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Best answer: You would need a very very wide car to do this. Do you mean drive in the sides of 2 adjacent lanes and be a roadhog?

Best answer: I'd go with whatever the norm for taxis is your area is. (USA- sit in the back. Australia/New Zealand- sit in the front, unless asked not to.)

Best answer: Your comments to other answers answer suggest that you actually meant to ask 'What towns outside London are within an hour's commuting time by rail of the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital near Stanmore ?' Is that right? If the main constraints are: - the RNOH is not within convenient walking... show more

I have a DMV appointment to get my ID, but I know it s going to take a week or so to get the real one. I ve been told they ll give me a sort of temporary one to use. Will that ID be enough to get on a greyhound? I also have my learners permit with a photo on it that I could bring for backup.

Annoying neighbours car!!?

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My neighbour drives an old japanese car with a sports exhuahst. It's so loud it vibrates my house. Does anyone drive a Harley Davidson? I will pay you money to rev you engine outside his house

Whats the best and safest route i know its gonna take about 16 hours and i want to avoid driving at night in bad weather conditions trying to be cautious avoiding times its snowing will be driving with a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 any tips will be appreciated

Best answer: Before the time of additional security checks. Many did commute city to city by Air. In my area at rush hour additional flights were added as necessary More of a flying bus than a taxi. It was very popular.

Best answer: As a driver you have to try hard to anticipate other driver's actions. It seems as though the other driver was impatient. May be you hesitated? But you should have been aware of the car behind you and guessed that he might be an idiot as so many are. If you signalled in ample time and moved over at an... show more

Nearly every road here has a cross and flowers on the side of the road like some sort of a memorial? Some roads have several. Did people die there or something or buried there????

I need to drop off my car at a body shop for a week cause it was damaged in an accident. But its located 25 miles away and I have no one to give me a ride home. There's no bus route nearby as its rural and uber costs like $50 which I don't have. So how can I get back home???? Walk??

I want to watch a show while it is on but my commute happens while it is on. Is there a website I can watch TV stations while I am on the bus for free?

Best answer: Don't most bridges have railings? That are at least as tall as the average car? So that even if your car lost control, you would just hit the railing, instead of going over the side?

Best answer: You'd do better to find a place near a train line. There's no place rural from which you can drive to the city in 90 minutes during rush hour.

Should a tunnel be built?

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Best answer: Should a tunnel be built? For cars and similar road vehicles? NO There already is one. Do you think an additional tunnel meant for vehicles can be built? YES it could be built. Are you volunteering to pay for it.? On a long tunnel like this there is too great a risk of incidents to affect traffic. A simple... show more

Best answer: seems like a glitch. like it hasn't been notified you already received the ride. try signing out of the app and back in to see if that refreshes it, so to speak. otherwise, contact uber support.

I work in the city however,my wife and I clearly cant afford it.We found multiple places about 1 hour or more outside New York but cant justify ourselves to moving without feeling like we are leaving everyone behind and making our commute harder. We love our life style but hate our expenses. We hate commuting but... show more

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Best answer: It is a two hour train ride each way. This is considered a "normal" commute if you're from Seattle