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Don't be a doormat?

5 answers · 18 hours ago
I was told to be nice to everyone and but don't let people talk badly to me or disrespect me I was told to always make eye contact too

Best answer: It would follow that the lower the total in those needing care/attention. The more care/attention the individual would get. Not always true however, sometimes the one needing the most care is the one who gets the least. They can't/won't advocate for themselves in some cases. While in other families the... show more

I've tried counseling, punishment, reasoning, and even bribery; nothing works. The next step is medicine but does that even help autistic brains?

Disruptive and has been mainstreamed all along? He is in 7th grade now. Why not try letting the parents pay for tutoring or accommodations like extra time first?

Do autistic people have friends?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: i think they do but nnaybe not as nnany as other people, it probably depends on the person since everyone is different

Best answer: As others have said, what your parents understand or do not understand does not matter. You are an adult. Do you have ADHD? Nobody here knows. It is an over diagnosed condition. But one thing is certain, it continues to exist in the gene pool because it is beneficial in some occupations. For example, most... show more

504 plan request?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago
I want to get a 504 plan but my school wants to have a meeting with my teachers, a counsler, the principal, me, and my parent. I just feel like that is so exessive and awkward. long story short i dont wnt my teachers to be there, i dont want them to view me as dffrent. Is it legal/acceptable to request my teachers... show more

Are men the aggressors?

5 answers · 1 month ago
Is it true men are the aggressors when pursuiting women Are animals the same

Best answer: The 21st century

Best answer: The people born in the final year of the 20th century (1999) are turning 19 this year, how is that in anyway shape, form, etc. considered “old”? You are stupid

Best answer: writing from the end to the beginning will usually solve that problem

I've contacted Insittutional Abuse, and Corporate Headquarters, but when they come ut everyone is on their best behavior. Most of the time the aides sit with their backs to their students, playing on their cells phones with the creepy principal. They are left sitting in dirty diapers and ignored. In one... show more