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I want credit card?

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How to get a credit card?

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How do I get a credit card with a low credit score the only thing I have is student loans and medical bills my student loans are in default. I don’t want an unsecured credit. Tips tricks should I call credit places why can’t i recieve one for like $200 dollars

On the 9th of every month interest is taken from my credit. I pay my payments on every 6th, more then that’s required. But it’s like it’s almost like taking a step forward and two back. Any tricks to this? I’m mew

So I just got my ebt card and I went to buy food from the store everything that was scanned was cold food nothing was hot,but when I went to pay using the card there was 5 dollars left that it didn't pay for,also the balance on the card was full so I didn't overspend.just for reference the things I bought... show more

I'm 27 years old and live in California. I have a good credit score and a job. I'm looking for a personal loan for $40,000 that I don't have to pay right away. Probably start paying after 4 years or so. Do such types of loans exist?

So I’m going to Greece this summer with my school organization and I’m thinking of bringing debit card with me since it’s easier and cheaper to get euros rather then carrying USD cash and convert it at the airport. My mom didn’t want me to use a bank debit card outside the country and one of our family friends... show more

Just making sure lol.

Fastest way to build credit?

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Best answer: There are many things that factor into a credit score and TIME is the one thing you can't really change. You may or may not notice a change in how your score advances if you get a second card. It may or may not make any difference. But, here are a few credit building basics: 1. Opening new accounts HURTS... show more

I want to raise my score and I know paying off debt late doesn't help raise it

During a sales transaction at a gas station the credit card reader became stuck on "Please wait". The lady gave me a receipt and said it's been doing that all day and to go ahead and take the card. I took the card out and it still said "Please wait" and then went on my way. Now I am... show more

Am I breaking a law or gonna get in trouble? I feel like that should ve been clarified to me before applying for more loans.

Best answer: First, I know your frustration. I recently changed banks because of it. Second, I would suggest looking into overdraft protection, so that money in your savings gets transferred into checking to avoid getting an overdraft. My bank said I had to opt in to this to be protected, which is why I left - why would I want... show more

I have a judgmental /lien on my name from long time ago (It was $14,0000 now it is $30,000) , interestingly such loan is not on my credit ( it is however in a paper from the court ) I am taking a loan as big as half of my house’s worth , Any expert advice on how to deals with this ? Does my judgemental plays... show more