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What are menthol cigarettes?

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Orange apple lemon grape?

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Why are grapes frosty?

9 answers · 2 days ago
You know that frosty stuff on grapes? What is it?

Best answer: If the symptoms persist for days without alcohol.

Best answer: "Neat" means just pour it out of the bottle at room temperature. "Straight Up" means chill it with ice and then strain the ice out.

If anyone could point me toward a low nicotine cigar or something for beginners... I know not to inhale but a there anything else I can do?

Best answer: Beer drinkers everywhere just gagged. Watered down beer just doesn’t cut it. Put a glass mug on ice for a couple of hours then pour yourself one.

Best answer: I agree; but for me, even putting a really good whiskey on the rocks is ruining it. I prefer good whiskeys neat.

So, a few weeks ago, I had “one too many” shots and ended up being sick till 8am. (My poor husband is the only one of us with the memory of it). And although I don’t remember any of it, the thought of alcohol tears my stomach up. I’ve definitely learned my lesson (almost a 26 hour hangover), and don’t plan on... show more

How to remember drunk memories?

8 answers · 5 days ago
Was blackout drunk this weekend, apparently made out with 15 people. How can I remember the weekend??

She turned 18 a month ago and she is legally able to buy and drink now but I found a bottle of whiskey with almost all of it drank and a full bottle of vodka, some shot mixture and some cider all in her wardrobe. Should I be concerned or not as she is legally allowed and I have allowed her to drink from the age of... show more

Hangover prevention tips?

7 answers · 6 days ago
Will drinking water while you have a buzz keep hangover away? What are some of your remedies/ prevention methods after already having a few ?

Is it ok to mix vodka and rum?

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Best answer: What can be called a Long Island Iced Tea incorporates vodka, rum, gin, etc., so yes, it can be.

What is the best beer in the world?

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