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Best answer: Alcohol is poison. The effects of alcohol - being drunk - is the body trying to fight off the poison. Yes - it will harm you - just like drinking any poison will harm you. I have seen many people die from alcohol - they drank themselves to death. Not kidding. Call out to God if you're in trouble. Can a... show more

What is the best rum?

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Cant buy beer ?

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So i'm planning to take my bf out for our 1 year anniversary to a really nice expensive elegant restaurant. Hes able to consume alcohol i'm not, but i don't want to look stupid getting a soda or water any suggestions on a nice drink that will not make me look like i'm underage and i'm 19 years old. show more

21st birthday?

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So my 21st birthday is coming up. (Legal drinking age in the United States) Here’s the thing.... I hate the taste of alcohol and the feeling of being drunk. Absolutely hate it. My friends won’t stop asking me what our plans are for my birthday. How can I tell them that I don’t plan on drinking?

About two 3 bars, high end bars in vegas have replaced bartenders with machines. I just would like to hear other options would you prefer an robot or an. Actual person serving you drinks. Would you care if bartenders start to lose their jobs or should they move on?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 years. When we first got together I didn’t think anything of him drinking we were young and partied a lot. Once we moved in together was when I started noticing. He would hide it and lie to me all the time. He’s gotten better with being honest but recently I feel like... show more

Have you ever been to rehab?

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Best answer: They tried to make me but I said NOoooo, noo, NO!

Idk what to do wikihow didnt help.

How much can I sell tobacco for?

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I got 20 x 50g amber leaf tobacco pouches duty free in the airport in Spain for £200 and I’m wondering how much I can sell them for. I was thinking £15 per pouch as they’re usually £20 in shops and I’ll make £5 profit per pouch. Would people spend that?

Best answer: Depends. if you're an out of town college kid, Bullwinkle's. If you're a townie college kid, you know better and go to the outhouse. If you're a grown *** adult. You don't go anywhere cuz all the bars suck and drinking lost its appeal when you puked in the parking lot of the outhouse to many times. show more

Best answer: Yes, in moderation, just a single 4 ounce glass a day.

Is it ok to drink for celebration?

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I'll be graduating in a few months and i was wondering if is it ok to drink alcohol as a celebration for graduating High School? After graduation.

What wine should I make next ?

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I just bottled my rosehip wine. I have some yeast that is going to expire in a week.i think I will make a merlot this time. What do you think?

Was I in danger at all?

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Ok so on a saturday night a few weeks ago I had 6 or 7 cans of alcohol that had like 1.3 standard each. And like 9 or so shots of absolut vodka within the span of 6 hours or so. I think it's also worth mentioning i'm 6'1 and 70-ish kilos What do you think my BAC was and if you think I was in danger at... show more

What is best larger to drink?

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It tastes watered down, so I don’t know if I could still get drunk off of it or not