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I got in a fender bender a month or two ago and it thought we had it all sorted out. We traded insurance but she never took any action. Now out of the blue she wants to know my license plate number, the year, make and model of my truck. What could she be trying to do? Is she trying to report me to the police?

Best answer: Tthey pay off the loan and give me whats left from taking in my car The car was purchased for $31000 It sounds like you put a HEFTY down payment down and now owe $11000. The insurance company will pay you the fair market value which will cover the $11000 and then you will have some money (maybe $10000) left... show more

My friend has a license, a car, and his own car insurance. He borrowed my car because his car wasn’t working. He got into an accident and hit someone. The cops came and made the report, and gave him a ticket. I never called my insurance. The guy he hit insurance contacted my insurance company and now a case is... show more

I was rear ended and there was no damage to either one of our cars so I just let it go. I didn’t get the persons information or anything. Not even a plate number. I had to go to the hospital because of whiplash and now I’m stuck with that medical bill and the alignment in my car is thrown off. I ended up passing... show more

If I have a fl license plate and I move to another state because of my job can I keep my fl license plate and just renew on my birthday or is it mandatory that I change my plate reflecting NC state?

How to get the most on a claim.?

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so I got rear ended yesterday, my 2014 Silverado rear bumper got vent in, know I have to deal with the insurance so how could I get the most money out of them, I mean my truck will know be devalue since know it will have an accident reported. please give me your advice. thanks

I’ve already checked over the car and it doesn’t appear to have any evidence of damage besides a replaced hood and fender. My insurance said I wouldn’t have any problem registering it. Is this true?

Someone help me out please?

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So I had car insurance on my newer car for a year straight always paid on time. On February 2 2019 it was time For car insurance renewal. So I found out that it was way to high and not worth it to switch to geico. So I canceled it. After that my car needed work done so I waited a few weeks. Unfortunately I got into... show more

Insurance Car Repair Headache?

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I was hit by a drunk driver in texas 3.5 weeks ago. No injuries but lots of damage. His insurance has accepted liability but is moving very slow; I have an adjuster in Dallas or illinois but almost 1 month without having a person assigned to estimate the damage. I had liability and uninsured motorist but without... show more

My car was damaged in hit & run accident. I towed it to 2 mechanics. They both said it’s total loss. But the insurance adjuster said it’s repairable based on the insurance auto shop. What should I do? Should I consult an attorney?

Hello, i recently bought a 12 year old motorcycle from a fellow in Connecticut, who gave me a Massachusetts title with a different person’s name on it. He said he just never bothered to register it in his name. I got a bill of sale from the seller as well. I am wondering if I will have trouble registering the bike... show more

Registration? Title transfer fees? Smog? Can t get the title unless the vehicle is smogged i believe... Can I get away with just a bill of sale? But then what s to stop somebody from racing a stolen car?

I’ve been driving on my own since May of last year. I got my Drivers license November of 2017. It took a long time for my parents to allow me to drive on my own. People kept asking me if I gotten a car. For months I had to say “no” because my parents refused to allow me to drive on my own. Some how I was able to... show more

So the other day I accidentally dinked this womans car with my friends car door. The dent was maybe the size of a dime but she freaked out and is making an insurance claim. I was in a rush and didn t get any of her information. Does anyone know how much this claim would cost me?

So I hit a patch of ice on an exit ramp today, my car fishtailed and I ended up going a little off the road. It was nothing major, I didn’t end up in a ditch or anything luckily. And my car wasn’t damaged. But I did hit one of those 3 foot or so metal “mile marker” I guess you would call it. It wasn’t the actual... show more