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I have tried to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies online and the only one I was able to successfully get one from was progressive. I started researching and found out that a person's credit is used to determine if they can start a policy. It makes no sense. If credit is based off the abilty of a... show more

So I’m at fault I excelled into the back of his truck which was parked by the way.. and I bent the back part of his truck and left a scuff... and well I overheard my dad saying it’s $3000 in damages and i think I’m about to tear up and cry more. Because I don’t get paid enough to pay off $3,000! And I just don’t... show more

Best answer: Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage.

I'm going to buy a car off of someone with a clean Philadelphia title I dont have insurance on the car because I dont own it yet do I have to get car insurance to register my car at the dmv? And what documents am I supposed to bring?

I have got quotes to how much repair is going to cost

Best answer: He backed into you... it really doesn't matter much what he says. Only he had the opportunity to prevent the collision.

So I’m 19 but a brand new driver. I have my permit, but I’ve been procrastinating getting behind the wheel (due to fear). Today I was driving with my dad and my anxiety was so extreme. I accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the break, causing me to crash head on into a metal pole. Thankfully we’re not... show more

Hello so 3 weeks ago I was in a car accident and I was not at fault but the airbags deployed and because of that the car wont start. But since the 2 airbags deployed it's a total loss. I JUST got the car 4 weeks ago and I want to keep the car and just repair it with the settlement offer. I have personal friends... show more

Trying to get my permit this week and wanted to save time to get my license as well if possible.

My cousin’s dad wanted to purchase a car from the dealership but couldn’t do so unless he got a co-signer and my mom agreed to be his co-signer. We just found out that he was in an accident with 3 cars involved total, he got hit which then from the impact he hit another car. My mom is worried that it might affect... show more

I got points last year and I was told by the district judge that 3 points a year would be taken off if I did not have any more points added on. It has been about 54 weeks now and I want to see if (indeed) they are off - or I was being lied to.

Best answer: Good question. That exact thing has happened before, and it will happen again. Hang on, because this sh*t get really complicated. I'll try to keep it simple. The first line of defence (for the man in question) is documentation. When an insurer goes bankrupt, they must follow a set of exact procedures if... show more

Lost registration papers?

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