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Best answer: Other than Fastweb, you might try - however it can be really rough. Your guidance counselor might be able to help. Your best bet if you really don't have the money and don't qualify for merit aid from the college... show more

Ok so...I spent the past year working my butt off to be accepted into my dream college, the University of Minnesota. I got in! But now my parents refuse to help me pay for it. They flat out refused to fill out the FAFSA application and they also refused to co-sign for student loans. I’ve gotten a few scholarships,... show more

Forced to go to catholic school?

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Before I went to this high school I got a scholarship which takes almost all the money off the cost of going there, but now I’ve changed my mind, in fact I hate catholic school. I believe it was a mistake and I’d rather go to public school which I asked before the next year started and my mom said no that I have to... show more

Best answer: Every scholarship is different, and the terms are set by the donor. There are some that are open to juniors, but the majority are for high school seniors who will be attending college the fall following graduation. However, you are smart to start looking now because it takes time to research, gather materials... show more

College grants?

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I m sorry if I sound uneducated throughout this, I have no interest in college at all but I m open to going to it. To my understanding, you can get into college cheaper for being Latino, having divorced parents, being poor, which I am all of these three. I currently live in Pennsylvania but plan on moving to... show more

Best answer: Yes, if you are a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. In most cases, a child born in the U.S. would be a U.S. citizen and would be eligible unless there was some other issue beside citizenship. The citizenship status of the parents does not matter. However, even though the parents are not citizens, their... show more

I enrolled in an university for 1 semester and my tuition came out to $3,800; however, I won a scholarship that covered the amount exactly. (I didnt get a refund nor did I have to pay out of pocket.) I got the form for the first time and all the boxes are blank except the scholarship/grant box that says $3,800. ... show more

I recently was accepted into the university UNCW that has a normal tuition rate of $7,000 per semester or around $14-15k per year. I will be going in as a sophomore after getting my A.A. degree from a community college a couple miles away. I filed my FAFSA and was recently sent an email that reads: "2019-2020... show more

i was asked to send my tax return transcripts but i never worked or filed for tax. what should i do???

Best answer: No. Colleges don't have districts. . how much money GPU get foes not affect whether you are in state or out of state. How much you you charged DOES make a BIG difference in how much tuition you are charged.

I have a pale grant, so my whole college is paid for. I need a vehicle but wont be able to afford one for a while. I want to take out a loan, but I'm scared that for some reason, I'll be in debt from college. Ive been told that dental hygiene students usually have a large debt, but I was wondering if that... show more