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i am 15 years old working out 5 days a week freshmen joining after high school my mom said i should stop training cause i have 3 years more to go of high school. my mom said that the time im gonna join the marines she said that i will be weak and don t have the energy cause i already used it when i was training in... show more

Can you become addicted to marijuana?

14 answers · 8 hours ago
Best answer: According to the latest research, you can become psychologically addicted, but not physically addicted like you would for cocaine, alcohol, heroin, nicotine, caffeine, and others.

my self confidence is on the ground level I feel like completely destroyed, lost and due to everyday scolding, loneliness, lack of love it is completely shattered down into pieces. I feel like I m on the rock bottom how do I get up and build my self-confidence

Best answer: No, it will hurt like hell!!!!!!!

Sometimes we workout together and I shower at his house afterwards. Is it bad to do this with his shower head??

My 7 year old pooping water?

15 answers · 4 days ago
My 7 year old feels fine and still has an appetite but 2 days ago he couldn’t get off the toilet with diarrhea. But now he is pooping like straight water and he is having accidents. Any ideas?

I literally finished the salad 10 minutes . before the CDC announcement. I have terrible anxiety and a sever phobia of vomiting. I ve been freaking out all day. I also read that it takes a couple days to really feel it. Can anyone offer any help? Will everyone that eats romaine get sick?

Thoughts on medical marijuana?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No problem with it but let's be honest a lot of confused will claim their recreational use is " for medical reasons".

Best answer: One thing that Americans don't realize is that in Britain, if patients are not "cooperating in their own health program" they may not get care. If a person smokes he may not get a lung transplant. If he drinks he may not get a liver transplant. If he is overweight he may not get a heart transplant.

Im sure vaping is not great for you, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than smoking cigarettes. I feel like they are just straight up lying..fake news essentially.

Can cold showers be dangerous?

5 answers · 13 hours ago

I stink of fart??

6 answers · 2 days ago
Why does everyone say I stick of fart? Like raw cabbage fart? All my co workers get out deodorants and take the mick because I stink so bad. One of them said as a joke “look here she comes little miss stinky egg”. I eat very healthily so maybe the health lettuce and salads ferment in my gut? My farts stink of... show more

Best answer: No. There are rehabs for alcoholics, people with physical injuries.