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He just graduated high school and is focusing on getting a full time job. We had this discussion before, but he's saying that he wants to save up as much as possible and then move out before going to college, as he is concerned about the tuition and doesn't know what he wants to do yet. I'm so upset!... show more

Along with economics and law. Liberal arts defines the traditional college curruculi that have existed since the medieval ages. These include the social and physical sciences, mathematics, literature, and philosophy. These were called liberal arts because they were considered necessary arts to master for a... show more

Best answer: Find another career path. Cubicle dwellers are a dime a dozen. Trades people can have lucrative careers before they hit 25 years old.

Is 21 too old to start college?

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I was planning to get an associates in science at my community college to align my major at the four year university I’m going to transfer to but I struggle a lot in math and science courses. Right now I’m taking a pre req math course in my first semester and no science class yet. Since I struggle so much in math... show more

I'm in my second year in college and I have this professor who is insisting that I have to use my legal name instead of the name that I go by on all of my class papers or essays as they are legal documents. Does anyone know if this is correct? Thank you in advance.

Is a 2.8 GPA bad?

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Best answer: No. A 2.8 GPS is psis not bad . It's passing. If you were a graduate student, it would be bad. you might be put on academic probation. For an undergraduate, A 2.8 GPA means you are in good academic standing. ANYONE who retakes a class they got C or higher is an ... show more

Am I a bad person if I do this?

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I’ve been working with my scientific mentor since may 2014, when I was an undergraduate. He is relocating to New York in january and wants me to go with him. (We work in MA). I helped him in his final 3 years of his PhD (doing most experiments) while he “trained” me and I got a few publications. I told him in... show more

What should I study in university?

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I m simply confused and just don t know what I should study and so I was wondering if there is a way to help me decide what I should study in university.

I got a BS degree in health information management mainly because I thought it would secure an admin job in the medical fields which has proven to be false. After graduating I accepted a sales job for the pay and got laid off 6 months in. What sucks the most is now I can’t afford my lease.I STILL do not know what... show more

I hate college.?

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I am in my freshman year of college and it still sucks. I have joined multiple clubs, leave my dorm room door open, been social...so if anyone anser this with try harder just go away because I have been the perfect freshman with trying to enjoy myself. Honestly the campus is nice and my classes are going well but... show more

I'm in College, and Winter is here. Riding a bike is too dangerous with the snow and ice on the road, so I'm left with two options. My school is 2.4 miles away, and according to google maps, it take 48 minutes to walk. So my question is: Do I walk for ~2 Hours a day for 57 days, or spend ~$800 on taxi? Is... show more

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I will graduate from a community college in spring 2018 and I have been applying to universities. Should shy and introverted people attend large universities or small/private ones?

I am squeemish so nothing with blood...

I've always wondered that. Like, what happens to the 2.5 GPA students when they graduate?