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Burnt my mouth?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Hello, I burnt my mouth on some cheese pizza and its oretty sore. My tongue hurts as does the roof of my mouth. I burnt it yesterday. What can I do to help the burn

I’m very nervous. What’s going to happen? Would I still be able to eat without stitches? I feel like I’m going to have to take extra care of my sockets once they’re out. I’m worry because I’m kind of lazy and very bad at following directions.

Best answer: when I got braces, it didn't hurt at first. A few days later, though, the pan was about a 8/10.the procedure is pretty boring. You just lay there while the ortho glues the brackets on.

Can I share my dentist story?

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Can I trust my new dentist?

6 answers · 2 days ago
I recently told her about the white marks i had around my teeth after getting my braces off during childhood which led me to need veneers and she told me that the cause of that was LACK of fluoride and not brushing enough. I brushed daily with fluoride toothpaste and drank fluoridated water (which I no longer do).... show more

Is 16 too late to get braces?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: no. anyone can get braces at any age. i know some adults that have them. my school principal has them and she's probably in her 50s-60s. my 4th grade teacher was like 65 and she had them. my friend who's the same age as me got them at age 10 and still has them. another friend who's a year older than me... show more

Best answer: Many people have some concerns and fears going to the dentist. Before I go, I watch the movie Marathon Man, and that relaxes me. Have a nice dental appointment, I hope all goes easy, safe and well.

I was approved for $500 and the plan was to do a root canal and crown but now I’m thinking of just getting my tooth pulled. Which is under $200 so I’ll end up paying cash for it. Is there a penalty for not using it? Can I cancel it?

Best answer: You can drink anything but alcohol.

Best answer: I have no tooths

Last year I used Crest teeth whitening strips for a week (which I have been doing since I was in high school) then I wanted them extra white so I used Atlanta Express Whitening Kit. Along with drinking a green superfood smoothie. A few days later my teeth had a green tint to them and I thought it would go away but... show more

Around late June 2018 I got 4 fillings. I was chewing gum just a second ago and I heard "CRUNCH" really loud and hard and I opened my mouth and this little piece of white filling chipped off. Now it feels like a small hole. What should I do? It didn't hurt at first but, now it's starting to hurt... show more

Best answer: Ten years ago, I had 5 dental implants screwed into my upper and lower jaw. The dental surgeon said the anesthesia given to you is done in timed injections into the arm. I remember being in a dark haze, waking up then returning to sleep. My implants took 2 hours, so the timely injections were spaced so I was fully... show more

My dentist is a female doctor and she asked me my age and I responded 24.She said oh you look like your 18.I thought we needed parent consent for you to get crowns on your teeth.I felt a little disrespected.Would you take that offensively & still let her do the crowns on your teeth?