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How to report a fake Starbucks?

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I walked into small coffee shop yesterday on the corner of the street. I asked the man at the counter, "Do you sell Starbucks here?" And when he told me that they 'roasted their own coffee', I was shocked. How can they run a business like that? I informed him that was bad business he just looked... show more

I called my manager and asked how my first payday works, she told me to talk to personnel. I call personnel and they tell me to talk to a manager.

Payless ShoeSource confirmed Friday that it will close its 2,100 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and start liquidation sales Sunday. The company is also shuttering its e-commerce operations. The closings mark the biggest by a single chain this year and nearly doubles the number of retail stores set to close in... show more

And if Ebay did, what would his/her name be?

Best answer: Because basically every gas station gets the same gas from the same distributor(s). What is different are the additives that are put into the gasoline at the gas tank farm but the same distributor will deliver the gas to the station, just with the different additive.

thats what it looks like to me anyway .. just some random guy shows up with your stuff lol .. the tracking number they provide doesnt work either ..

Best answer: Why would a company send damaged things out on purpose? The last thing any company wants is customer complaints and negative reviews. Entirely their fault for sending it out, and entirely the fault of inspection for not catching that flaw before shipping it as stock to the company. However, your own personal... show more

Best answer: I don’t know what he can be doing if losing half of $66 billion can make a difference.