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Best answer: Beer is ok ...but not from cans. One beer every three days could be enough - you should not risk to get addicted to alcohol. Beer is full of female hormones. Men with a beer belly actually have a "fake pregnancy". Thank God, I like wine. Massaging with oil does mit have any effect.

Am I anorexic? *details*?

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So, my last question - got many answers, but I want to make things clear. I'm 15years male teen, 182cm and 56kg. I eat 900calories a day and I'm restricting them to lose weight. I have body dysmorphic image. I think of myself as a fat... show more

Best answer: He has to be the one to want to make a change, and then implement the change. It's his body. None of this is in your control. You will not find help on the internet, I'm afraid.

Best answer: and you aren't one today as it doesn't just happen over night

Why are most people fat?

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Is some exercise and eating healthy really all that difficult?

Best answer: He has found a button to press and is getting a response from you which is his intention. If you said to him 'I am happy as I am and should I want to lose weight I would do it for myself.' and from then on ignored him or ultimately left him he would realize that his controlling behaviour is unacceptable.

Best answer: Yes. 1-2 meals wouldn't kill your progress. As long as most of the time you're eating healthy, adding in a few "cheat meals" here and there is fine.

Best answer: No! You are not anywhere near overweight. You also must understand that weight alone isn't a good measure of your health, fitness, clothing size, body composition, or figure let alone your value as a human being.

Bulking up question?

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I'm an 18 year old male and I want to bulk up I started about 10 weeks ago here is my daily workout routine Monday 45 minute cardio Tuesday 90 minute heavy lifting Wednesday rest Thursday 90 minute heavy lifting Friday 45 minute cardio Saturday 60 minute cardio and weights mix sometimes 2 hours if I fell up... show more

I am a 13 year old girl, sedentary, 156cm and 41 kg which gives me a tdee of about 1450, however i keep seeing things saying girls my age are supposed to be consuming 1600 a day, is that true? do teenagers need more calories than adults do?

Best answer: Eggs. they have all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals to support growth.

Best answer: Simple. Eat more calories than what you burn off during the day. Doesn't matter what it is, just more calories. It's literally the exact opposite of trying to lose weight - which would be lowering calories. Healthy high calorie foods ; -Peanut and other nut butters -Nuts -Cheese -Granola -Avocados -Dried... show more

How can I lose 100 pounds fast?

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I'm a girl, 5'6 195 pounds. I need to lose 100 pounds quick, like 3-4 months quick. I thought about water fasting but idk.

Best answer: Yes, it is. Even a 15 minute casual stroll every day CAN benefit your physical health. Take your dog for a walk!