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Does my car just need oil?

33 answers · 3 days ago
so i was driving on the highway and i noticed at one point it felt like i stop gaining speed even though i was already going 60 i also noticed the rpm needle was basically not moving and stayed at 3000 or 3 rpms even when i would give it a little gas and suddenly the car started smoking i pulled over immediately... show more

Best answer: Why are you bothering us for less then a dollar?

My car runs great and shows I have 14 watts but when I have the heat running and am at a stop light it drops to almost 9 on the gauge. And when I hit the rear defrost the lights on the dash get dimmer. Is my car battery going bad? I put a new alternator in a year ago. Starts ok but the dash gets dim when i'm at... show more

I have a car i want to junk soon. There is a hill a couple miles away from my house that seems the perfect hill. So how far from the hill do i have to be before i start? and also, how much speed should i gain before i reach this hill?

How much to fix head gasket?

8 answers · 16 hours ago
Best answer: Don’t buy it. If the head gasket went, it’s most likely because the water pump impeller eroded and the engine over-heated repeatedly. Along with the head gasket and water pump, you’ll have to do both exhaust manifolds. If they haven’t started leaking yet, they will soon. The front cats also develop holes on top... show more

My car is poop. Died at a stop.?

8 answers · 1 day ago
There's a weird kind of whirring noise along side me turning it over, but that's it. It does not start. I'm thinkin' Fuel Pump. There's lights, dings, and power to the windows. I'm pretty sure it's not the battery or the altenator. No bad smells. No smoke. No alarming noises. No... show more

Best answer: This is easy. The light comes on at a certain mileage to remind you to check the oil and filter and change them. Why don't you wait for the light before doing the oil change and stop wasting oil? Read your owner's manual.

Why handbrake on automatic cars?

7 answers · 11 hours ago
on my camry 2002 handbrake not working but is automatic? is not serious? problem

Nearing 20,000 miles since last change but its been raining forever! No I don't have an indoor garage!

Can it go bad?

6 answers · 14 hours ago
Can any car head gasket go Will my Hyundai getz 1.1 petrol last? 136,900 I change the oil and just use water

In a multi unit carburetor, what would cause one slide to close quicker than the other? I would assume the diaphragms are messed up but they seem perfectly fine and sealing. Do I need a new carb?

The wire connected too the black rectangular box is an after market car alarm. I'm referring to the wires that go above the headliner. Thank you.

A few nights ago on my way home from work I got my car stuck in a snowbank I kept reving it up in gear and flooring it trying to get it out finally gave up and went back the next day and got it out drove about 100 feet then had no power at all car wouldn’t move made a whining noise so cleaned it out and left on... show more

I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 246k miles. She runs perfect when I wait a while to warm the engine up but if I don't give the car at least 4-5 minutes to idle it'll drive like sh*t. Dim lights(at night), rough shifting, slow acceleration, lower gas mileage(5-8 mpg lower) and a louder engine until its a... show more