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Google kept telling me that i am showing signs of stomach cancer, which i pbb dont have so i thought id ask it here. Since this morning, i have been throwing up everything I eat. One hour after eating an apple, i threw it up and 1 hour later, i ate grapes and threw them up after about 10 minutes. I cant stop myself... show more

What happens if u drink pee?

9 answers · 2 days ago

Nudity in Canada?

6 answers · 16 hours ago
I know Candadians aren’t technically “Americans” so what’s their take on nudity?

Best answer: Poor people only deserve a WALL!!!! I will pay ANYTHING for a wall because Jesus commands border walls. Healing the sick is what SATAN commands!!!!

Can I take a nap now?

27 answers · 6 days ago

Best answer: yes you will heal faster than normal....you can even eat mexican poo...its great for gut health,heart health...and most mexicans barley charge anything,they will be happy to shite on you....your golden,dont listen to those haters

I mean what kind of quality of life do we have there?

What symptoms does marijuana cure?

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Best answer: A normal human body is quite good at dealing with pathogens from food. So the short answer is, you should be fine.

Are we going to be okay? It wasn’t very long, but her garage is small. She was in the car, I was standing next to the car waiting for her to pull out so I could get in. If we didn’t pass out , are we good? Or is there still a chance we are damaged from it?

I stopped smoking for more than 60 days and I still feel tired and I take a lot of naps mostly on the same level of tiredness when i used to smoke I realize people just love talking **** about bullshit facts about marijuana The only thing that changes now that im sober is that I eat alot but other than that... show more

Best answer: The anticipation is always worse than the procedure itself. You'll wake up in the recovery room and be well taken care of, and you may not even realize that you were operated on. What you need to think about is that if you don't have the surgery, you will have more problems and more pain than if you do. ... show more