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I owed a total of $83,000 and change for my bachelors and master's degree. Over the last year and a half of large payments, my balance is now $37,000 and change. I have about 12,500 in my savings and am debating, should I give 8-10K of my savings to drop the balance lower? I will need a car and am worried that... show more

How do I get a new car from insurance?

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I m just about at the point where I ve spent as much on repairs as I did on my used car. Can I file something with insurance where they just give me a check for the value of the car now, and I can buy a new car and rid myself of a headache? If so, how does that process work?

*Please read all to avoid irrelevant answers* I'm curious as to if this is normal when asking to have a higher credit card limit. I simply said that I'd like to double it to around 8k-10k. They are having me fill out applications, getting all sorts of info, references asking for employer supervisors etc.... show more

I'm 29 years old and I'm opening a new savings account for the first time in my life. I have $40,000 in cash I want to deposit. I had that money in my safe at home for years. It's my life savings. I know that there's a $10,000 deposit limit or the bank will report you to the IRS. Does that rule... show more

I don't have a wife or kids to drain my paycheck every month, so I have been able to put chunks away to save. I have paid off all of my student loans because I'm not one of the millennial deadbeats waiting for the bailout (I'm an honorable man, won't screw over anyone that hasn't done the same... show more

Is a car loan at 20 a bad idea?

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I make 340 every 2 weeks , my monthly car payments is 300 and and my mom pays the insurance , I live with my parents btw . Am I in a bad situation for a car payment ?

Best answer: Yes, generally there is a % rate for commission at airport bureau de change, better to change at your local bank before leaving, check you have a card to draw cash from ATMs in Europe, visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. Do bare in mind ATMs can charge a fee too, but it's normally fixed, at around 1.5-2.5... show more

Do checks ever expire?

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I was working for my hs basketball team, I was videotaping their games. After I got the check of $150 we went for vacation and after I forgot about it. I just found it again. The check is from March 15th. Is it still valid?

I m a little confused when trying to see what the median household income is, it says from what i read it s in the 50-55k range in America. I m 23 and my wife is 22 and we both make 15 an hour so that puts us at 62kish a year does this mean we are making more than most American family s? I dont see how this could... show more

So my fiancee is requesting an huge expensive wedding and I am trying to find every way to accommodate to her. I calculated the total costs and it is going to cost me about $10,000 in total. I can't afford this with my own money as I work at mcdonalds. She picked the most expensive hotel in ho chi minh city to... show more

Auto Loan Question?

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My dad and I co-bought a car together. Not co-signed, co-BOUGHT. I am listed as the co-buyer and he is primary because I needed to borrow his credit for the loan. I make all payments, pay all maintenance, and all gas. The only thing he pays for is the insurance. If I wanted to insure the car only in my name and go... show more

How should I pay off loans?

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25 year

Is selling things bad?

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Best answer: Why would there be anything wrong with that? All those possessions aren't helping you to "get by" just sitting there. If you need to sell some of them then you should go right ahead and do that. Let's not forget that when life is coming to an end, you can't take any of it with you. People... show more

Am I weird for doing this?

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Best answer: You can get water and still hangout. As long as everyone in the group is not. That is a trick I learned when I was young. I wanted to go out with my friends for fast food occasionally but I just always got water which helped me save.