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I say True! Milkshakes compliment any meal.

Does Black Tea Have Caffeine?

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Best answer: Practically small items should go on the bottom so they will get chopped first, and create a liquid which will pull the rest downward. Big chunky stuff at the bottom runs the risk of the blades just kicking it up and not actually biting enough into the material to start blending.

My wife has a love for energy drinks, any really but most of the time it’s Monster. She drinks one every day no exaggeration. She is a very very busy woman, so I understand why she might need energy drinks at specifically busy times in her life but everyday seems a bit much to me. I personally never drink them, so... show more

Best answer: Unless you are making it at home, almost all "alternative" milks are super-processed foods. I have been looking into them recently, but the ingredients list kind of grosses me out.

Just imagine starting your day with a delicious frothy "catpusscino", what could be better than that? Cats milk is a rare delicacy enjoyed by discerning connisseurs of the finest things in life. Naturally the price is higher than a cowpuccino because its in much shorter supply. But what if somebody came... show more

Best answer: Diet Coke is gross. Coke Zero is at least tolerable.

Best answer: About every 42 minutes some professor at a state university does a "STUDY" of some food or beverage, writes a press release and gets his/her name in some story on the web. Most of these studies DO NOT survive the tests of a juried journal. Just a flash in the pan and a few mentions on the net. I have been... show more

Best answer: Yes. Our house coffee is French Roast, Starbuck's when it's on sale (I have four 40 ounce bags waiting to be used) or Sam's Club or Costco house brands. Starbuck's is a little more oily than the others, which indicates it was probably roasted at a higher temp. I live in a city where Maxwell House... show more

As in $20 for who can skull the most? There wasn't any coke when I was a kid this is what we used to drink I'll tell them.

Best answer: They can be years old and still ok.

I drank Starbucks coffee this morning and I had diarrhea.My anxiety got worse.I wanted to vomit.I think tonight I might have insomnia.

Best answer: If you said it keeps you awake, then that's how it's gonna play out. If you were like me where you can consume 1000mg of caffeine, literally that much, and not feel the slightest hit, then yeah, you could still fall asleep.

I notice when I visit a relative, we would have a meal that includes a can of Coke or orange juice. Then an hour after the meal, my relative has a cup of coffee. I thought one would be consuming too many mixtures at once doing this. Then on the other hand, my relative seems to do this to chill out and unwind at... show more