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Best answer: As long as it doesn't cover their face I'm fine with it

Are you considered rich or poor?

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I put on my pants first.

Which brand of jeans is your favorite?

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Which outfit is sexier for a date?

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A. Black miniskirt with heels with a crop top B. Tight skinny jeans with high heel boots and a crop top In both cases hair down, and belly button ring in.

I am claressa, i am 16. I have 3 other sisters, 14, 12 and 8. I also have one brother who is 10. My mom got together with my stepdad a couple years ago and got married on December 19, 2018 and moved into our house the same day they got married. Since he moved in he tells me and my two oldest sisters that our winter... show more

I bought a dress for an event over a year ago. Ended up wearing something else. I like the dress, thought to keep it for something else. By now it doesn’t seems like I’d be wearing anywhere. It’s kinda specific and the fashion changes, dress became outdated. All the tags and receipt are in place. Is there a way... show more

What color should a purse be?

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Are suspenders too much?

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One of my friends is getting married and he said if I wanted to match his groomsmen I can. They're wearing navy blue tuxedos with burgundy bow ties. I decided to wear white button up shirt, navy slacks, & a burgundy, but I also want to wear suspenders. And also as far as the shoes they'll be brown.... show more

I just for the first time watched the first Captain America movie. (Late i know) but my god Peggy Carter is so hot. I literally couldnt take my eyes off of her. Ive been attracted to women who dress like the 1940s for a long time i just like how it looks and the hairstyles. But Peggy Carter just wow! I feel like... show more