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Are eggs meat?

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It has to be since you’re eating an embryo of a baby chicken.

Apples on pizza...yes or no?

40 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 2 days ago
I know it sounds risky and unconventional but....I wonder? Could it just be possible that thin slices of apple on a pizza may be the worlds best kept secret? Would the apple need to be cooked before going into the oven or would 10 minutes at high heat be enough? What kind of topping would be best to accompany said... show more

Why do people buy chicken thighs more than chicken breasts?

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Do you get drunk much?

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How many days will a BBQ chicken last in the fridge?

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Does chicken count as processed meat?

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I m trying to cut back on processed meats and I ve read that processed meat includes stuff like hot dogs, salami, bacon, beef jerky, pepperoni, sausages, and canned meats. But I m wondering if any forms of chicken count as processed meat. I ve read on some places that poultry doesn t count as processed meat, but... show more

What's better Candy or Chocolate?

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Is it safe to put Graham cracker in brownie mix?

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Have you ever smoked 4 cigarettes at the same time?

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Best answer: biddy.... the egg was fertile and had begun to develop already so that the baby chick's blood was forming inside the egg, never eat an egg with a spot of blood. this doesn't happen very often but when it does / throw it out / and if you have already added it to your mix , throw all ingredients out and start... show more

Best answer: Buy ready-made food at the grocery store, like sandwiches, etc.

Is canned soup good for you?

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What's your signature dish?

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What are the main ingredients in Beer?

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Can you pour milk over popcorn and eat it as breakfast cereal?

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How do I strain pasta without a strainer?

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I have all this pasta that needs straining but no strainer, can I use my shirt or is that gross?

What does 4.5 tablespoons mean ?

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What's better : steak or chicken fajitas?

18 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
Best answer: Steak is a treat for us, so I prefer to have it as a steak with just salt and pepper. So chicken makes a better fajita (chicken meat needs some extra seasoning anyway).