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I have a Samsung dv45h7000ew/ac it DOESNT HAVE A LIGHT! Which is sooooo annoying when trying to sort through what s in the dryer. Is there any solution to this? Any light I can get?

I accidentally got bleach on my watch and everything but the screen turned pink. How do I get it back to space gray?

The girls combined couldn’t produce the amount of stink that is fuming off his socks. After lacrossse it’s just over might as well plug up the nose when those cleats come off.

Best answer: spray them with a stain remover b4 wash

I graduated high school and because of my health, my doctor has forbidden me from working or going to school as we work on my lungs. I'm home 24/7 and am slowly going insane. All my friends work full time or go to school. My day goes by as so (wake up, let dogs out, clean, clean, clean, clean, eat, clean,... show more

Does it? I had a bowl of old molded pomegranate and I poured water into it to clean out the dish and it smoked. Is that normal?

Laundry detergent?

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What's your favorite laundry detergent and Scent?

Best answer: Sponge baths and/or baby wipes. Check out CheapRVLiving on YouTube. He's got a few videos about the subject and all his interviews cover it.

Best answer: Burn them, they sound like a bio hazard.

Best answer: No. Nor are they as reliable as my Henry. But snobbery about vacuum cleaners made James Dyson a very rich man. If you get stuck at Heathrow and see what the professionals choose to vacuum acres of carpet in the middle of the night you will see them towing the little bowler hatted machines around. Can't get a... show more