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Best answer: much better to try either char siu (barbecued pork with rice) or aubergine and minced pork in hot spicy sauce (usually szhezuan).

My local DT no longer has it. I'd like to know what it's called so I know what to ask for in a store or search for online. Do you know what it's called?

A Quesdilla is an indigenous Mexican delicacy that encorportates classic Mexican style food with quasi American themes of flavor and mass production via restaurants such as Taco Bell and Cookout. Thus, it would behoove of us to quantify the taste and intricacy of a Quesidilla in 1 word to truly grasp the concept of... show more

Best answer: You'll probably be fine. If you do get sick, don't be shy of letting go of anything that your body doesn't want inside it anymore. Once you suspect you've purged everything, some Pepto Bismol can help with any remaining discomfort. Food poisoning sometimes takes up to 48 hours to present itself,... show more

POLL: Indian food vs Chinese food?

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Best answer: i like Indian food more, because we don't use MSG and our sodium content is low. the culture I'm from is a mixture of indian and persian cooking.. so it's pretty healthy. We do, however, have some deep fried appetizers... which is not so healthy. The healthiest indian food is South Indian food. ... show more

Best answer: Make enchiladas. If that is beyond your skills you can make enchilada casserole, which is the same thing but you layer the ingredients like lasagna instead of rolling them up. This is easy to do, I typically use “older” tortillas that I’ve dried out in the oven for a few minutes, layer them with whatever leftover... show more

Best answer: sometimes it's nice to eat somewhere familiar. sometimes fast food chains might have exclusive items in certain countries. sometimes it's just easier to eat at a fast food place than a sit down restaurant or getting food from the konbini again

Are hot dogs an american food?

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Best answer: No one else has claimed them.

What is the best food from Brazil?

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Best answer: Nothing, pot stickers are just steamed dumplings that are flash fried to give the dough a crispy side / edge.

Is orange chicken spicy at all?

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Best answer: Depends on where you get it, but honestly, the batter is so thick and they add so much sugar to the sauce, it's really not as spicy as people think it is. I know a lot of Chinese places will claim it's spicy, but I've maybe only had ONE place in my 34 years of eating Chinese food that it was literally... show more

Best answer: Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce.