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The bust of my dress is too big?

5 answers · 17 hours ago
So I bough this dress online. It fits me perfectly in the waist and hip region, unfortunately it’s four inches too big in my bust. I’m guessing it’s because the dress was meant for someone with a hourglass body shape and I’m more of a pear body shape. Is it possible to shrink the bust down by four inches or... show more

My prom dress is white laced on top with white flowers and pearls, on the bottom there’s a white tulle with a baby blue undertone and the flower and pearls going down the dress. I’m getting my nails done tomorrow for prom and I have no idea what color they should be? Off white? Nude? Something like that? What’s best.

Best answer: It looks like a faux fur newsboy cap.

I recently bought a pair of Sperry white leather sneakers and was wondering if using mink oil on the white leather would turn them a different color. I’ve used mink oil on brown leather boots before but i don’t know how it will react with a different color leather.

or what colors you like

Witch pants should I get ?

4 answers · 21 hours ago What ones let me know what you think

Has anybody else had this problem I have suggested jeans, trousers, even just tights but she says she won't wear them. I just don't think they look good and she's dressing quite young for her age. She's nearly 15.

I work out and these are my usual set ups

How to make your feet better?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Well, at night, you could soak them in warm water and Epsom salts. I'd recommend salts with eucalyptus and maybe mint, if you can find them. I like the Dr. Teal's brand. You could also apply foot cream afterwards, though that's just to pamper them. It won't help with discomfort. The salts... show more

I'm on Amazon looking for a shirt and I found a shirt that has 2 sizes: 3X and 3XL; wouldn't they be the same thing?