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I read that water vapour from showers contains manganese and thus could damage the brain. Is this true and how much damage could it realistically do? Should I breathe less when I take a shower?

Best answer: It will disinfect the wound and sting like hell, I don't see the problem.

Best answer: I think to lose consciousness forever is what death is.

Best answer: You might feel the effects later on in the day. I go through sleep deprivation & insomnia quite often.

Best answer: It all depends on what the exact illness is. Some illnesses just cause unpleasant symptoms but will not lead to death. Talk to your doctor if you have a question about a certain illness.

I've been to several ophthalmologist throughout the years regarding my cataracts and most of them have been very pushy for me to get surgery and it's very uncomfortable. I went for a consultation once and the medical assistant would give me a passive aggressive attitude about me being there. The... show more

Best answer: It goes to the next of kin, usually that means a spouse and if there isn’t one, then it goes to children, if there isn’t any then it goes to a sibling.

Mom: 5' 5" Dad: 6' 8"

Is it bad to be autistic?

9 answers · 4 days ago
Specifically high-functioning autism since that is what I have

When I say noise I mean ALL noise. Most seem to only block soft background noises, but I can literally tap lightly on my bedpost and hear that clearly. My issue is my cat meowing incessantly near me for an hour before I actually need to wake up. I ve tried just about everything, at this point all I can do is ignore... show more

What fish has the most mercury?

19 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Here are the fish with the highest amounts of mercury: Marlin – 69 micrograms of mercury. Tuna (Bluefin, Bigeye, & Albacore) – 54 – 58 micrograms of mercury. ... American Lobster – 47 micrograms of mercury. Cod (Atlantic & Pacific) – 14 micrograms of mercury. Mackerel Spanish (Atlantic & Pacific) – 8 – 13... show more

Best answer: I've been stung by both, it's unpleasant and slightly painful, but hardly scream-worthy.