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I have always peeled the potatos the traditional way with a sharp knife and go round and round and remove the peel in one long strand. It has come to my attention that there are some inventions and devices available for peeling potatos, have you heard about this? Is it real or gimmick? Does autopeel really work? Is... show more

Best answer: I like fritatta, a crustless quiche. I typically par cook or cook vegetables before assembling the fritatta. They are super forgiving. You can do a themed fritatta, like a mexican one, with veges, peppers, onions and garlic, plus cheese of course. You can even sprinkle corn chips over the top. Or italian. One... show more

Best answer: sure you can. use a slightly larger pot because the soda will bubble up as it boils. Rather odd choice for the liquid for ramen noodles Might be nice if you like a sweet/salty taste might want to add some pepper flakes to get a bit of hot/sweet/salty

What causes stove top fires?

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I'm fairly new to cooking and I keep getting paranoid that I'm going to cause a grease fire. It hasn't happened (I've already made a few things and they came out pretty well). What are ways to ensure that a grease fire doesn't happen?

Best answer: Excellent on burgers. Nacho chips on sandwiches...

How can i make potato tasty?

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Best answer: Wow. So many rude answers. Yes, you'll need to keep the fryer on all day at the full temperature. Once it's hot, it won't take as much energy as you think to keep it hot. Good luck with your business!

And what is best way to cook it on the stove top - Mine end up coming out dry, tuff and overdone. thanks :)

like, would i die instantly?? what would happen to me? (assuming i could somehow fit in a microwave)

I'm really tired of bread. Useless carbs, easily moldified, and overall just a sad waste of money. Are there any other things I can use to make a tastier sandwich while still not getting my hands slimy from the meat or sticky from the various sauces?

Best answer: I don't use anything but vanilla because I like the flavor of the fruits but I have had cherry pie with a touch of almond flavor which is very nice too.

whites are set on the bottom, you crack the yolks on top and spread the yolk juice all around the top. Put a lid on the pan, so the steam cooks the tops of the eggs. You don't flip the eggs over. And then let the top yolks and whites set on top until done. It is a combination of fried, scrambled and hard... show more