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Best answer: breakfast

How can I get taller?

38 answers · 2 days ago
I'm 16 and 5'3. My goal is to be about 6 feet tall. I'm female.

in a healthy way

If we eat ghee, will we become fat?

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I’m NOT looking for a diet where you can “Still eat great food and lose weight!!” I’m not looking for a weight loss diet at all. I DON’T CARE ABOUT FOOD STILL TASTING GOOD. I just want to know what is the truly healthiest diet, with NO REGARD to taste or personal preference. No “occasional indulgences” allowed!

What happens if you eat raw shrimp?

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Body dysmorphia?

14 answers · 4 days ago
I have lost 60 pounds and I’m 5’1 120 pounds and I know that’s a healthy weight. But I still look in the mirror and hate the way I look, I still feel I look fat. It’s gottwn to the point I won’t even take pictures anymore. Does anyone have any advice?

I've only found about 5 sites that talk soley about a high protein diet. He told me that if I get depressed to load up on protein of all kinds which includes meats, legumes, and dairy products.

Are any of these women overweight?

8 answers · 5 hours ago I looked at the comments and I can't believe there were people that call these women fat. They just have wide hips. Isn't that a good thing on a woman?

How do I loose weight quickly?

7 answers · 1 day ago
Without having to starve myself? A few years ago I was kinda chubby and I lost 50 pounds in about 5 months but I did that by only eating 100-400 calories a day. How can I loose the same amount without starving??btw I'm trying to loose 35 pounds this time (I weight 178)

Hi guys, giving myself 4 days to reset and relax... I have made a 4 day cost efficient diet, tell me what you think of this as a meal. Has to be gluten and dairy free. 6am - 3 Egg Whites, English Baked Beans, Brown Rice, Raw Fruit Bar, 1L Water and Multivitamin (TOTAL: 600 Calories) 7pm - 3 Egg Whites, English... show more

How to stay fit during winter?

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My boyfriend called me fat?

30 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: lose some dead weight by dumping him. boy bye. No time for that negative energy in life.

Best answer: No. It looks ugly, it smells terrible, and it's illegal.

Lets say that someone doesnt have super terrible eating habits, can they still lose weight just by exercising everyday maybe even twice a day?