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Best answer: Pepsi.

black tea or vanilla coffee The tea is very easy to make but the coffee will take an extra 5 minutes because I dont have a proper coffee machine to hold the filter.

Best answer: When that recommendation was first published, it was to intake 64 ounces of liquid a day. Foods in water were part of the recommendation, as was water based beverages. Most people meet or exceed this standard. Personally, I have been advised to limit liquids to 48 ounces a day. I hover around that amount.

It doesn't even taste good. Isn't it only beneficial to kids? Do people use it as a meal replacement?

Best answer: Yes, but freshly ground coffee is a lot better than preground.

I don't normally go out, as I'm always home and anti-social, unfortunately. Although, when I do go out... It's Starbucks that I go to... And I need help on deciding or knowing what drinks I can get there that's not that bad for my health. Problem is, I'm a really sweet and sugary person... show more

Why is fizzy water bitter?

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Best answer: Because the fizz is actually carbon dioxide. It stays in the liquid as long as it is under pressure (before you open the bottle), but will fizz out after a while after opening. Carbon dioxide is a mild acid ... and that is what you are tasting. The reason you don't get that with drinks like colas, ginger ale,... show more

When people from USA say " chai tea" they are saying " tea tea " and it is confusing for my waiters.

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Best answer: If you're MAKING tea you just... don't add any sugar. Black tea is generally not sweet on its own.

Best answer: You're probably gonna piss a lot, but it's not a bad thing.