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say They want to go to college to be an LPC. But a lot of the money will be spent on college, how do they go ahead and start investing this money? So there are 2 sources of income

I'm currently 17 years old and am interested in investing in the stock market. I have a part-time job, but want to increase the money in my bank. I'm thinking of investing $5.00 in a fractional stock of Google. Is this a good investment? Can I know more about the risks of investing, what investing overall... show more

I am aware that risk-aversion means that an investor, given two investment options with the same return, will choose the one that has a lower risk. But if one option is proportionately higher in both risk and return, will the risk-averse investor still prefer the low risk-low return option?

Best answer: almond farm

I've heard people use stockstotrade and all that. I use stocktwits but I need to find some good long term holds anyone have advice?

I'm unable to watch the market during most of the day and I don't want to miss out on my profit targets if they are hit. Also if the stock goes against me I don't want to have a loss go into a bigger loss. Can I set a stop loss order and a sell limit order both at the same time?

Best answer: No...apples suck. Plus dogs aren't even supposed to eat them. Have it invest in pork belly futures or an online porn company.

Bitcoin What is it?

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Best answer: A place to park your cash, with no guarantee of security.

Best answer: All life carries some risk. There is a huge difference between managing risk and gambling. Banks are not gambling when they loan money. They don't loan you money in the HOPE of charging you interest. They charge you interest. They cover their risk by charging people who are a greater risk a higher interest... show more

What about Ethereum?

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Ethereum is gaining popularity and its value is rising. ETH is the second biggest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. The Ethereum platform, as an alternative to Bitcoin, significantly exceeds its programmability. Using ETH and platform capabilities, users can create their own blockchain applications, run smart... show more

I am very interested in investing but I have little money and even less knowledge on the subject. What are the best books to read that will help me set myself up for a more fruitful financial future?