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Car Accident Dilemma, Am I Screwed?

25 answers · 3 days ago
Recently, I let a friend drive my vehicle. I am covered through Progressive Car Insurance, and only had Liability Coverage on my vehicle. When I let him drive my vehicle, he got into an accident where he was at fault, and hit a pole. Upon striking the pole, both airbags in my vehicle deployed and the car was... show more

please don’t make any rude comments because i’ve already had a lot of time to think abut my mistake, but i am 19 years old with a pending dui. i’m working towards getting privileges but in order to do that i need a car and insurance, and i’m not sure if it depends on the type of insurance you have or what but i... show more

I was driving in the lane of a parking lot come up to a stop line and somebody coming from the parking spots on the right of me tried to shoot through the gap between the front right side of my car and an island. Scraped up the front right of my car ~$2,000 in damages and their driver side front and rear doors.... show more

I’m currently paying 150 a month for my 93 Silverado and I was wondering how much will it cost with my Firebird I’m 18 almost 19 and I’m under my grandmother insurance with farmers insurance

Best answer: Probably, because as soon as they do that, the insurance company will contact you. If it's only been a few weeks, that doesn't mean anything. The other person could be busy, or procrastinating. It's also a possibility that the other person has decided to not have it fixed, or fix it themselves, or... show more

I Geico full coverage with the uninsured driver add on. Our policy is $250 deductable and covers up to $25,000. I have to wait on them to look at the car before they can tell me anything else, and get the police report, but after that they said we would get a check. I'm assuming it's only for the value of... show more

Best answer: Absolutely and is a win/win for a title company. This is worst than one of those pay here/buy here dealers that overcharge you for interest and the value of the vehicle that you bought since when you buy here, NO one will loan you money and many cases these people default on those loans, thus even though they... show more

Best answer: She doesn't have to use your "expert " ....let your insurance handle it or pay out of pocket. 🌺Maybe she doesn't trust you and if you fail to pay her then she would have to take you to small claims court...going through your insurance she will get paid quicker.

Bumped this guy from behind going not even 5mph. He claims there was a minor scratch on his new car. No police report was filed I just gave him my insurance info. Now I am wondering how screwed I am? I dont want my car insurance to go up due to this? There were no damges he is being petty! Also what if he claims... show more

What to say and what not to say to an adjuster?How do I file a lawsuit with out a lawyer? How do I know how much my payout is with my insurance company.Two kids,and my husband was in the car.

I got a man in the street to sign it. 1) Over 18 2) Not a relative 3) Doesn't live at my house 4) has full licence what's with that? They haven't given a reason - is he a mass murderer or something?