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Pretend to go to college?

51 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am 14, and I will be a singer when I grow up. I told my parents but they don't believe in me and said I have to go to college when I graduate high school. They want me to be a doctor so that's what I tell everyone I will be when I grow up but in reality, I WILL be a singer and I don't need/want to... show more

Best answer: Statistically people who do not get a college degree do not make as much money.

How many colleges did you apply to?

24 answers · 1 week ago

I am early 30's guy who finally has the ability to go a 4 year college (recently finished my last requirement for UC/CSU). I currently live with my dad, who means well but is a hoarder and our house has mice running around it and mice running outside. It's dirty and it has neglect. I have a good job and a... show more

Over the past year i got in to an excellent music school located near London and to study there I had to move. i have recently moved in to halls which permits 16+. i was really excited to move but now ive been here about two weeks and i honestly dont know what it is but ive found im now crying at night time, i kind... show more

I want to dropout of college?

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I've never been a school kind of person. I struggled through grade school and barely graduated. I have absolutely no major in mind, I am doing mindless gen ed requirements and I F**KING CANT STAND IT ANYMORE. I hate school with a goddamn burning passion. I told my parents i was burned out after HS and wanted to... show more

Is medical school right for me?

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I'm a sophmore in college and I have no real passions. I'm no good at writing and it's honestly my least favorite subject. I enjoy the arts, but I’m no pro. I don't have the personality of a business man. I've never really enjoyed mathematics, although, I’m good at it. That leaves me with the... show more

In December, I graduated with my bachelors in chemistry and I decided at the last minute that I like to do research and more with analytical chemistry. I started filling out apps and asking professors and a former employers for letters of rec. I started noticing that my research professor would give me less and... show more

Best answer: No over night guests-male or female Food trash out every day No sharing of food, items or clothes (if you don’t want to share) Common areas of the dorm room must stay clean. (I realize this may not be much) The dorm room is for studying. If one of you wants to party do it elsewhere. Use earphones for... show more

Hello, I am wondering if college admissions take jobs into account. Starting at 15, I had to work to help my parents pay our bills. I worked after school to around 8 pm each day, and on weekends. Because of this, I was unable to participate in extracurriculars and sports, and I have few volunteer hours. I am... show more

I especially am interested in ecology and conservation, so I was thinking about double majoring or major/minoring in bio and environmental science, but are there a lot of jobs in this kind of field? I would love to go to grad school and do field research, but is there a high demand for this? I want to help the... show more

Best answer: The difference between your last year in high school and first year in university could be only 1 year so no, people aren't going to magically change. Just ignore him, part of his "fun" is your reaction. No reaction,he'll get bored trying to get a rise out of you like any bully.

I miss my family and my home so much. I was so excited to come to college before I got here, and now all I want to do is not be here. Every day I either cry or want to cry. Being almost a month in, everyone seems to not feel the same way I do. Any tips/thoughts/ideas?