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Best answer: I think the red, your hair is quite dark and it will suit you that particular shade of blue wont compliment your skin tone

I got hired at Wendy’s and I bought the black pants they wanted me to wear. The thing is, they’re a bit baggy and go below the ankle so I wuld have to fold the ends to fit it above the shoe. But again, they’re kinda baggy. Is this okay?

I don t seem to be ageing help?

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I m getting older and older now and it s getting to a point of embarrassment now. I want to look mature for my age. What can i do? Men of 20s keep sending messages to me. I m flattered but it s not for me. I don t dress young either. I wear jeans and jumpers and boots in the winter and spring.

Is it ok to not wear underwear?

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Shop or Leggins?

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Where you shop for your Leggings

Best answer: Oh they want men to look. Just because they criticize men or call them creepy doesn’t mean they don’t like attention. If women didn’t want the attention, they wouldn’t wear yoga pants, or spend hours doing their hair and make up.

Where can I buythese at?

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Trying to get these for my gf but can find them

Bought a dress for my friends 30th birthday party without trying it on. It just barely fits and its pretty short. Should I just suck it up and be uncomfortable wearing it around the house hoping that it will stretch out a bit or go out and try to find something else? Its very similar to the one in the picture.

Best answer: Your personality! The way you carry yourself will help a lot. Being funny, but don’t try too hard. That will be cringey. As cliche as it sounds, love urself and other people will too. Wear clothes that aren’t tight and fit u correctly. Smell nice. Find the last trends and be stylish! Make sure to wear deodorant. Ur... show more

Best answer: Yes, why not. They're preferable on cold or windy days too.