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Here are mine 4. Canada Dry Ginger ale 3. Schweppes Ginger ale 2. Dr Pepper 1. Water

It feels like food tastes 10 times better, and I used to be a huge coffee drinker, but now I rarely drink it, cause I think it tastes weird. I have also started to drink a lot of tea, and I disliked tea before.

Poll do you stink of alcohol?

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Coffee or tea?

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So I will not lie, I love drinking coke so much and I became super obsessed with it that I drink it everyday ... but my face started to break out soooo bad where I got a lot of pimples and I got a lot of black heads. So does anyone know what I can drink as a substitution for it as I slowly stop drinking soda, i... show more

Bottled water shelf life?

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About 2 year ago I stored about 25 2-liter bottles of tap water (previously soda bottles) with a small drop of bleach in each one. They’ve been sitting on a shelf in a basement since then. Should I throw them out eventually? Will the water eventually erode the plastic?

Why is soda addicting to drink?

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What is better than Coca Cola?

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Hos do you like your cofee?

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Best answer: like my and black

Can I drink soda?

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I've watched videos on YouTube about how bad soda is for the body.Someone gave me packs of brisk iced tea and I'm afraid to drink it.What will happen if I drink just one ?

The juice I buy comes raw and freshly pressed. I left mine in the fridge a couple days longer than I should have, and now it tastes fizzy. It doesn't taste bad at all- just like a fizzy fruit drink. The juice is made from apple, pineapple, celery, ginger, and fennel. I haven't opened the bottle before... show more

Best answer: not everyone is effected by caffeine because not everyone has the same physiology.