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They say college-majors such as basket-weaving will only lead you to dead-end jobs. But so do ones in business, biology, chemistry, physics, teaching, foreign-languages, even accounting is going out the window - at least here in California. Only engineering, math, computers and medical-studies grant a... show more

Do grades define your intelligence?

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Best answer: I did them. I had no issues. My daughter was unsure so we joined Toastmasters Club and they taught her at very low cost how to speak in public without fear. Now she has spoken to crowds of thousands. Most colleges have a toastmasters club. Join it.

I got a letter. Stating I’m eligible for joining because my GPA is 3.0 or higher is it why it’s made out to how it’s talked about and it’s greatness of college looking at it

So I plan on moving out at 18 and possibly taking a gap year if I end up going to a college or university out of CA. I want to be a nurse and I understand that it is going to be incredibly hard to live alone and go to college and med school. I already have a few thousands in savings and I plan on taking up a job... show more

Sorry my english.

Best answer: If you're intending to remain in Europe, study in Europe. I assume you're fluent in German? And have citizenship of a European country, so you will be able to remain post-study and work?

Hi everyone. So I'm a junior in high school (almost a senior) and I'm still confused for my decision for college/university. I have maintained a 3.9-4.1 g.p.a. throughout high school. I'm still yet undecided about my future and job, somewhere in the medical or biology field though. Probably more than... show more

Eating meals in my dorm suite?

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I’m a college student. My dorm is suite style with individual bedrooms and a shared area with a table. I frequently order food to be delivered to me. I’m not keen on eating at the table in our shared area because I feel obliged to share my tortilla chips, McDonalds French fries, etc so I offered my roommate one... show more

Can your professor be your Tutor?

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I have my GED. Is my future ruined?

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I go to a junior college and have realized I don’t have what it takes to get a 4 year degree. I’m better off just going for a 2 year degree or an associates, but I’m worried I’ll regret my decision. I’m also worried I’ve permanently ruined my future.

I was thinking of dorming because the career path I've chosen is going to require me to dorm. I wanted to know how many of the muslim students find halal food or even in ramadan how are they able to find food at 3am. I want to know all the details before I actually dorm. And what if you dorm with a non-muslim.... show more

Best answer: <QUOTE>Will I have To Go To A University Outside Of Scotland?</QUOTE> Strictly speaking, no. However, you have everything to gain from following your academic curriculum in more than one university. In fact, it's more often then norm than the exception. <QUOTE>if I wanted to get recognised... show more