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I like both Korean and Filipino

Best answer: I love Thai food in general so it hard to pick Just one! Top 3 dishes would be pad thai, red curry (or Penang curry) and chilli and basil crispy pork

When I was younger and into soft more/junior year high school I didn’t like spicy stuff very much and I was kind of a wimp when it came to spice. But over the summer I started eating spicy food and now I can’t get enough of it! I eat a bunch of spicy food and put hot sauce on everything. How did this happen?

Best answer: 2 halves slathered in cream cheese.

Have you ever had grilled Toad?

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Best answer: No, but I have eaten Toad in the hole many times.

What are some good spicy foods?

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If I catch a pigeon can I eat it?

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I know they’re considered a pest and that pigeon can be eaten when prepared and cooked properly but let’s say I just grabbed one right now, could I eat it?

Can you fry slices of banana?

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Best answer: Most restaurants don't use MSG anymore.

Best answer: When I lived in Japan, I already liked a lot of Japanese food. IT was the lack of certain American things that was difficult. Basically you can eat the local food and adjust, or you can figure out how to make your own food that you do like. When you're eating something new, just try a little bit at a time or... show more

Is pinapple on pizzas left wing?

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Best answer: Yes in a way. It was the President of Canada when ask what He liked on pizza said pineapple. He was a liberal. This became Havian stile pizza. We are conservatizes for most down here. But support this. As it allows us to sale more of our pineapples.

Best answer: Indian food is becoming more popular and can be extremely popular is certain areas. Where I live there are Indian markets, many Indian restaurants (where some feature different regional Indian cuisine - I am not expert on Indian cuisine, so I don't know northern Indian vs southern Indian)