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Do you wear rings?

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Are cheap watches embarrassed?

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Can makeup make you pretty?

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Which look?

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I got this as a new dress and wondered what look should I go for when I go out?

I made a sock octopus, nothing fancy, no sewing required. Its kinda cute, but funny looking, as you can see in the photo. Any name suggestions?

Why do women wear corsets?

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Best answer: In the previous days, I had started to experience some of the old temptations of cross-dressing. I said, "You know I struggle with smoking, but I also have another problem that I have struggled with all my life." At that time I told my wife that I had strong urges to wear women's clothes.

If you saw a guy going in and out the fitting rooms with both men's shirts/jeans and some unisex looking women's shirts/jeans close to the men's section, then go to the counter to pay for the women's shirts/jeans, would you warn him for his possible mistake? Or would you assume he knows he's... show more

Black shoes or tan.?

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I'm almost 21, but I dress younger. Is it okay for me to go to Claire's? People often think I'm in high school, so it's likely that nobody would realize I'm an adult.

Best answer: Lots of perfumes! Smell is a state of emotions to me! Depending on my mood, outfit, time of the day or my purpose, I like to change perfumes. I don’t use a lot of makeup products. I find a lot of products irrelevant or unnecessary.

Best answer: One means husky outdoors man, or gangmemember, and orange jumpsuits are what prisoners wear. So I'll wear my red flannel around my country town, but I'll think twice about wearing it in a bad neighborhood. Flannels is gang clothes the Mexican gangs usually wear the black or grey flannels, the Crips wear the... show more

The deal is I recently meet this woman at the gym. Yeah never thought I’d get hit on at the gym. She is younger than me by 12 years and recently when she saw me change she made a big deal that I wear briefs. White briefs to be exact. Now I have only worn white briefs and had no idea that was a problem. What’s... show more

Where do you get ripped jeans?

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I have been searching every where for them!!! None of them look good either. And mostly all are online. Do you know any shops where I can just go to and buy some good ones?

Best answer: This depends on the service I go to. On Sunday mornings, there are two different services, a contemporary with the church band and a traditional service with the church choir. In the contemporary service, I see a bit more casual wear. Nice dark wash jeans, no rips or holes, nice shirts, nice shoes. I... show more