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What's your strategy when you eat at a buffet?

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Best answer: Don't forget their brain-child Tomi was sprinkled with water, she still has not gotten over it. A bi-product of Alex Jones 4th of July stunt was the Twitter #SecondCivilWar letters, they were hysterical. Click on the link for some samples.

Sue macdonalds?

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I'd like to sue macdonalds for placing ketchup on my cheese burger all the time by default. They also add pickles which im alergic to. What are my chances of winning?

Why are answers of Elizabeth the magnificent like verbal diarrhea?

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Best answer: Softly, may her verbal offerings flow Neither impudently fast, nor cohesively slow.

Different and unqiue ways to spell Audrey?

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Best answer: Thanks for the giggles.

There are more atheists or religious here?

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Best answer: 69% of Americans identify as Christian. This doesn't include Americans who identify as Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Only 3% of Americans identify as atheists. So there are far more religious people here.

At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered, the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only, right?" and informed me that they're closing early due to... show more

So is a trait of a superior race high internal crime and killing of it's own people? Because when you compare country homicide rates, white people kill each other at a much higher rate than Asians do. And when you look at the FBI date inside the USA on race, white Americans also kill people at a much higher... show more

Best answer: She consistently speaks highly of NCWJ. As far as I recall, that's the only one. Unless, as I sometimes suspect, referring to Shadowfire as the Warlock might be an effort at flirting. Oh, I remembered GANGSTER GHOST. She says he is sweet.

Should I go to Chipotle or Qdoba?

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They're the same distance from me

Best answer: It could be, God may give you a better friend than this one or trying to protect you from this person for some reason it could be.

Best answer: IM awake

Why do Democrats hate Putin more than they hated Stalin?

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