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In developed European countries most companies give AT LEAST 20 days. Yet here, there is no minimum vacation requirement. When people going to be fed up with this bullsh*t??

What to do if you get sick 30 minutes before work?

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Best answer: Call into work and tell them you're sick. Try to find a co-worker to replace you. They will be upset that you canceled at the last minute, but they also don't want you doing your work badly and making everyone else sick.

What would you guys think about a girl who makes her maid carry her shopping bags?

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A wealthy woman who makes her maid carry her shopping bags and style her hair for her in public?

Is it okay to lie on a resume?

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I'm almost 19 and have never held a formal job. I've just been doing stuff like babysitting and mowing lawns for the past 6 years. A family friend offered to give me a reference saying that I worked for them cleaned their office, shredded paper and stuff, just something to make them think I haven't been... show more

What's your opinion on people who care more about socializing than their careers?

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I just started a new job. I am 2 weeks in. During my first 90 days I am not allowed to take off. They don't say if I would just be written up or if I would be fired. About 9 months ago-- way before this job I signed up for a bone marrow donor registry. I have been chosen as a donor. They say that I might need... show more

How can i keep lying to job centre advisor?

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I say i look for work 35 hours a week like I'm meant to but really, i start looking last minute the day before i have to go and make out i applied for things the day they were advertised He doesn't think i bother to use my CV at all but i do, i have my own CV and edit it when i have to apply for something... show more

What's the proper way to deal with an obnoxious coworker?

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Best answer: I think the proper way to deal with her is to smile knowingly and let her rant. Obviously you nor your coworkers believe a thing she says and she seems quite deluded. She is never going to change, so why frustrate yourself trying? You could treat it as they do in the South. Bless her heart.

My work won't let me have my hand lotion at my cash anymore?!?

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I've worked as a grocery store cashier for 2 and a half years. I bring a little tube of hand lotion with me and set it at my cash because my hands dry and crack really, really, really bad. Honestly, it's gotten so bad that when I try to close my hand my skin starts to crack and spit and bleed. It's very... show more

Would it be a good idea to explain why I haven t been showing up to work? I ll need them as a reference for the future or to get them to understand

Men are shrinking in this world and becoming women?

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Best answer: All valid points, but I think women are good at sales too.

Should I call for a second chance from an interview that went wrong?

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So I had this interview last week and the hiring manager promised she would call the next day and still she did not. I think interview went wrong because I went sick and I was very nervous and not asking any questions at the end. I really need this job, is it the right decision to call again? And what should I say?... show more

What do you do when you strongly dislike one of your coworkers?

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I m 15 years old, and work at papa johns, and work minimum wage ($7.75 per hour.) I calculated my payments, and I got those results. I told my manager what I got, and she said that I m calculating it wrong, and that she ll show me. But seriously, $1.50 for taxes per hour working minimum wage isn t right, and really... show more

Why do retailers like to cut employee hours in January?

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Best answer: Because the end-of-year holiday rush and early-new-year returns activity is done so the workload is hugely reduced and the revenue/margins cannot support the larger employee base. By the way, the retailers don't "like" to do anything but make money selling products. Also remember that "Human... show more

I told them my availability was completely open but I’m very surprised that they would schedule such horrible hours. There is no way I can have a work life balance if I am working all through the weekend AND nights. I wouldn’t mind working nights if it was Monday- Friday but Wednesday-Monday seems cruel. I really... show more

Should I give my employer a notice period before I leave?

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I've been in a call centre job for 3 months. It's not really suited to me and I find a lot of the people quite unfriendly. I went for a job that I didn't think I'd get due to my age but I got it and I'm taking it due to it being more my thing and the money is so good for my age. My probation... show more

Need a job, running out of determination and hope.?

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I quit my job back in August and haven’t had one since. I’ve applied and applied with not much luck. I’ve had 3 interviews with no success. I’ve applied for more than 20 jobs and none of them call. My phones cut off, I owe tuition, a soon to be ER bill. What the **** do I do

Do you have a crappy career?

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Best answer: Yes. It's not a career, it's more like jail.