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Best answer: I'd to be a Black teacher, standing there holding a smoking gun, when the cops respond to a shooting going on at the school. A black man holding a gun, would be gunned down in seconds.

My test is due by midnight Sunday. I emailed my professor and asked if she ment 11:59 Saturday or 11:59 Sunday and she emailed me back saying by midnight Sunday. WTF! Why must professors be so difficult? I work all day tomorrow so I guess I will do it when I get off Sunday.

How to get revenge on a teacher?

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I am currently in community college and I have a teacher that no matter how much I beg and plead with him will not give me my grade. I don’t know what to do. Please help!

They should not be allowed to teach anything and should be in prison.

We're a group of four and everybody else in my group except for me is a guy. All of them are extremely sexist towards me to the point where they won't let me contribute any ideas just because I'm a girl. We're sixteen years old for christ's sake. I talked to my teacher in private about it and... show more

My teacher is lazy, what can I do?

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We got our maths+science teacher a few weeks ago and honestly, all I can say is she sucks. She never teaches, and when she does teach, it’s on the easiest topics ever. When it gets too hard for her, she gets the students to teach. After a few minutes of teacher(5 mins max), she gets us to go on our textbooks and do... show more

So I walk to school every day and lately there's been this kid who walks, except she goes to a different school. She started making fun of me, pushing me, etc. for the past few weeks and today I wasn't in the mood to deal with her so I pushed her back and we got in a fight. It went on for a bit until one of... show more

My math teacher hates me?

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Have you ever been in a class and you’re talking, but everyone else is talking and the teacher just decides to start screaming at you even though you’ve legitimately not done anything differently to anyone else. This teacher I hate started ranting at me about my behaviour today even though I i don’t do anything to... show more

I’m a new teacher and new to the field. Ive been teaching for a year now, but have never experienced or interacted with a preschooler that is so defiant before. He’s 4and a half. He has older brothers in the family so he has learned a lot from them. That includes cussing, hitting, nd just not listening to other... show more

Best answer: Kids are attractive, I guess.

I'm taking my second science class with this professor and he is really making it roo diffecult for us. i do well in all my classes in general. i always get an A or a B. the syllabus for the class is 15 pages. we take an online quiz and an in class assignment every week and yet i can't figure out why he... show more

I was in class and my teacher said “when I come” out of nowhere, just those three words.

I’m failing math.?

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Have problems with teacher because he makes me feel uncomfortable, therefore don’t want to go to class. My school won’t help me do anything about it. Such as switch teachers, etc. What do I do?


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Best answer: Going by what you wrote there and how you wrote it I think your teacher must be joking. Or insane.

Best answer: Lots of times, with and without Mom's permission. One of the few times I ditched class my dean caught me. He showed up in one of my later classes and chewed me out in front of everyone. Mom was good for calling us in, especially for going to the St. Patrick's Day parade (it's a big deal in Chicago)... show more