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I’m in Year 11 and leaving my school. I want to get both my head of year and another teacher (who has been very supportive) a Thankyou present but I don’t know what. They are both male, one is a PE teacher and the other a Physics teacher. Anyone got any suggestions on what I could get them

Walked out of class. What now?

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Best answer: You will face your teacher again. Big deal. The teacher didn't handle the situation in class quickly enough, that's on him. If the teacher wants to talk to you about the situation he should do so in private, not in front of the class. But he'll probably just ignore it.

The teachers are at school all day with the kids and they watch the kids interact with each other. It's the teacher's responsibility to pick up on social/behavior problems.

I am going to start a teaching certificate program soon and I am fretful about reciting lesson plans. How do you recite your lesson plans? Do you commit each lesson plan them to memory before reciting it to our students? Does this mean teachers memorize a lesson plan a day - this seems quite tedious. Please help!

Best answer: I dont believe so. You might get your name listed.

I help out at my old elementary school and I’m going to be a teachers aide. I love children. This teacher is a substitute and he’s very friendly and he’s cute. He smiles at me. He’s 24 and I’m still 17 but I’ll be 18 June 1st. Would I be allowed to give him my number ? I’m asking here because I don’t wanna ask... show more

I need your opinion?

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So far I'm my life I have always wanted to be a chemist and work in a lab. I am very fond of science and math. I recently met a math teacher and we will just call him Mr.J. To me he never really seemed like a teacher, but a friend he taught me math, but also life lessons. He has inspired me to become a teacher... show more

How to spite band teacher?

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I am a band student n my senior year of highschool. An award is given out by the teacher to the best, most dedicated, and loyal band student. Its called the John Philip Sousa award. He insists on only giving it to seniors but instead of choosing me or my friend he choose the one who switched to a different... show more

Best answer: i have been talking to my favorite teacher about being stressed, and honestly she’s been more helpful than my school counselor. maybe u should tell her that u feel more comfortable talking to her and that she’s been more helpful. i mean yeah a teachers job isn’t to be a counselor, but there job is to help students... show more

Is this dumb for my teacher to do?

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My history teacher makes it basically an “assignment” to bring in our book for the days we need it and if we bring it in, it’s a 10/10 points but if we don’t its a 0. Is that stupid to give points for and to loose points just because you forget your book

Best answer: All history courses are nothing BUT cherry picking for an agenda. Even the word "history" is quite telling. His. Story.

I just got my grade back for a Spanish test and I got a 76 on it. I studied as much as I could but my teacher didn’t provide any resources so I had to go looking on my own. Also, he doesn’t even really teach us in class. He spends half of the class just getting himself organized and not actually teaching. I talked... show more