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Do you remember the 2000s?

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Do i have very beautifull eyes...?

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Do tacos need sour cream ?

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Best answer: well i was just a little kid but it looked to me that people don't really know how to make the "great societies" they pretend to know all about. they all end up dysfunctional and eventually collapse. the only thing they really know how to do is expand into new territory, and there's none left... show more

Do some actors stop acting?

9 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Some actors said they are tired of traveling. They don't want to work in Canada or other place in the USA. They want to stay in California or New York with their family while working on the movie set. Canada is trying to get Hollywood filmmakers to film in their area with million dollars tax break deal.

Best answer: Define "best". If the person is a computer engineer, then the "best" job for them would be something having to do with computer science... but if they applied at lots of different places with the sort of job for which they are qualified and have not been hired, then *anything* may be better... show more

I’m 25 and I only drink beer when I’m happy or have something to Celebrate but when I’m depressed I can’t drink at all..overal is this bad?? I haven’t touched a beer in 2 weeks that’s because I been going through a lot

Best answer: It does. Canada is home to several film studios centers, primarily located in its three largest metropolitan centers: Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Are you worried about the future?

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Best answer: Yes.

Best answer: He collects hearts as if they were cards

What age did you get your masters?

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Best answer: got masters at 48 and PhD at 55

when you watch porn, you aren't watching real people. most women in real life make slithers of feces on the sheets.