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Do you believe in cheese-less pizza?

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Do Brazilians drink water?

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Is Beef stew without red wine still good?

18 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 20 hours ago
I’ve never cooked beef stew before but I want to try. A lot of recipes I’ve looked up have red wine and I’m a bit unsure about using it. Neither me or my family drinks so I’m worried adding wine will ruin the whole dish together. However a lot of recipes recommend using it since it gives the stew a deeper flavor... show more

Would you go to Kenya with Obama to try fire-roasted dog?

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Best answer: What

Best answer: I would serve the olives on the side, if you cook them in the soup they will just make it all salty.

Vegans, what are your favourite tofu marinades?

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Best answer: Go with the roast, potatoes and beans.

Will frozen pizzas go bad in the fridge?

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Best answer: Depends how long you will keep them there. Overnight should be OK.

I'm omnivorous.

Best answer: Unless you have a soy and/or gluten sensitivity/allergy or Celiac's disease, there is no reason to avoid soy or gluten. All the bad stuff you have read or heard about soy and gluten being bad for you is mostly from people (not doctors) who misunderstand the concept. Soy is very good for you. Some people have... show more

Why is it you can buy certain hours til late except sunday evening? Plz do explain other than the autistic kid who said "because they voted that, and that's the law"

Can you eat duck raw?

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What can you tell me about tangerines?

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Are they a real fruit or made up? Are they the same thing as mandarins? What about the juice - does it taste good?

What goes well with avacado?

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How do i reheat a previously grilled hot dog?

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How long do you cook turkey burgers in the oven?

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Can someone give me some "hardy" breakfast ideas for a crowd?

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Best answer: Make an easy, cheap breakfast casserole! get 2 or 3 foil lasagna pans and spray them well with cooking spray. Now dice 8 potatoes, 2 onions 2 bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, and mince 20 cloves of garlic. bake 1 pound of bacon slices laid out or cook the bacon slices in a pan. Cook off a pound of breakfast sausage.... show more