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Do I look like my age?

10 answers · 10 hours ago
I am 22 years old. But do I look younger/ older or exactly my age in this picture ?

Best answer: That's not good on her part if your a boy, don't wear them obviously

I want to wear a black wedding dress when I get married (not that I'm even dating, but whatever). I look awful in white outfits.

Best answer: Yes

Best answer: At The White House.

I want to go to the beach but I really don't want to have big boobs, how can i make this look smaller like others?

I like chokers i dont sleep around im engaged im religious not highly but i pray and talk to god to me its just a fashion thing. But i just dont want ppl thinking that way. I dont show skin and if i show too much he tells me and i choose something else to wear.

Is this lip color ok on me?

6 answers · 19 hours ago

Will they make my life better

Best answer: You could get away with it, if it is strappy type sun dress. You could jazz it up with a sparkly belt and jewelry.

So why is it allowed, let alone encouraged to wear hats?

When i buy shorts that fit me PERFECTLY around the waist and thighs, my butt hangs out??? Why?? I have short legs and long torso (i think) so does that affect it? For my butt not to hang out i have to buy shorts that are 3 sizes too big???? denim shorts, pjs, casual shorts... everything??? should i exercise to get... show more

Best answer: Get a medium tall shirt or a large.

Will pins leave a mark?

7 answers · 2 days ago
So I have a Herschel backpack and I want to put pins in it but since it’s an expensive backpack I don’t want to leave marks. Will they leave a mark?

What can I do to look my age?

21 answers · 6 days ago
I’m 19 but get mistaken as a 13-15 year old. I’d like to look a little older. I do wear make up, I’m not flat chested, And i don’t have no behind. I usually get my nails done a pretty good length and i wear the basic leggings, hoodie, and vans or Jordans. I’d just like tips on how to look more mature.

girls have so many clothing options to wear so how to they decide