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I like beef with mushrooms and onions

Is there peanuts in peanut butter?

34 answers · 3 days ago
So I was grocery shopping and saw peanut butter at the grocery store that says it is peanut free. What does that mean? What is it then?

Best answer: I go out to breakfast once a week with a group of guys I worked with; we're all retired. We go to a local family restaurant with good, solid breakfast fare like I can make myself (which I do on occasion), eggs, omelets, toast, home fries, bacon or sausage....I'm not a pancake or waffle guy but those are... show more

Best Tomato Pasta Sauce In a Jar?

18 answers · 2 days ago
We are looking for a new sauce. I love a local sauce we have near us - it’s cheap and delicious. But my husband feels like it’s too acidic. I know I could make my own but have no time. Really I barely have time to use premade sauce so I’m really looking for a sauce in a jar. We are looking for high quality... show more

Best answer: Sort of. I left the pizza box in the oven and turned on the broiler. Had to make a good contribution to the local fire department that year.

Is freezing Brie recommended ?

10 answers · 1 day ago

Hello! I just ate an undercooked frozen pizza. I followed the instructions (pre-heat the oven to 425* and cook it for 9-12 mins, I cooked it for 12:30 to be safe) when I ate it, the dough was rough and weird. The front of certain pieces were squishy and odd, it had no meat on it, just a cheese pizza. Also, it... show more

My friends always get mad when I eat pizza around them due to the way I eat it. I eat the cheese or any topic on it first then eat the bread .... 👀🤔

When u make a penut butter and jam sandwitch, do u put regular butter or margarine on it to? Or is that strange? I put butter on mine also.

Best answer: I like my chicken dead and featherless.

Or do they stick to poutine (whatever it's called), bacon, and maple syrup?

Fruity candy or Choclate Candy?

32 answers · 1 week ago
it was a hard pick but i go with fruity candy how about you

Will Eating This Kill Me?

6 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Are you going to choke on it? If not, no.

Best answer: make it fresh every time

the dip s expiration is dated in 2019. Is it still good until that date or does it go bad for a time period after it has opened?

It boggles my mind. Wouldn't it save a lot of money? Why have the yogurt and the butter out like that and having to cool the whole store rather than a fridge like the frozen foods?