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Best answer: The issue then becomes how ripped/torn is too much for safety or modesty’s sake, and administration having to spend time monitoring. Easier and less contentious to just ban them altogether. Fun fact, when I was in public school we were not allowed to wear jeans to school at all.

Am I able to wear a speedo?

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Best answer: DO IT. Once you find the courage and actually do it, the feeling is LIBERATING. Even though you may get a few stares, you will feel so much more confident with your body.

Im 43 and have a good body. My son is just so embarrassed of it. My daughter doesnt mind. Opinions?

Do you like these?

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Best answer: They look beatiful, but they seem not light.

I feel like my legs are fat for shorts

I ordered some items from Macys and received all of my items with an “extra purse included” in my box. I looked at my online receipt just to make sure I didn’t accidentally order the wrong thing but everything was correct. Well, I looked at the extra purse and sure enough I saw a different order number than mine,... show more

Do you like my purse?

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Best answer: Yes. Surprisingly I think it's very cool!

Why do English not ban the burka?

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Best answer: It's because the government are making lots of money from deals with Arab countries due to the Barcelona Declaration that allows third world immigration in exchange for trade deals. This is why they tip-toe around the Muslim problem and wrap them up in proverbial cotton wool. To offend Muslims would upset ... show more

What can I wear to a job interview?

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I have a job interview for a cafe this week. I'm a 20 year old female. I don't own ANY smart clothes. The only clothes I ever wear are skinny jeans and hoodies. I can't walk in heels. The only shoes I own are doc marten boots and a bunch of sneakers. I have never dressed formally in my life and I... show more

Why do women wear high heels?

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Best answer: If you're asking for the psychological science of the appeal of high heels: Heels make a woman appear taller and give her a greater leg:body ratio. The longer the legs, the more attractive a person appears. Additionally, lifting the heels over the toes forces a woman's posture to adjust. To maintain her... show more

Best answer: Dusty Rose!

Best answer: If you are looking for high quality affordable jewelry, James Avery has nice sterling silver stuff, and they have a men's specific line. You can always ask him for gift suggestions, or ask his parents.

Best answer: yes they can

Best answer: Trump doesn't have that power as President.

I was wearing a crop top and got sent home. Like it never happened before. And I asked the Dean why I get sent home but other girls aren't. And she said because they're only showing the top part of their tummies but you're showing your belly button. Does that make any sense? LOL I'm really angry.