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My health insurance premium is way too expensive for me to afford and it doesn’t cover anything. And plus even if I had a major medical event I wouldn’t pay any of the bills anyways. If I had a medical emergency and was in the hospital or got surgery I wouldn’t even pay a penny. If it was possible, I would file... show more

I had a rust water flood from the ceiling of my closet and not only so I had to submit a claim for $240K of stuff ranging from designer clothing and expensive furniture that I was purchased from private party and everything was fairly recent. Some stuff are mine some aren't (family members living together),... show more

Best answer: yes

I have been reimbursed 3 times now but they continue to deduct it even after 3 calls with HR and finally a payroll specialist. This is Target, mind you, with thousands of employees! What can I do to fix this?

What should I do?

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So I was in a car wreck in last October and had to go to the hospital. My car insurance said they pay the medical bills since I got them from a car accident. Outside of one phone call I had with my insurance I haven’t heard or received anything from anyone about paying anything. I checked my Health insurance... show more

Best answer: The insurance company sent you an explanation of benefits. That is not the actual bill. It just lets you know what amount the hospital will bill you for. If you do not receive that bill within the next two weeks, you should contact the billing department of the hospital. You should be able to pay the bill... show more

Dr billed a $2000 bill and the child is SC Medicaid covered. Had out patient surgery 7 months ago. Just received a bill.

I m going to be a student for the next 4 years, and I won t have a job for the time being. What company s offer coverage?

Heath insurance after age 26?

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So I’m currently 25 about to turn 26, I live in California and I have medical as of right now under what was known as Obama care. Once I turn 26 that will go away. I’m currently a full time student, working part-time for the university that I attend and I’m filling my own taxes,(still living at home with my... show more

Best answer: No. Having a card does not mean that you have insurance. The purpose of the card is to tell someone what insurance you have whenever you do have insurance, but it does not say whether you have insurance now.

My dad is in the military and my family is insured under tricare. I m an 18 year old dependent, and am planning on getting married to my boyfriend before he leaves for the army. I m keeping my last name and I m still going to be living in the same house, do I have to change my insurance in any way? I don t see why... show more

Best answer: It depends on the policy: there are many types. A common type is one that provides a set dollar-amount limit. Once the insurer has paid that limit (say $200k or $500k), then benefits stop. Sometimes you can buy inflation protection in the policy. You should contact a reputable insurance agent for information.

I have full coverage on my vehicle, with my name on the policy, but I am not the main policy holder,lien holder still charges me extra,is this legal

From October 2018 up until this January my prescription (birth control) has been covered by my insurance. I haven t changed my provider or gotten information stating that there were changes in my coverage, so I m wondering who to contact/what steps to take. Someone told me to transfer pharmacies so I m also... show more

I have aflacs accident coverage and I have an injury that is more longer term and it started before I had coverage. But it only got real bad after I had the Aflac coverage. How do I go about this?! I’m assuming if I say the injury started a few years ago vs 5 months ago it’d be a different outcome. Also... show more

My city’s trash truck accidently backed into the garage on one of my rental properties. There was a LOT of damage to the garage. I filed a claim with the city and they refused to pay it because they said the garage was not permitted. Can they do that? If I file a claim with my house insurance they will... show more