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Not colleges or community colleges . Only universities . I’m going to be a senior this year and have to apply . My SAT scores are 920 ( pretty bad) but I am schedule to take it again and also I’m going to take the SAT Subject . My gpa is 93 which I think is 3.6-3.8 not sure . I’m trying to raise it . I been in the... show more

You typically expect to transfer in 2-3 years. However, I had to take all of these classes: Public Speaking, Philosophy, Psychology, Poetry, Critical Thinking, Humanities, World History, Cultural Geography, Language 1 & 2, PE, Government, English (2 quarters). PreCalc (1 year), Intro to Chem (1 quarter),... show more

For me, I went to CC and now have some debt but not much. I should be able to pah it off in 2 years. Also, why would someone go to an expensive school and earn a degree that will not enable to get them a decent job to pay off the debt? Why wouldn't they just go to community college and work to pay for it?

Best answer: To educate the public so we can avoid electing another ignorant Muppet as president. As well, where do you think you learned the skills in order to even ask this question? Nobody has to go to college or Uni, there are other career paths. The U.S. school system is terrible in comparison to other first world... show more

Best answer: You can certainly apply. It will depend on how many other candidates apply for that course and their marks in general. Don't let it put you off. UK

Should i go to college far away?

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So I'm going to be a senior in high school, and our college applications are due in just a few months, but I can't decide how far I want to go. I used to always say I wanted to get out of the south (i live in texas) but now that the time is actually coming to apply I don't know that I would be able to... show more

Paramedic or web developer?

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Cant decide

I know bachelor degrees and masters/PHds are the best, but how about a university certificate which is similar to a diploma?

College in Europe?

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Hi im 18 and I want to go to college in Europe I have a GPA of 2.97 and I want to go for nutrition any suggestions?

I am looking at a sponsorship scheme and it sponsors for the last two academic years of uni. But i have year 3 then my year in industry then my final year. So does a year in industry count as an academic year