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Best answer: I think it's closer to cabbage

What is the meat inside wontons?

21 answers · 2 weeks ago
Im meaning the wontons inside wonton soup

Indian food.

Best answer: Love it. Spanikopita, Dolmadakia, Gyros, Choriatiki (Greek Salad), Moussaka, Tzatziki, Baklava etc. Am down for anything with eggplant, lamb, feta and good olives.

Best answer: That's because they probably don't have food trucks where they live. Here it is accepted but to them it is unfamiliar territory. May be language barrier or poor hygiene. Noether of which are true.You would get more authetntic mexican food than at Taco Bell or Chipotle.

The one I’m thinking of has a clear broth, cabbage, and tiny carrot pieces sometimes.

Whats the best food-dish served cold?

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Best answer: Revenge.

Curry is from India.

hello, i ussualy eat my rice cury by putting it 3 minte in microware... however, today it was still cold. any tips and tricks to eat better rice curry? signed, currymuncher765

Best answer: I like both. I'd have a hard time choosing what I prefer out of the two.

What is Tapas food?

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Best answer: Not sure if i had Pakistani food.I know i had mexican food and it is good.I'm sure food is food as long as they cook it good.Has anyone else had it before.tacos and salsa,Gorditas and much are good.

Where to buy authentic tim tams?

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I mean the ones imported from Australia not the ones sold in big box american stores. They don't taste the same.

Best answer: Eggs. It has all 9 essential amino acids. Beans and rice.