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I think the price of trucks are getting absolutely ridiculous. 30k for a used truck with 50-70k miles. YOURE INSANE!!! I just want a truck for hauling wood/driving on dirt roads for hunting but I want something reliable. Seems impossible to find something in the 10-15k range. Financing will never be an option I... show more

my first and latest auto loan was a total loss and there remains 719 due to a defered payment and a deductible..which I don't understand. but anyway. its keeping me from getting approved! and I need a GOOD car asap. I drive lyft full time in a rental right now, stuck doing that as I have a job and a car but it... show more

Car Getting Repo?

13 answers · 3 days ago
Long story short. My dad said his home girl was looking to take over payments on one of my cars (Impala) She meeded a 2nd car We wrote up a Contract and got it Notarized and She been making the payments strong for like 3 months. Now she dont really be replying to me 2 months late on payments now The bank steady... show more

I still owe $2.5k and I want to sell it for $9k. Do I have to come up with the $2.5k for the payoff amount before selling the truck or can I get them to give the title to the buyer and they take 2.5k out of the 9k?

Best answer: Black cars look cool and sleek, but I’ve always thought red cars were really cool too. If you’re going for different I’d say red.

Cosign three car?

7 answers · 2 days ago
im planing to buy a new car but no credit. My dad just bought a car and also cosign my brother, is it possible he could cosign me also? Is there a limit

Best answer: The body lines of the Camaro allow it to look really good in any color. That said, and the fact you're looking at the 'LT' trim level, red is a bit more flashy, where black is more subtle. With either color, I'd add the wide twin racing stripes on the hood & deck lid, and body side dual pin... show more

Best answer: Call MCU in California.

Best answer: Sure you can. You can sell anything you like or want as long as you have that title. You might find a sucker, or i mean some fool, uh i means some potential buyer. As long as you are not over priced and be realistic abt how much you want.

the car is in great shape, and i know the mileage is high, im hoping i can get 500 dollars for it

2008 Dodge caliber ?

8 answers · 4 days ago
I'm considering buying a 2008 dodge caliber with 144k on it. The dealership is asking 4 grand for it. Car overall seems in good shape no visible rust on it. are these cars decent and reliable ? I know they tend to have problems with the CVT transmission is that something I should be worried for or keeping in... show more

Can I finance a car at 18?

5 answers · 2 days ago
If there was a possibility of getting approved and I financed a $9000 car and I’m putting $4500 down and my insurance wouldn’t be a problem I’m able to pay it my family is stable enough and offered

Should I buy this porsche?

7 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: It is a risk but it seems about 10% of them fail before 100,000 miles and those that done can go 200,000 mile. LN Engineering sells a upgrade bearing replacement that you can look for which may be worth it because if the bearing fails then your timing goes and you will have engine parts colliding and then you will... show more