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Best answer: Total lack of attention. You can blame weather, speed and all manner of things but what it really boils down to is driver error.

What would be safer, merging and driving on a highway that can go upwards of 70MPH but going in one direction, or driving in local areas where the speed limit is typically 35-45 MPH going multiple directions?

I assuming that you would turn them towards the curb when facing downhill and uphill. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm studying to get my permit.

The roads of the United Kingdom are poorly marked, pot-holed, very narrow, and dangerous. The United States, has excellent road markings, is durable, (no pot-holes), very wide, and much safer. Does anyone agree?

This morning I illegally passed a school bus. The bus had its right blinker on without its stop lights or stop sign. As they have done before, I had assumed the bus was either a.) Turning right, or b.) Letting the cars pass. As I went around the bus, half way through, the bus driver decided to put their lights and... show more

Is it safer to drive on the left?

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Best answer: In practice, it makes more sense to drive on the left. It means your offside is on the right for safety reasons as mentioned. But it also means that your right side does most of the control of the vehicle, with the left hand doing less important jobs like changing gear or adjusting the radio, etc. That puts the... show more

let us assume it is a sedan coupe or somewhere in between a sports and sedan

Traffic light question?

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Best answer: Your daughter is right.

Guy double parks to save parking.?

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Hello yahoo, there is a 3 car parking space outside my house. One guy that lives in some aprtments parks two junk cars and block all 3 spaces. At night, he pushes 1 and parks his car there. This is an every day thing even tho the street cleaning passes. Is there anything i can do?

The city i live in had a three car crash which several passengers became paralyzed. Do you need to be in a certain car not to be paralyzed. What preventive meaaures are there

So today I got hungry and decided to go to Wendy’s I’m coming down the two way street then I make a right hand turn and decide to pull in I slow do and try to pull in. Quickly I have to slam on breaks because some women in a Toyota tried to overtake me and decided to slam on her horn for about 30 seconds for some... show more

Best answer: If the car is on fire or is in water and sinking, get them out. Otherwise, have them stay where they are, because trying to get out could injure them or make an existing injury worse.

The other day in a complete lapse in my concentration (not making excuses what I did was stupid). I drove through a red light on a crossing, the crossing was clear and no one was on the pavement either side so there was no danger. There was no traffic either side so I just stupidly assumed it was green but it wasn... show more

Many lives could be saved!

This may seem excessive to some, but I'm sick of all the idiots driving. You're endangering public safety with your stupidity.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

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I'm waiting in the drive thru behind another car when I look down to quickly do something. Then when I look back up my car is about to smash in to the back of the car in front of me! I was always able to brake just inches from crashing. Has this happened to anyone?? Any ideas why this happens? Cause I always... show more

Do trucks have the right of way?.?

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Hi I recently learned driving I have seen that trucks usually go when I think I should have the right of way but I m not sure if to give it to them Is there something in the law that says trucks have the right of way in all situation? Perhaps because they are so big and can t see all the roads? Until I an answered... show more