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I have a usd $1 bill and it changed color a bit on the back but there are no rips or anytthing.

My black jeans smell horrible and the odor is really strong. It’s quite embarrassing. But I don’t have enough time to wash them so is there any other way to get rid of the odor?? Thank you!

I live in Florida and like most of my neighbors an exterminator comes twice a month to spray some toxic chemicals to ensure no cockroaches (especially the palmetto bug, AKA satan’s son) enters my house. However, I realized that I’ve never actually seen a cockroach in anyone’s home, not even the gross apartments of... show more

Best answer: First, make sure your sheets are actually big enough. If there isn't enough material for them to be tucked under the mattress to at least six inches, it's not surprising if they keep coming off. Second, spread the sheet and walk round the bed to make sure it's spread evenly, with equal amounts of the... show more

I don't wanna be responsible for a broken down washing machine lol.

Have u had any luck with such stains? If so, how did u get rid?

How to clean new suede shoes?

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This is a present I’m going to giving and I don’t have enough time to return them. I don’t even know how a lil smudge got on there. Anyone have an idea to get it off?

Best answer: Yes, you should be fine, your hands might be a little dry though. It should be eliminated from your body within a day or so if you absorbed any.

I ask because I have 5 pairs of sweatpants that I rotate through throughout the week when I work. I work at night out in the cold and I use sweatpants to keep myself warm. I just don't want to wash them too much to have them fall apart. I was thinking about spraying them with some febreze. I do on occasion... show more

Smelly clothes even after washing?

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My woolen clothes smell like sweat after washing. not even that, I thought it only happened with dark coloured clothes but now even some of my white clothes smell like sweat under the armpit area.. I dont know if it has to do with the washing machine or detergent but It's getting very annoying.

Best answer: Hotter water can be problematic because it can cause some fabrics to shrink markedly. Extra detergent may not rinse out well. If the clothes are that dirty, I suggest you run as long a wash cycle as your washer permits, run a full wash and spin dry cycle, and then run a second full wash cycle. An alternative is... show more