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Are eggs meat?

92 answers · 2 days ago
It has to be since you’re eating an embryo of a baby chicken.

Does chicken count as processed meat?

14 answers · 10 hours ago
I m trying to cut back on processed meats and I ve read that processed meat includes stuff like hot dogs, salami, bacon, beef jerky, pepperoni, sausages, and canned meats. But I m wondering if any forms of chicken count as processed meat. I ve read on some places that poultry doesn t count as processed meat, but... show more

What's better Candy or Chocolate?

29 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: Buy ready-made food at the grocery store, like sandwiches, etc.

What's your signature dish?

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I have all this pasta that needs straining but no strainer, can I use my shirt or is that gross?

Best answer: I buy for a family of 3 and shop for a week's worth of meals +snacks at one time. Our cost including things like soaps or toilet paper etc is usually around $170. That's if I have to buy everything on my list though. I usually stock up on non perishable items like canned and dry goods and frozen veggies... show more

Best answer: I've had dill flavored cashews. They were pretty good.

Best answer: Several possible reasons: They're fresher. They've been allowed to ripen, picked as soon as they're ready and eaten straight away. Shop bought ones have to be picked before they're quite ripe in the hope they'll be ready when they're sold. A person growing their own tomatoes will often... show more

What is pickeled fish called?

32 answers · 6 days ago

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

24 answers · 4 days ago
What is your definition of a sandwich at what qualifies of excludes a hotdog from this classification?

Best answer: Hint- (and I don't have a problem with your spices but this is so easy and good) McCormick makes a Fajita seasoning packet that is outstanding try it sometime, you can thank me later.

Best answer: It's a waste of money if you don't eat them, so the key is to buy them more frequently so you eat them before they spoil. If that's not practical, then you might want to cut down on the amount you buy, or try storing them differently. For example, if you rinse strawberries with a vinegar/water rinse... show more