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My apartment complex, like many, will not rent to a convicted felon. But my complex also has the same rule for overnight guests, no convicted felons. And this rule is in the lease. My girlfriend has a felony from ten years ago when she was 19, she became addicted to painkillers and she was caught selling to her... show more

I am the landlords' kid, and my roommate absolutely insisted from month one living here that he gives me his rent money orders (he refused to use direct deposit or checks) to me to mail to my father, because he was too scared to mess up the address. The rent for November never showed (I seriously doubt that I... show more

Legally can you use a friends name to get a mortgage if your own one gets declined due to poor credit history?

When I first moved into my complex (1 year ago) dogs were allowed up to 5lbs. Around that time I recused a puppy and kept it in my apartment for a week while I was looking for him a good home. My landlord found out i had a puppy, and told me I couldn't keep it because it would get bigger. I explained that I was... show more

I’m willing to pay lease breaking fees. I just want out of here. But I am stuck with someone who is just disagreeable and they yell and call me names. They want to wait until the lease is up, and for my own mental health I want to leave. How can I get out of the lease when my cotenant doesn’t agree to break it? We... show more

deposit check without the buyers initially seeing the house, so the house can go immediately under contract for the buyer, with the stipulation that the buyer has a 10 day due diligence period to see and inspect the house, and if needed back out of the deal. Yet, the buyer may like the house, and buy it. Of... show more

Me and my husband rent a farmhouse from my mom that she inherited when my grandpa passed away. It’s about a 1000sqft house. We pay $400 a month in rent which is super cheap, however, the house is not insulated very well at all so our electric bill in the summer is around $300 a month and in the winter we use... show more

Best answer: Why not sit him down and Google 'Nigerian gold scam' …. failing that, if he is really that naïve (I won't call him stupid), let him get on with it

My girlfriend's dad is building a house, and he says that he's gonna see if theres something that can be done to where if something happens to him that the house can't be sold. Is that possible? Wouldnt there be a legal way around this? This is in the state of north carolina if it makes a difference.... show more

Best answer: Unless this is public housing, you are covered by the NYC Roommate law, which allows a tenant named on the lease to have one additional roommate. You do not need to be named as an occupant. Technically you are supposed to notify ll although almost nobody does. However, as a matter of good practice this is a good... show more

Me and my family have lived in our current apartment for over 30 years 24 for me and there is a lot of wear and tear my landlord has never replaced carpets painted or replaced any flooring or done any work on the cabinets. Most things we have fixed on our own over the years. Long story short I m looking to move... show more

Im extremely angry about it. I’m 28 and finally get to love out. I have good income but bad credit. How can I move out if I don’t have a co-signer???????

If a landlord is made aware by the electricity company that they need to turn off the power because they are doing works in the street. Does the landlord then have to give notice to the tenant that the power being cut?

Currently renting a house and the pilot went out on the stove. I pulled the burner drawer out and the bottom of the stove looks like a mouse Grave yard. I'm disgusted, every nook and cranny is jammed with mouse fur and the bottom is littered with mouse fur. I would think that this is something a landlord would... show more

My landlord and myself signed my lease renewal today. I got an email stating that the rent was higher than what was listed on the contract. I called the apartment office and they said they forgot to add the pet rent and made a typo with the rent itself. Can they charge me more than what's listed on the signed... show more