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I dont have a dishwasher at home and want to sanitize my dishes, especially when someone gets sick. Like maybe put something a in a basin with water and soak it during the daybor before i wash it. Would distilled vinegar be strong enough

i told them and I wrote on several sticky notes to take it out when it gets full and dont let it over flow.. but they dont listen. i tried to just leave it so they will have to take it out but it started to smell and they never did so i always end up doing it.. they will throw away big boxes and bottles even when... show more

Does dawn soap kill roaches?

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Like one that I can spray it pour on send the grime or whatever just melts away? I want to buy the product that will not take a lot of elbow grease and will just cause the dirt to rinse away easy. There s got to be something that does that. Clr maybe?

I accidentally didn’t shake my sniper rifle off throughly enough and some leaked out on my pants and I’m wandering what to do and what’s clean

How can I get a new trash can?

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Best answer: Been there... (coffee) Hand wash it in a basin with a little dish soap. If it's really grungy, use an old toothbrush to scrub. Hang it up to dry; that may take overnight.

Best vacuum cleaners?

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Long story short someone spilled white house pain t on my black running nike, is there a way to remove it or are they dead?

Poll: Wool or Cotton?

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Best answer: Wool in Autumn and Winter. Cotton in Spring and Summer. Skin feelings.

When my mom and I first moved in, the building was cleaned multiple times a day. Never a speck of dirt on the floor. Now they’ve been slacking. There’s a moldy rotting orange peel on the floor in the garbage room that’s been there for weeks on end. And now no one has cleaned up the vomit in the hallway that’s been... show more

Best answer: Sure

Spilled Milk On Computer?

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So I spill a little milk on my brother s computer, I turned it off and opened it up. I dried up all the milk using cotton tips and paper towel. It was only a little milk, will it be okay or have i completely broken it? Please help!

I got my suede vans really muddy. I was wondering if it was okay for me to put the shoes in a pillow case and put them in the washing machine. I don't want to damage them because they are nice shoes. Any help would be great!

At my local laundromat (linden,nj) it costs 3:50 for a 28 minute wash and 35 cents for An 8 minute dry, will that even effectively clean and dry my clothes? When I had my own machines at my house it took almost an hour for both cycles, please help me understand