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What drink do you drink the most?

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Best answer: Diet Pepsi..........

1. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich 2. Waffles 3. Pancakes 4. French toast

I know this is really random

I thought maybe there is something I could always eat prior to eating junk food every once in a while so that I minimize the damage, like some vegetables or fruit...

Best answer: Invite him in to share a few slices with me

Best answer: Lasanga is EASY .. it takes time to put it together, but it is not complicated or difficult. The key is using good ingredient. I buy a firm ricotta from the Italian Store supermarket. Toughest meals to make that take actual talent and skill: (1) Souffle (2) Bread (3) Hollandaise sauce (4) Jelly (5) Fudge (REAL... show more

I really love tuna and mayo sandwhich with lots of grated cheese and green olives and sweetcorn with a little bit of ketchup and spicey sauce.

Best answer: Fruit cake and chocolate raisins.

Best answer: White bread for sure, Brown bread is ok once in awhile and I dislike bread with seeds.

Best answer: Poutine without cheese curds is french fries with gravy. Yes, you can order that, in most places.

I'm an Indian guy from India. I'm a meat eater but it's very hard for me to buy meat here. I only eat it once in 12 days. Chicken, Lamb meat and fish is very expensive. Pork and Beef is not available here. Nobody here eats meat on daily basis. That's a problem with us meat eaters. If I was born in... show more

I bring many salads to potluck meals and bring home most of them. One time in line I asked the person next to me (who didn't know which was my dish) why he passed on the salad. He said, "There's too many things going on in it." I just wanted to know if others felt this way. Here is a photo of one... show more

How is tinned fruit made?

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Like peaches, apricot, pineapple and apple

I opened a tuna can and it burst and I tasted it and it tasted horrible, it was like a metallic bitter taste and I spit it out, then I smelled the can and it smelled metallic. What could it be, should I be worried?

I would say french fries and potato fries.. and now your turn