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I have heard arguments for and against it.

My teeth are very yellow?

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My neighbour says the BDA purchased the patent and hid it in a bank vault.

Best answer: I bought my first one recently and love it. Wish I had bought one years ago.

Think I want braces because all my teeth hurt and would need to get taken out anyway. So do dentists do this? Pull all my teeth out and insert new ones to make me beautiful? This question is not a troll btw

I have had no dental insurance since I turned 18 (I am now 27). I do brush my teeth, of course, but I haven't had a dentist because of the out of pocket costs being too high. I started receiving dental insurance through my employer this month, so I had my first visit this past Monday. All the dentist did was... show more

The orthodontist looked at my x-rays and then my mouth and said I need jaw surgery. Is it really possible to tell with just x-rays and one quick look? I have an open bite, can’t I solve that with braces instead of surgery?

Best answer: Brown teeth or no teeth at all

Is it awkward for an adult person in their 30's-40's to have braces on their teeth like a child would?

Should i go to the dentist?

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Best answer: Yes, it could be the start to having a cavity or hole in your tooth. Better to be safe. Just go in for a check up.

I don't want just veneers, because my molars are ground down and misshapen on the surfaces and it's extremely painful to eat as the edges have worn down and can't be fixed with fillings (there's nowhere to fill because the spaces are too small). I also want my teeth to be a bright white colour and... show more

It's been 2 weeks since I had teeth extracted and Im not sure what I can eat yet. My surgeon said no berries, rice or crunchy foods but I wasn't told for how long. Can I eat any of those things yet

Does it work only for little kids ?

So I had an abscess I believe on the root of my tooth because it was nowhere visible on my gums. I have been on antibiotics for 5 days now. Majority of Swelling has gone down and pain has gone away except sometimes I will feel some pain on the affected area. Well I have also been gargling with salt and water here... show more