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Best answer: A few beers or maybe a bottle of wine? No. A case of beer or two or three bottles of wine or a full bottle of distilled spirits, every single weekend, then yeah, you can do some long-term damage.

Best answer: Great Day in the Morning!!!!!!! ((((((Blueiis)))))) Victory Dirt Wolf at the moment. Brewed right in my hometown, too.

Best answer: I can't think of any reason why it would be unsafe. The cork will have been in contact with the absinthe since it was bottled.

Best answer: Some alcoholic beverages such as aperatifs, sherry, and whisky, are meant to be drunk on their own, while others such as beer and wine are meant to be drunk with food. Thus, the term "pairings".

My aunt is coming over to dinner and she is an alcoholic in recovery so she can’t have alcohol. If I didn’t know that I would make her white wine and lemon chicken and carbonara. Are there any substitutes I could use that would still taste good?

Where did I put my beer?

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While cleaning out a passed away relatives home I found a Vietnam Era food ration dating back to 1965. One of its contents is a pack of old school Lucky Strike Cigarettes. They look fine, and they re still sealed inside of the wrapper. I m curious as too how they ll taste.

Best answer: I like it 'neat' but it's true, adding a small amount of water can loosen it up and bring out flavors that you might miss. Some single malts are on the delicate side and you'll just end up washing it out; some practically dare you to wimp out and add water.

Best answer: It depends how drunk you get. People tend to get drunker on whiskey because it's 40% instead of 5%. Most of a hangover is the dehydration.

How can I reduce tobacco use?

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My parents don't like the smell of cigarettes when I'm in my house because I smoke cigarettes in my room and then my house smells like cigarettes and my parents don't like that. What else can I consume besides tobacco? Could it be alcohol cause I think alcohol is better for me than cigarettes. Perhaps I... show more

I have done a bit of research and am well aware that there is no exact answer to this question, as everybody’s bloodstream is different, everybody is a different weight, and our metabolisms are all different. But I would like to know on average, for someone of an average, healthy weight, how many shots of vodka... show more

Best answer: Very sad indeed.

Best answer: When my mother was about 65, she was carded for smokes.It's some stupid law.

I have celiac disease and need to know

Favourite beer?

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Best answer: Sweet Baby Jesus or a good oatmeal stout. However, if I want a cheap buzz, Steel Reserve Black Berry or Milwaukee's Best Ice.

How can I feel well at night?

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Best answer: Try sleeping naked...