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Best answer: It's not that bad. Most people can't do 15. Only jumping 14 inches is worse and running a mile in 7 minutes is slow but you can improve on all that. Some people can't even run a mile if they had all day.

Increase height at 23 years?

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Best answer: Unlikely, but possible.

Why am I fat?

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Best answer: Several things, we would need an accounting of the exact foods you are eating and the portion size to determine caloric intake and consider if what you deem healthy is not pushing you over your caloric needs and if it is high in sugar(corn) or starch(potatoes, pasta) and what toppings you put on them fat(cheese,... show more

Best answer: No of course not. I was shocked when I was younger and in school, that we had access to ice cream bars, cookies, donuts for breakfast, soda vending machines, snack vending machines, and if you put temptation out in front of kids, most kids will choose the unhealthy things -- that's why they shouldn't be... show more

How should I eat to gain muscle?

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Best answer: I wouldn't say it's a way of life :) I used to exercise every day, haven't done so in years... getting back on track though. Two times a week now, if I start recovering faster, I will increase the amount of times a week :)

My boyfriend is 20 and will not eat any fruit or veg, including things like most beans/pulses, avocados, sweet potatoes, and sweetcorn. I include these specifically because people have previously recommended these as "tasty" veg that may change his mind. Cooked, raw, roasted with a ton of BBQ seasoning,... show more

Best answer: if you eat 7 quintillion pounds, absolutely

Best answer: No, and you won't be knocking your head on trees and beams so often either, nor grazing yourself so badly when you fall; oh, and you'll be much less prone to leg ulcers after your mid-60's. You'll probably get quite competitive too, not wanting the giraffes to get away with it. All of these things... show more

People always say that a person is only looking after themself properly when they eat well and "go to the gym a few times a week." I've gone to a gym a couple times and hated it. I prefer going for walks and jogs outside, almost every day for like an hour. also I love hiking. Is that a good enough... show more

Best answer: I'm an adult who has no sugary sweets at all. However each day I do enjoy 3-5 different types of real fruit for breakfast, so it's a sugary treat in a way, albeit a healthy one.

I did MMA for 5 months and gained nothing, just abs became more visible while half of the people there looked like bodybuilders How do they achieve these physiques when they only do cardio and random exercises and fighting?

Best answer: I can see why your teacher did so because on average that's underweight for your height, but these things are also individual. Some people will always have a slight build. It's just the way they're made. Others will be very slight and perfectly healthy at a certain age. Unsurprisingly build run in... show more

I'm 15 I'm a Boy I'm 5'8 To 5'9 inches Tall I Decided To Lose weight Back in July of This Year I Weighed 273 Which is The most I've Been Now in 247 i sometimes feel that I should have lost more since I started so What Weight is Healthy for my age and is 26lbs little to lose in 4 months... show more

Can't sleep? What to do?

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Been trying for 2 hours not working very well