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Hello, the other day I received a text message from my boss telling me that, on my off day, someone who sounded like a "businessman" called for me asking if I were still employed there and if they had a good contact for me. My boss asked who they were and they immediately hung up the line! Now this is... show more

So I'm trying to buy a good gaming computer but the only way for me to be able to afford it is if I do monthly payments. But I can't do that because I don't have good enough credit. I have high credit but I need multiple open credit cards for them to be able to accept me. So far the websites I looked at... show more

It has their first & last name on the statement, it happened on 01-01-2018. What are my rights?

The collection agency I made a payment plan with told me if it didn’t hit my credit score by the time I Made the payment plan with them then it wouldn’t because I have agreed to terms to pay it off with the plan it’s been a few months and still hasn’t hit I was just wondering if that was true or some bs

What is losartan 25mg used for?

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I have a Wells Fargo credit card?

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I spent 1700 dollars on my credit card and I’m not able too pay it in full could I pay 100 each month till I pay it off like little by little payments

Why is my credit score "Fair" ?

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I have never owned a credit card, I am a current Nursing student, I took out a car loan a couple years ago to pay for my car, and payments come out automatically, I never missed a payment. I have had to take out differed private school loans in order to pay for school, until I finish is this the reason my score is... show more

Selling Debts on.?

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Best answer: No, it doesn't mean that. It means that the company (not you) can sell the right to collect the money from you. Being that another company pays them and then you have to pay the second company. It does not mean that you can do anything. It is only about what the companies can do -- and about what you have... show more

Old Auto Loan question?

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Basically long story short the loan was placed at a "dealership" in Nebraska where you put a certain amount down and then pay per month. It was never financed through a bank; anyway I had to go to Florida with the Americorps National Community Service Program for one year and I voluntarily released the... show more

I have about 6,000 dollars in credit card debts. This mostly occurred during a period with having poor insulation plans and a medical crisis. Now, my expenses are manageable, but multiple monthly credit card payments are the difference maker in making me a paycheck to paycheck person. What I would like to do is... show more

Couldn't they set up car loans so that payments will be made by the cosigner regardless of whether the main loanee doesn't make their payments? And couldn't they notify the cosigner when a payment was missed? That way, the cosigner's credit won't be damaged, but the main loanee's credit is.... show more

Can a credit card company touch my social security check or pension check?

Order has been cancelled?

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I ordered two things from Victoria’s Secret Pink, and it says that my orders have been cancelled. I did not cancel them. Why has this happened and does this mean my money has been returned to my card?

People have told me that it's just like a credit card, but then if you are paying in full, with credit card you pay the only principle amount of money that you owe but line of credit you pay + interest. So if you are paying in full, is credit card still better for you?? Also does line of credit counts interest... show more

Best answer: No, it will show where you got it from.