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I opened a tuna can and threw the water out and put the tuna in a plate and stored it in the refrigerator. How long does it last for so i can eat it?

....and do they have to be a specific size in order to stay put on the skewer?

I love cashew nuts, but just couldn t afford to buy them all the time...

How do you keep pasta from clumping?

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Can you freeze milk?

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Best answer: Sure, but it won't be very good because the outside will get super-tough and done before the inside gets completely cooked. Also, if you fail to poke holes in the casing, you may get them exploding all over the inside of your microwave. Still, it's possible, just not recommendable.

I forgot about the last piece of chicken. 2 months later it was still there. Is it safe to grill food on the grill?

Best answer: AND she's back, asking nonsense questions like this with random lists of foods that don't have anything to do with junk food..

They store said the read-out, customers can see was broken? The smoked fish was listed at $14.29 per pound, the pay label showed, .530 and the amount was charged was $7.57. So is .530, just over a half pound? Why wouldn't it be 8.30 ounces, to be just over a half pound?

Bought the wrong size ... How do I cut it to shape? Using scissors shatters it. Thank you. 😉

I work in a nursing home and am sick of making the same soups. I usually only do mix veg, tomato, parsnip and broccoli and cheddar. Most of our veg comes in frozen. We have frozen broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and parsnips. We have fresh carrots, potatoes, swead, celery, leek and onions. We also have tins of mushy... show more

Best answer: Mashed potatoes to soak up the juice and green beans (you don't need corn - a second carb).

I have a bunch of cut up pieces of beef for beef stew. What else can be made out of these? Can I just cook them up in a pan and add some veggies alongside them or is it not ideal for that kind of thing? Thanks.

Best answer: The dark green upper part is a lot less tender than the pale green lower part, but no way it's not good to eat! I might not want to eat them raw, but they are delicious cut up and cooks. I use them in soups and stir fry dishes, or chop them fine and mix them with the meat for hamburgers or meat loaf. If nothing... show more

Best answer: Fat, smoke and curing agents (nitrite) along with salt hype the flavor of cured meats. It's not a bad thing if you watch the fat intake.