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How to eat good when can't cook?

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me & my boyfriend don't know how to cook .

What to do with green bell peppers?

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Can you bake canned veggies?

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Can you make jell-o in a cake pan?

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Can you cook?

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What does beet juice taste like?

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Best answer: I think steak calls for potatoes on one form or another. I tend to like the basic baked potato, but home fries, thick cut French fries, or oven roasted new potatoes would work, too. For vegies, I'd pick sautéed mushrooms and onions and a salad.

What goes well with pork chops?

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Best answer: Sour cream peach pie.

My grandma cooked some chicken and it's pink on the inside, I have a hard time trusting my grandmothers cooking these days with steak having a lot of redness or blood, but I had to choose between a piece of chicken with blood or pinkness. Is it okay for chicken to be pink on the inside? What do I do I don't... show more

Do mother cook better or fathers?

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Best answer: Depends on the food and how it's cooked for me

It was never served that way before. Yuck!!!

Best answer: Home made tomato soup, better than any you will ever buy in the store. Pour one 46 oz can of tomato juice in a pan. Heat till hot, almost boiling but not boiling Turn heat off and stir in a teaspoon of baking soda and stir till it quits foaming Then stir in 14 oz of milk Then heat it to your liking, add... show more

I have almost all of the ingredients for snickerdoodles but I don't have vanilla extract

How to make chicken soup?

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What is 3/4 tbsp doubled?

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