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Is this legal? I live in California and the landlord told us they had an appraiser coming by to look at the house and he asked us to lie and say that he lives there with us (as if we are not renting). I just want to make sure he doesn’t have us participating in something illegal.

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Hi everyone, I am coming up on the end of my 14-month lease at the apartment complex where I am living. Beginning Jan 4, it will be a month-to-month lease. I advised the rental office that via 30-day notice that I will be vacating the unit. Today, they reached out to me to let me know that there is an issue with... show more

The new landlord gave us keys and we moved in December 1st. Now he is demanding rent for October and November saying we are still responsible for those months since we signed a lease. Today he posted a 3 day notice to pay or quit demanding 2 months rent and late fees. I don't want him to file an eviction... show more

I rent which is 600 a month but my friends tell me I'm just throwing my money away. I love my apartment, the area, and my landlord let's me do whatever to the apartment except major renovations which I wouldn't do anyway. I've been here for 5 years, and already made it my own by painting and... show more

How much can I make flipping houses?

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In my area in NJ according to Zillow the market temp is "WARM" and median house value is $393k. Is it possible to make $100k profit per flip just for doing cosmetic repairs, nothing major? If not how much could I expect to make? And how long would it take start to finish?

Should I believe him?

Am I delusional?

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I plan of becoming a police officer next year, I'll be 18. When I'm 20 I want to get a bank loan and do real estate on the side, by real estate I mean flip houses, so buy cheap, fix, sell for profit. A few articles on Google state that average NJ house flip is $100k profit per house. So I want to do that... show more

I want my rent money back?

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Hello. I live in Florida. Is there any law that states I can get my 1st months rent back? I was just evicted from my new apartment, I moved in on December 1st. I was evicted for “safety reasons” it’s only the 12th day of December and I have only lived there for 12 days. I got hit with a 3 day notice eviction... show more

I am renting a house in PA and an unknown person sent a letter from a lawyer to the rental office, claiming to have fallen over garbage that I allegedly, placed out on the curb during Trash collection Day. Should I get a lawyer? Can I be sued or evicted?

I’m co-signing with my girlfriend, so we will together make enough. We are both 18 and first time renting an apartment. Eventually going to start a family. It’s a good area and has great reviews. What are some things I should be aware of? Things I should buy beforehand? And any tips at all

I have one week left of college. I know it’s probably late to tell him I’m leaving, but he leaves every weekend and isn’t around a lot, so I’m not too concerned. How do I say this to him without him getting upset?

I plan on moving mid month in January 2019. Prior to moving into my current apartment, the landlord did not require me to give a deposit nor sign a rental agreement. Essentially I moved into an apartment that was previously occupied by my brother. He moved out and I pretty much moved in. Landlord did not ask me to... show more

Best answer: If they can prove you caused the damage (which you didn't actually say), they can try to collect from you the cost of repairs. A security deposit simply helps the landlord avoid suing for compensation when every tenant leaves some amount of "damage". It is not a limit on suing for actual... show more

So I just moved into my apartment on December 1st. I found it online, it’s privately owned & online it said the security deposit was negotiable. When I looked at this place the first time I thought it was a mess, which it was... I looked at it on November 24th, looked like the owners were using it for storage,... show more

Best answer: Lets say you invest $40k in the stock market and pull an annual gain of 8% per year over 10 years you make $32,000 before taxes. Now lets say you buy a $200,000 house with 20% down on a 30 year loan and all the rent collected pays for all your expenses and the property increases in value 3% per year, making the... show more

If I owed more on my mortgage than the house was worth, could I just move and walk away from my mortgage. How can I be sure the housing market will not go down again?