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Hello. I've read my book, researched, and attempted and I CANNOT figure this out. I would love if someone could explain to me how to figure this out so I can fully understand. THANK YOU! Question: New York Times Co. (NYT) recently earned a profit of $1.91 per share and has a P/E ratio of 19.55. The dividend... show more

Is bitcoin just a scam?

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Best answer: Obviously yeah! Free-market is just a fantasy every market need rules otherwise when it crashes everyone pays like non-regulation crisis in 2008 also keep in mind all this sort of crypto coins are generally derived from hacker hands there's any certain of backing (like gold reserve)

Best answer: I think you already know the answer to this since most people wouldn't even realize the difference in the fees. You should definitely roll it over into a lower fee IRA. An extra 1% in your pocket guaranteed is a no brainier. Don't worry about those few days. The market could go up or down during that... show more

I absolutely know I will lose money on my own and I'm old enough now to not play around with risk.

What is bitcoins?

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pls explain what bitcoins is.... and are they legal?

Some market rallies are the result of short-sellers getting short-squeezed.

Best answer: It's a gamble so if you are prepared to lose (as all gamblers should be) then try them but I will certainly not be doing so. The money in my bank at the moment is gaining .1 of a percent which is a miniscule amount but is still better than zero or less than zero.