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How to lose weight?

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What do you like for breakfast?

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If you don't like breakfast, you can go to hell.

I felt good with my body (I'm 35-25-37, height 5ft 9in) but my fiancée wants me to look like a supermodel. He insists on me to go to the gym 4 times in a week, checks my progress in muscle making (I hear often that my *** is too flat and my thights little too fat), advices on my diet (meat, rice and... show more

Best answer: Lack of proper, and understandable, information. While I do NOT have diabetes, I have other health concerns, yet I have to "drag" information, from my doctor.

Why can't you live on fast food?

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Best answer: You can if you watch what you eat. There are many people which eat out quite often, and mostly fast food. Just because it is considered fast food does not mean that is cannot be healthy. You just have to be smart about what you eat and where you eat. If you watch your calories you can even lose weight. Places... show more

i don’t think my issues actually fit into a “specific” ed. whenever i eat anything i need to exercise it off. i eat like 1500 calories a day but i do like 3 hours of exercise daily. im always dizzy/light headed/irritable and apparently im very pale. i have also had multiple breakdowns over how much i have eaten/... show more

Best answer: YES....a very healthy oil, and even the quacks admit, it helps those with dementia....Mom used it on her face.....

Best answer: Yes... thick is thighs, butt, hips etc. fat is usually associated with stomach. A thick woman is my preference can’t stand that skinny stuff. Thick can turn into fat if your not careful so it’s a slippery slope!

Such as vitamin or fish oil?

Best answer: Schools cause obesity in children because they've cut back on the amount of physical exercise they require children to do, and the lunch they serve is **** for you. And parents don't do anything about it because they're obese as well. So who does anything about it? Nobody.

Workout question?

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So I was doing a leg workout and may have pushed super hard at the beginning. This caused the rest of the workout to be me attempting with shaky legs. I couldn't perform the workout well due to my shaky legs. What does this mean?

I’ve asked some questions on Yahoo before and have been told I need to stop asking about weight or else I’ll get an eating disorder. I know Yahoo Answers isn’t filled with doctors but... I’m 16, female, 5’9.5 (69 1/2 inches) and I weigh 130 lbs. my measurements are 33 bust-26 inch waist-36/37 inch hips I really... show more

Okay, so I’ve been dieting for 3 weeks this Monday and my mom and aunt celebrated their bdays last night and I chose to ate salad but without any oil or acid and my stupid uncle who sat next to me told me nah u wont eat ur salad like that it is like u r eating grass and he poured olive oil on my salad even though i... show more