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Do you eat dogs?

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Christians What is the greatest miracle you have ever saw?

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Who's the real racist a cop who might use racial slurs from time to time because of what they have to deal with , but shows up in minority neighborhoods every day risking their lives protecting them from each other, or a white person who's never said anything racist, but has never done anything to help poor... show more

Best answer: Belief in silly superstitions should be punished but that's simply not going to happen in this country.

Is Subway a good place to eat?

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Best answer: It gave a huge boost to European rail travel

Best answer: You can not award yourself (same account) the best answer. You can answer the question but after that question been posted for at least an hour no best answer bar will show under your name. You would need to cheat and have two accounts to ask and answer to do that. If you have more than one account the accounts... show more

Some assume that they’re “problem children”, most likely to become a parent’s worst nightmare rather than a well-raised, good person. That’s especially if they are the only adoptee in the family. Most adoptive parents that I’ve met have infinity amounts of love for them. Unless the child was in foster care, most of... show more

Best answer: Sadly, Christians come from Earth.

I'm starting as a server at a restaurant.?

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I need help to comfortably talk to my tables and make my day feel less nerve wrecking.

Best answer: vanilla syrup that was not mixed well.

Need help deciding how to quit my job at kfc?

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Im a student and after school I go straight to KFC where I always leave past 11:00 pm and that just feels to hard for me. I want to quit my KFC career but my family is telling me to put in my two weeks in because if I just quit they say it will go on my record. But the problem is that I just can do anymore of... show more

A lot servers won't give you your change if it's less then five dollars, you have to track them down to get it, That's annoying

Poor trump is losing everybody, nobody wants to work with or for him. He can keep hiring and firing but weak people like trump will never be a leader or keep a team running successfully

What do you do in this situation?

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Best answer: Move to a location that is not over-run by foreigners. My home town is the same way, but 15 miles away it is a different population completely.

Did I do the wrong thing?

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Best answer: You did the right thing. Actually, you should keep the doors locked anytime you are in your car. That way even at a traffic light, no one can pull open your door.

Any thot exterminators?

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A lot of basic white girls at my school and they need. To die? Not to long ago o found out my teacher had a big black stainless steel Starbucks cup. The disease is spreading out of control and I need help, I will pay $2000 for anyone who destroys the white girls