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Best answer: Make or buy veggie noodles, like those made with zucchini.

Can you make me a sandwich?

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Safe; Cooking chicken from frozen?

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I bought some fresh chicken legs about a week ago and still had not eaten them by the day they were going out of date, so I put them in the freezer. Is it safe to cook them straight from frozen?

Best answer: Any of the first three are low in both fats and carbs. Beef and ham have more fat. The poultry should be cooked without skin or breading, or accompanied by a side of dressing and gravy.

How to add butter to white rice?

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I usually cook white rice in a bag. I turn the stove burner on and heat the water in the pan til it bubbles, then I put the bag of white rice in pan and let it boil and cook for 10 minutes. Back in high school, I would sometimes go to my grandmother's and she'd cook me white rice mixed with butter, which... show more

Softening butter?

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Please excuse the stupid question, but I am a beginner. Ok, so its the holidays and I have started baking and each recipe requires me to "cream the sugar with softened butter". As far as I understand, this means to combine them but where I live I tend to keep the house on the cool side so leaving the... show more

Best answer: Scones

Best answer: Cherry pie filling rolled up inside, with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate on top.

Making a whole roast chicken. Going to chop up some fresh parsley, sage and basil and mix with a bit of olive oil and shove it under the skin with some butter. Then rib the top of the chicken with a spice blend, paprika garlic powder cayenne pepper. Then stuff the cavity with onion and lemon? Sound good or too much... show more

Somebody stuck one into a snowman down the street. It is just going to waste and I really need one?

I am making pheasant with apple and french fries and croquettes, some salad

Are raspberries tasty?

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