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How to make beer taste better?

11 answers · 18 hours ago
I am a first time drinker. Only had a few sips of beer and it tastes horrible to me like cleaning chemicals. I want to get drunk but how can I make it easier to stomach?

What cig brands are the best?

11 answers · 2 days ago

I had a 8 oz mix drink of sweet tea with less than a shot of Johnny walker red label with dinner. I waited 2 and a half hours then breastfed my 20 month old son. I didn’t know my husband had given him baby Motrin to help his teething pain. He gave it to him about an hour before I breastfed him and now I’m worried... show more

How can i underage drink in ca?

9 answers · 4 days ago

Was I drugged?

20 answers · 1 week ago
So last Saturday me and my "friends" decided to have a get together at one of our local bars. I don't drink that much and had only two beers while the rest of my so called friends had at least several more than me. The bar closed at 2 so we decided to go to one of my friends' apartments. There... show more

Best answer: Rye is a type of whiskey, but is sometimes referred to just as rye. There are also whiskeys that are not fermented from rye. McClain sang "whiskey and rye" because it fit the scansion and the rhyming pattern.

Alcohol test?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: A breathalyzer is a standard device for measuring blood alcohol content, or BAC. On average, a serving of alcohol, like a bottle of beer or a glass of wine contains about one-third to one-half ounce of pure alcohol, and it takes about one hour for each serving to be eliminated from your body. So you would pass... show more

How much is 10g in dry yeast?

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So ya know how at those hardcore Mexican flea markets or as I call them pulgas? Yeah well they sell bongs and pipes there. Do you think they would sell to me even though I'm obviously underage.

Best answer: It is widely variable depending on the bar and any tip sharing. It could be anything from minimum wage all the way up to very profitable. You become one by applying (some training might help but it isn't all that necessary, again depending on the bar). I used to work at a tennis club and also a racquetball... show more

The recipe I got is 1oz Malibu 1oz vodka 1oz pineapple juice 1oz cranberry juice 1oz orange juice I made a sample before my party but it come out some what coral looking like.I want that hot pink color

Best answer: That's nearly a whole bottle. If you've made a habit if it to the point that doesn't make you stinking drunk your liver will eventually pay the price. Cirrhosis is an awful way to go.

Why do people like flavored vodka?

6 answers · 5 days ago
I prefer standard of any brand. The nastiest I’ve ever had was Svedka cucumber lime vodka. It was soooooo gross. I can drink anything else. I love some Southern Comfort and Captain Morgan. But cucumber lime Svedka is awful? I can handle some other flavored vodka but I prefer standard. What’s up with the flavored... show more

What is Guts Riesling?

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Best answer: No, why would that be weird. That makes you smart.

Best answer: It's a fair amount to drink, it depends what you are used to, I could drink it, I'd be a bit tipsy

Why do people smuggle cigarettes?

17 answers · 1 week ago
It’s not like every country doesn’t already sell cigarettes.