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Best answer: No just leave it sit. Two weeks is nothing.

Best answer: It's called a Brake Flush. If your fluid is dark you should have it done, but not at the Dealer. If it's still light colored don't worry about it. $200 is the most you should pay for it.

My maintenance light has been on for like 2 months. is it safe to drive still?

I heard it should be at 900 RPMs while ideling and 1000 RPMs when AC is switched on. Is that correct ?

Best answer: Drain the oil and add new cheep oil. Start the engine let it run for 15 min. Stop engine drain the oil again then refill the engine with a good brand oil also replace the oil filter with a new filter. It should be good as new now.

What could this be?!?

10 answers · 23 hours ago
So it about to be summer time in Texas and my A/C is not cooling. It turns on and blows air but not cold air. Usually the hotter it is outside, the hotter the air inside blows. At night when there’s no sun, it’s usually kinda of cool. Any ideas on how to check this or what it could be?! I am 6 months from... show more

2014 Silverado low oil warning.?

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why is my Silverado oil getting low over time before the due date of the oil change. I mean I put the right amount of oil need and change it on time there is no oil leaks and signs of engine burning it I know the oil amount drops normal use but it should not get me a warning saying im too low????

to the next with out topping up the oil its an oil burner and its time to get rid of the car?

It seems any kind of car can do 80 mph very easily on highway.. Even the cheap ones.

Best answer: LMAO!, replacers dude, they dont know how it works, just how to order the same part and change it.

For how long can I park at walmart?

10 answers · 2 days ago
I want to leave my car at the parking lot for a few hours

I got chip on my windshield from contractor truck on freeway. I just want to know if replacing my windshield with aftermarket enough. Getting an original one might be too expensive for me. I drive toyota corolla S 2016 by the way. thanks

2004 Buick Century Loud airplane noise when in park. Accelerates automatically when foot is taken off brake. So goes from 0 to 10 on its own. It's hard to brake/starts to shake and have to push down extremely hard then a burning smell happens. Accelerates on its own while on the highway moderately slow.... show more