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Best answer: Simply the weight of the extra food and retained liquid. Everyone's body weight fluctuates a pound or two just based on the weight of the food and beverage they consume and the waste in their colon. If you increase the amount of food you eat, you will have more food and waste in your body, making it weigh... show more

she won't exercise on her own, so will a treadmill help? She's lazy too. and moody.


Best answer: No specific foods boost your metabolism. Eating a good breakfast helps raise metabolism, as does regular exercise .. even daily walking. A pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat .. so build muscle. Here are the guidelines for loosing weight: You should NEVER eat LESS than 1300-1400 calories a day.... show more

I’m 16, 5’7”, and 120lbs, I wear a 32c... im really insecure about my body, is it normal?

Best answer: This is actually one of the best ways to lose weight. All of the other people commenting here are, I hate to say it, but, idiots. Caloric restriction does not work. Fasting does. It's as simple as that. Eating one meal a day, is an extreme form of intermittent fasting (fasting sometimes, not fasting others),... show more

POLL: How often do you exercise?

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Which Scale is Right?

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I have three different scales. A red one, a white one, and a grey one. The grey one puts me at 164. The white one puts me at 165. The red one puts me at 171. Which scale would be right? I weighed myself on them at the same time, right after waking up and using the bathroom. Would the highest one be right?

Best answer: The AMA and pharmaceutical companies want to keep America addicted to their drugs. They are getting rich. Who cares if their drugs cause cancer, shorten lifespan, and psychotic behavior. They have a nice little racket, especially with insurance providing a guaranteed payment. Keep eating those double half pounder... show more

Is a B cup small for my size?

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Best answer: You're barely in puberty. You're not supposed to have big breasts. Most women aren't fully developed until 17-18. And I know that women see images of women with big breasts everywhere, but trust me- they don't really enhance your life. You get a lot of unwanted attention, and people don't take... show more

Best answer: No. Get a blood test and see if you are deficient in anything, then it would be OK to take that particular vitamin in tablet form. If you aren't deficient in anything, the multivitamin will be turned into waste, i.e. your money ends up in the toilet.

So I am looking to lose weight but due to my busy schedule of work and school coming up I know working out is pretty much out of the picture. So I was wondering if its possible to lose weight from just eating less and decreasing how many calories I take in a day? Would I have to change what I eat completely or... show more

Best answer: I never buy soda. So it's a special treat when going to resturants to get a soda. It's ok, just don't have it in home.