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So recently I got my hdmi cord taken away then the other day my mom called me to the living room to ask why the living room tv’s hdmi was unplugged on one end so now she thinks it’s definitely me who did it when it’s not me... I need help because nothing I do convinced her!!

Best answer: you should be scared, i would stop doing that asap, you dont want to spend the rest of your life in jail

I wanted to play a trick on my friend by blasting a speaker I've placed in his room on at max volume during the middle of night. It won't last too long, only thirty seconds max before he figures out how to turn it off. I just wanted to check 1. Could this damage his hearing? (it's a speaker plugged... show more

Best answer: Carrier I think is the most popular.

Best answer: The Bluetooth radio and the noise canceling system both consume battery power. Plugging in the audio cable to bypass Bluetooth still leaves the noise canceling running.

Best answer: ****Nothings wrong with that..... DO IT ALL YOU WANT, LIVE YOUR LIFE BRO****

Problem with juul?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago
So my juul is not working correctly, when i put a pod in the juul doesnt light up but the juul get very hot and when i take out the pod its burns me, the juul also hits during this time but its very hot and burns

I recently purchased a guitar combo set from a website the website www.thomann.de as a gift. After purchasing the set, I was told that the amplifier would not be able to be sent to me because these amplifiers run on a different voltage current. I was informed the voltage is 230 V and 50 Hz. I was told that in order... show more

Best answer: rnaybe you have a ghost in your roorn

My kitten chewed my cord?

13 answers · 1 month ago
How can I fix it and will duck tape work in place of electrical FYI the inside is fine but there’s a hole from her teeth (it was off she’s fine)

Best answer: The recording that you wish to "save" doesn't exist. What you recorded is mere silence. A competent audio technician would have tested the system first, and carefully monitored the recording in progress. That is what the peak meter and headphone jack on the mixer are for.

Best answer: Things malfunction from time to time, the world is far from perfect.

Hi. I am just a little curious about this. Between the 1970's and the 1990's VCRs and CHS were in far more popular use. Last time I ever heard of VCRs and VHS still being used was in the early 2000's. They were still being used around this time when DVRs and DVDs and Blue Ray were introduced. Of... show more