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Costco Amazon Prime

Best answer: Everyone in those core roles are leaving...since they see the writing on the wall. Gotta fill those positions somehow...qualified people wouldn't want to be hired like this...but existing seasonal employees would jump at the opportunity.

What time period does UPS deliver?

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Best answer: Because either currently or at some point in time in the past that plant transported their product by rail.

Best answer: Return it, and don't use the gift card. This feels like it could be some sort of scam.

Best answer: question with one word answer - yes. I did not read detail

If so what's the secret to producing domestically?

And open the backdoor to bigger better financed Chinese tech companies

I had an amazon prime package that was delivered today, and during that time I was out of the apartment for 10 mins. When I came back home I noticed the package sitting on my front balcony, which the deliveryman only could've accessed by walking into the apartment. That means he/she must've walked in, and... show more

Why is walmart better than Amazon?

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When will money become obsolete?

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I don't like it one bit. I believe money was created to enslave us. Humans never used money for millions of years; until the last stages of Atlantis (Atlantis began it's demise around 25,000 BC). Some of my psychic-friends have indicated we won't need money by 2035. That seems too early for me.... show more

Whats wrong with aol?

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Which way is walmart?

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