases, bowls, and such that have been left on top of the cabinets in my kitchen because I did not need them but as I take them down, they are not only dusty but sticky. I am thinking maybe it is from all of the cooking but I don t know for sure.


I would like for it to be good quality, not the cheap plastic kind. Thanks!!

Best answer: DON'T get bath towels, get bath SHEETS, where I have had 6 for over 20 years now, and they are just as good as the day I bought them. So yeah, use bath sheets for a search for them. I tried looking at my sheets for the company, but the tags are all washed out now. I do think just the search for bath sheets... show more

Best answer: I bought some good sheets at Sears and you can buy just as good at Walmart if you buy the higher percentages type. You would b e paying about the same at Sears as you would at Walmart. I believe the last set I bought from Sears was around 50-60 bucks for a King Size sheets. I wouldn't buy it from Amazon because... show more

Best answer: Not just stain it with tea, after you've done that flick wet instant coffee at it. An artist did it and sold paintings pretending they were old masterpieces and not just his copies, it took a long time to catch him out it was that convincing. He got caught because by his own admission he went lazy and did a... show more

We have a black bed and dark grey trimming. I’d like one wall a different color then the others. So what would you think would look nice?

I bought an office chair with 5 caster type wheels. They swivel ok but don't roll. There are black marks on the floor where they just slide. Does anyone know some way to "loosen" them up or something? Or should I just try to get IKEA to replace them?

Best answer: It's absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to chill out in there!

Best answer: I am very short and female.

I bought a bed from a local store a week ago. They told me it would be delivered and installed within 5 days. On the 5th day, I called to check on my order and they told me that only the bed frame arrived but that the mattress will take another 15 days to arrive. That's way too long from what I was told. What... show more