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Best answer: It will take longer than 4 hours for them to actually go mouldy. They may not even go mouldy at all if they are washed .. but they will get a 'musty' smell after a day or so. I have left a whole washing machine worth of clothes in the machine, after the wash, for at least 8 hours before .. and they were... show more

There was a spider in my kitchen so I tried to kill it with the before mentioned method. It tired to hid under trash bag so I tried to squish it with a broom. Pretty sure I did not get it. Will the heavenly scented floor cleaner kill it?

Best answer: Not really, it is just in case there is anything left in the system when they test them in the factory. The manufacturer pumps dye through the system to visually check for leaks as part of the Q.C. process before they are packaged for delivery.

Best answer: An old microwave that is sparking could be emitting excess radiation. Either have it professionally checked, or purchase a new one.

Best answer: I use warm. Especially if you have a top loader, there isn't much water in there and even on warm its close to cold. It has never damaged my clothes and they come out clean.

Best answer: It is up to you. Every dwelling has different dust levels. I live in an apartment with fresh-air intake, but I don't think they have ever cleaned the intake ducting, and I have never seen dust collect like it does here. Previously, I lived in a house with forced-air heating but the dust didn't build up... show more

What does clorox bleach taste like?

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Best answer: why ask , just try it

Best answer: since you were away for a week they weren't really getting used so yes

How permanent is permanent marker?

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Every time my girl cleans the house which is not that often she lets me and the whole world know she’s cleaned the house and nit picks at us to keep things tidy and clean. When I clean the house, and I mean I seriously clean and I clean waaaaayyyyy more often then she does, I just do it. I don’t tell the whole... show more

Whenever I use the dishwasher the items that come out of it, especially glasses, plates and cutlery, smell like stale rotten water. I have used dishwasher cleaners and it helps for a couple of cycles but soon the smell returns. I have taken the filters out and cleaned them but no better. Any ideas?

Bleach-like stains on my towels?

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About a couple months ago I bought new towels from Walmart, nice colored ones. Now they have bleach looking stains on them. I use natural laundry liquid soap and I don't put it directly on the towels, I wait until the water fills up first. I don't use any bleach in my washer, which is a top loader... show more

Threw up on carpet?

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Best answer: Do they have a dog? Blame the dog! Lol

I buy and resell items on amazon and I was wondering If putting them in the oven at 150 could start a fire? Bedbugs can’t tolerate over 120 degrees.

Best answer: well given the complete lack of information provided about the make and model i'd wildly speculate you've got some kind of electronic control on that gizmo and it's picking up interference from somewhere, somehow or otherwise going haywire, to use the technical term or who knows maybe it's one of... show more