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I don't usually order out, but I just got back from a trip and I have like no food at home, and I'm too lazy to go shopping yet. Theres a really good pizza place that I bought from two days ago, and I was thinking of getting it tomorrow as well. But I'm kind of embarrassed to be ordering from it again,... show more

How do I order at panera bread?

5 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Order at the counter and they bring you the food unless it's baked goods which you get right away. Their menu is online.

Best answer: It's not cost effective. They won't staff the restaurant and add to utilities just to serve up some biscuits and gravy. And as someone else said, alcohol would most likely not be ordered with the meal. (Unless you're me, ha). Fancy places bring in a lot of revenue with drinks. Most folks who eat... show more

This is my first time being a sever and my new restaurant has a 15$ minimum per person in order to sit in. Honestly I've always ordered more than 15$ when I go out to eat so maybe that's why I never noticed. Is it normal? How would you politely let customers know about this policy?

Best answer: You should have asked them to call the police and file a police report on your friend who left. He asked for his own check and left. And you have his name. That's what would havd been done if he left at a table of 1 and that's what still should be done when he knowingly left a table of 2 after asking for a... show more

Best answer: So it’s easier for the lazy workers

Best answer: Definitely the food. That's often the case anyway, since restaurants with great food tend to be crowded, and therefore noisy.

Is it okay to order two entrees?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
I’m a big eater, won’t deny it. Just curious because sometimes one isn’t enough for me

more details the better.

I can’t understand why food places that deliver or places that deliver pizza can’t be 24 hour delivery where they offer 24/7 service? Are people that lazy to want to work a different shift? What if someone gets hungry and starves at night where they want to eat something where a restaurant should be open or should... show more

Can I eat at Shoney’s by myself?

4 answers · 1 month ago
I’m someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends nor anyone to interact with. I do like to eat at Shoney’s every now and then. And I was wondering if Shoney’s allows people to eat there alone or do they make you bring someone else?

I was taught as a child to always clean your plate. I recently ate out, which I don't do very often, with a friend. Naturally, I finished everything that was served. When we were back in the car, my friend said that it embarrassed her to see me virtually lick the plate clean and added that it is... show more

Best answer: put it outside the door in the hall, then they will take it

Best answer: Sichuan Hot Pot ( Steam Boat Style ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw_tJOwZmac