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Hi need I help??????????

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Best answer: 1- it will be better ... you study radio theory ... electromagnetic theory ... antenna theory .. 2- for building, testing, troubleshooting a radio transmitter you need special instruments .. do you have them? try to find a radio-amateur friend and work with him/her ..for a while ... the higher frequency has its... show more

Best answer: Of course. You are maxing out woofer cone movement. It could well "bottom out" causing damage. If you want deeper and louder bass, you need bigger speakers. Despite advances in electronics and miniaturization in recent decades, no one has been able to defy the laws of physics. For loud, deep bass, you... show more

Best answer: A "digital TV decoder" is an extremely complex device, effectively a Very specialized computer. You would need to obtain a service manual for a specific decoder.

Received it for Christmas. For a week, it worked great. Then I started having issues with it. It would charge my phone for an hour and then it would go from fully charged to a blinking light. Now it's barely lasting 30 minutes. What am I doing wrong? Am I not charging it long enough? Right now 3 lights are... show more

I'm going to order some electronics from US Amazon. They are using standard US plug. I can't buy adapters for some reasons. Pls answer me.

So when I have one switch toggling the LED, it’s really bright but when I toggle both of them they’re both dim so is there a way to fix this?

HELP more pedal board trouble?

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HELP more pedal board trouble. After experimenting with many amps and many pedals i finally came accross the pedal board setup and Amp i was happy with. Id gigged a few times and i liked what i was hearingand recieved good feedback. HOWEVER i decided that my overall board was too small and the pedals seemed too... show more

Bought some cable on ebay, thought it was a good idea. Says 50ohm in the description, and I need a 50ohm feed for the mfj cub I plan on building. I wasn t to sure when receiving it, though. Its thin. Really thin! Only about 3mm diameter. I was expecting around 6mm! On the other hand, it s super flexible... So.... show more

When there is more than one atm at a location, are there separate lines for each atm machine, or is there one single line for all of the atms?


Best answer: Slowly but yes, unfortunately ...

I think the seller is probably taking the pxxx but thought I'd ask anyway as I only think I'm 98 percent chance of being right. The body weight scales came with 2 sealed carbon batteries. The scales told me I weigh around 3 stone less than I do and that my kitten weighs 3 stone(28lb) I've been told... show more

Best answer: You might have got some legos stuck in the bish rull?

I have a power cube ( link below). Lets say i am charging my laptop but no wire is connected to the usb port in the power cube. So does the usb port consume electricity? https://www.ebay.in/itm/253061183324?aff...

Can vapor clouds ruin my speakers?

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I recently bought jbl boombox and i also vape with speaker can this ruin tge boombox?