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Non social entry level jobs?

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I have social anxiety but I'm about to go into college so I need a job, are there any low level jobs that don't require a ton of talking to people?

Also I have a learning disability and this is my first time moving out what advice would you give me advice on bills doing grocery shopping

I have 6 year old twin daughters, one of which is autistic, delayed and very small. My girls started school last year in the same class. My autistic daughter has really struggled both in class and in the playground. She can't seem to make any friends and the other kids aren't particularly nice to her. The... show more

..but later on, realise how stupid this was and kick myself (not often things this stupid). But, in general, Im a fairly intelligent individual who is quick to understand most things, even the deep stuff. Do you think the asked could be due to dyspraxia? Serious answers apprecited if you know much about the... show more

Best answer: People have an image of autistic children doing the hand flapping, erratic movements, head banging, etc. You've found strategies that work in making you not as obvious. I don't know what the solution is, except that if you're with people who know you, you can explain to them things like not wanting to... show more

Is there a test I can take or do I have to go somewhere to get tested? How can I know cause I feel like I have a learning problem of some kind

I'm a girl and I'm a senior in high school. I wish I didn't have aspergers 100 times a day. I really want a prom date WITHOUT aspergers. I have like no neurotypical friends yet I'm in a class with 30 kids. I have a couple of friends that are girls with aspergers. Only one of them wants to go to prom... show more

Best answer: Wow the person who says "the challenge of convincing people that is a thing"- That IS an additional burden you will have to bear from the ignorant as I have had to. I have this disability, and where I live no one's ever heard of it, and I never had a formal diagnosis of it, except when I was 7 they... show more

Best answer: They feel every emotion. They just have some trouble with speaking outloud to show their emotions but many have typed out their emotions and oddly some autistic people can write drastically better than they can speak aloud. The name has been changed to Autistic Spectrum Disorder to emphasise how drastically... show more

I just recently decided I want to become an ASL interpreter. I’m graduating high school this year & I didn’t take any asl classes. Would I be able to go to a community college to learn asl then become an interpreter? Or would I have had to take the classes in high school

Best answer: practice. read short sections and practice remembering start by reading 1 paragraph, then write down one sentence about it. when you get good at that, read 1 paragraph and write down 2 things, then 3. when you get good at that, read a page/few paragraphs and do the same thing. pick things that are easy to... show more

The immune system is responsible to get rid of cells when they go rogue, destroying is making this worse if you do the maths. Ok maybe the immune system goes retarded and don’t get rid or can’t even detect cancer cells, killing the cells with cancer causing treatments will work but will cause cancer as well. Ok... show more

Best answer: Tics often get worse with stress and anxiety. Try some meditation before school and before certain classes to see if that helps. Meds are generally the best bet to help with tics (Tourette's is often comorbid with ADHD or OCD and I've heard that those meds can often help with the tics as well), but some... show more

Best answer: Good news, bad news. You probably don't have dyslexia. But you do have problems. Talk with your parents AND your teachers. Tell them you are having problems. Ask for help. Get help now or pay for it later with even more difficulty learning.

My son has williams syndrome, he stays up all night and does not go to bed until about 2 am. This is not good for multiple reasons. We have tried putting him on a sleeping schedule yet it does not work. Now that he is able to vocalize more. He makes more noise and is loud. Is there anything we can give him to... show more

Is having aspergers a disability?

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Best answer: By definition it is a high functioning side of the spectrum. Bill Gates has it, if that's not inspiration. I've heard people describe how they can tell you every detail of something super technical but can't hold a conversation. Compared to autism proper in which they can't speak at all or spend the... show more