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I'm trying to start a business and need to buy a few things first in order to get started. I am currently unemployed though. Would the decent credit score and money down be enough to be approved? Or should I just move on to another plan?

I sent a check into my credit card account same as always last month it got cashed on the 14th this month they haven’t cashed it at all and I got the money in my bank account the bill is due in 3 days they have still not cashed it I sent it on the 5th of this month they definitely have got it by now so what’s their... show more

When your past the mileage and have some wear and tear? I know this involves more charges but do you have to pay it in full or can you do a monthly payment like with an auto loan?

Charges on card?

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Okay so i just got my most recent credit card statement and it says i owe $2500 to them, i don’t spend that much money on myself recently. I didn’t buy anything expensive either. I’m just not willing to sink half my paycheque next week into paying it. I’m guessing my wife or my sister used it for show more

I need credit card advice?

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I'm 19 and my mom advised me to get a credit card since I need to pay for community college out of pocket this semester and I also need to build my credit. However since I'm new to credit,my credit core is 495( bad credit). "bad credit" but I've gotten rejected on all of them. Can I get some... show more

I don't know how, but I completely forgot to pay all my bills last month (I think time just slipped past me, either that or I'm just really dumb). This includes mortgage, phone, gas, electric, and cable. Do all of these affect my credit score if I have overdue balances?

For the past 2.5 years, I've been making monthly payments on a motorcycle, and until now I hadn't thought about whether or not it could contribute; can the seller report my payments to a credit bureau to establish my credit score?

I had gotten an Amazon prime 30 day trail, entered a card that had $0 on it and a few days later was charged for the membership, then charged an additional $37 dollars by the bank for " buying " something while the card had no money. How can remove the fee, if I refund the trail will It get rid of the... show more

Authorized ones. I know there's a way because there are services that do that but not sure how.

Best answer: 5% interest, no annual fee, $30,000 limit, $1= 1 airline mile, unlimited.

I know some phone companies can help with credit scores if asked to file it, report it, or whatever, but can having amazon prime or Netflix somehow help improve someone’s credit score?

I heard they can but only for certain debts I only owe under $6k. My hospital bill is the biggest one I have that’s over half of it. The others are just a bank and Verizon.

My mom wants to put me on her car insurance that she already has, will they run a credit on ME? I won't be paying for it so it really doesn't make sense to do it but if they do I'm screwed because my credit is bad.