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I passed my practical driving test recently. I am planning to buy a small 1L engine size car with 3dr. Because I am not that confident to buy and drive a car thats bigger in size i.e. 5 door. But I am bit concerned, I know it sounds silly, but will it kinda look funny when I ride a small 1L engine car with three... show more

Driver A - Was proceeding straight while the light was yellow Driver B - Was trying to proceeed left on a yellow light. Accident happened. Who is at fault here?

Best answer: If you have a credit card, then you can sign up for Uber or Lyft. Uber offers pool option that decreases the cost by sharing your ride with another passenger going in the same direction.

I know some need it for work, and others just drive it for pleasure.

Best answer: Worldwide, manual transmissions are still the preferred transmission choice but if you live in the US, only some 4% ( and falling ) of new vehicles sold are stick shift. You could view it a couple of different ways: 1) you have no intention of ever buying a standard vehicle so why even bother learning, 2) or, even... show more

The other driver lied to his insurance that I was at fault. I am confused because she was making a left turn and interrupted my lane (going straight). No ticket for both of us regarding the accident but I was ticketed for no proof of insurance. His insurance told me that both of us did not receive any accident... show more

She has one 3 championships but I'm just not sure how to go about contacting companies to sponsor her

They actually get paid to sit in their trucks and do nothing.

-You got into an accident -You were driving without insuarance (got ticketed) -BUT the accident was not your fault. -You didn’t collect the other persons insurance at that time. -Both cars damaged. I know I have to go to the police to obtain the report. What happen next? Do I call the other persons insurance to... show more

Towing mirror Ford F-150 truck?

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Stupid question but can u see yourself in the reflection of the mirror while driving.

Best answer: Weight in the seat has nothing to do with it. That's only for the seat belt warning.

How to deal with that? I think they have some modern gadgets to stop that, but that stuff is hard to know and I think not everybody can doing that? I heard there are people who got lost back in the 1980s who are still driving round looking for their house? If they forgot where they live then how to getting home?

Last night I went and pounded in both rear quarter panels. No rust. Guy says it runs and drives very good

Best answer: Die Hard car lovers hate the newer cars because there's too many computers on them, too many gadgets and impossible to work on. The older - the better.

I have a honda-accord 2007

I live in a city with fantastic public transportation, buses are very frequent, trains are frequent and pretty much can get you anywhere in the city you want. Yet still finding huge amounts of people using cars causing traffic jams all the time. I get that if you have kids it’s easier but I see lots of people... show more