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En mi cuarto yo tenía un foco LED, normal y prendía perfectamente, hoy lo quise cambiar por un foco inteligente y cuando puse el foco inteligente no prendio, al principio pensé que no servía el foco pero lo puse en otro cuarto y ahí sí prendio, así que regrese a intentarlo en mi cuarto y no prendía, así que puse el... show more

They will work fine for awhile then they will start disconnecting, is it because they don't work as well with a galaxy? Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m going to build a power bank, but I’m confused on which mAh battery to order. I understand the basics about mAh and Ah but I’m quite confused about how actual hours translate into mAh’s. If the output Is going to be 5 volts, and I wanted to make my battery last for example, 1 hour, how many amp hours or... show more

How the electronic field works?

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I have an idea to make a semi electronic/ button depending version of something that is already on market in a non electronic way. Please dont ask me what the idea is cause that’s not the reason of this post. But, in general if the end goal of my product is the same as the one on the market but I make a better one... show more

Lets go back to the 1990s. Imagine if you are in the 1990s. If you would come across a foreigner who had a video game system, it would be rendered unplayable due to it being PAL and your tv set being NTSC. This would also happen if a foreigner had a vhs player on hand. Some vinyl records were like that also as... show more

Why don't they make a device like Google home or Amazon echo but that is an eyeball and eye lids on a moving pole that watches you and that follows its eyes on you everywhere you go? It blinks and it talks and it scans you and tells you what it thinks you need like clothing or something like that

Huion Gt-190 help?

13 answers · 3 weeks ago
Everytime I try to install my Huion GT-190 The screen works the tablet comes up and the pen works on the wrong display, when I go to fix this the Huion dialog box doesn’t work?? And it always says that the device isn’t connected. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and I can’t seem to find a solution.

Is a toastr really that hard touse?

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i want to use the toaster to toast som of my cheesesticks but my mom said i cant bcuse its too hard to use. but is a toast that hard to use i think if i put the chiesesticks in there and pushd down on tha handle that it should work? is there anymore that is hould knowbefore trying?

Best answer: rdzlswwn

Best answer: I hope there isn't, and even if there is, you shouldn't do it.

Best answer: Numbers, please. How "short time" will it "dip down" again, and are you using it as a GPS during that time? If you're using it as a GPS (inside the car), the phone runs at pretty much maximum power consumption - screen, CPU and data connection are active, the data connection also has to... show more

Best answer: You can get a voltage inverter that connects to your vehicle's 12-volt system and provides 120 volt AC power. You then plug the charger for the scooter into the inverter, and charge while you drive to your destination. Check the wattage requirements for the charger, and get an inverter that is at least 150%... show more

Best answer: If you need ipad then yes sell it but they are not that good you know I bought one then sold it days later