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I have a new car so I don't need a new car but I want to go test drive the new Honda Accord, Civic and CR-V. Do you think it's wrong to waste the salesperson's time knowing I won't be buying anytime soon?

I have a Honda Civic that gets incredible 50mpg on the freeway which I love since it doesn't need much gas and gets 600 miles to the tank. But I hate that the interior is cramped especially since I travel often and end up sleeping in my car. The rear seat folds down but there's still not enough room to... show more

I am selling a 10 year old Honda SUV with over 200k miles. Would doing any of these raise its value? 1. An inspection by a mobile mechanic plus detailed report - $150 2. Steam cleaning interior (lots of stains) - $200 3. Removing 5 small dents - $300 4. Fixing a rear window that won't go down - $250 5. Cloudy... show more

I got a call from the car dealership that I got my car from. They said that they were giving me a call from the manager of the dealership, that he wanted to see about putting me in a newer car since ive had mine for over a year. The lady said that I have gotten into a better financial place and that they wanted to... show more

Can a dealership do this?

14 answers · 1 day ago
Long story short I went to trade in my car (at a well known dealership [not crappy buy here pay here]) I was having my mom co sign but she was not with me during signing they told me no problem she can come whenever its convenient for her to sign. Well had the car for 5 days and it was having problems (was a used... show more

First car for a teenager?

9 answers · 3 hours ago
is a 2008 impala a bad first car for a 16 year old girl?

Best answer: I don't recall ever even seeing one but I have a pair of F-150s and three Explorers.

Good car for 21 year old???

13 answers · 2 days ago
i was looking at a nissan juke, but my parents are trying to put me off of it as they are convinced it is too big. i need a reasonably priced car. is there any cars out there that look quite big, but really arent that big????

When my mother passed away years ago she left her bmw to my son.He wasn't interested in it but now needs money.For emotional reasons he will only sell to me and I want to buy but it's twice what I can afford. Anyone have some logic I can use to justify buying a sportscar?

A few years after being married, the wife and I got this '85 Golf diesel. For the past 6 years it has not really given us any problems, except a faulty CV joint that had me thinking the transmission had gone out when it hadn't and a couple leaks that were easy to fix. It also gets great fuel mileage, over... show more

Hello, I'm a high school student going into my senior year. So I've been saving up for a car but don't have a clue on what type of car I should buy. I don't really need a fancy car or sports car. Just a car that would get me to school, work, and after school activities. I'm looking for a price... show more

You can now get a 36 month lease for around $500 per month, plus some initial fixed cost, so the total cost over 3 years is around $20,000. At that point you can trade it in for a new car. Does that mean that if you actually bought the car for $50,000, and it was in good shape after 3 years, the dealer would give... show more

Is this a good used SUV?

14 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: That is a lot of miles, but the price is pretty reasonable. Have it checked out very thoroughly

Good condition just dusty would a pawnshop buy these items I need to clear up space and don’t want to throw them out or give them away for free or spend the time setting up and having a yard sale or waiting to sell them on Craigslist I also don’t want to waste my time going to a pawnshop just to be turned down

Car dealership trying to scam me?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Dealership told me I was approved for financing. Didn’t buy the car and went home. Today I got a letter saying “the dollar amount requested for financing by the dealership on your behalf was Outside of the available range for the application” what does this mean? It’s the same bank they told me I was approved for

So i'm buying a camaro from someone who lives in my state, texas. However he is moving in a week. The earliest i can pick it up is in a month, and he will already be out of state. So if he leaves the car here in texas, and moves to tenesse then how do we go about the transaction? His brother still lives here... show more

I want a new performance car?

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i have a budget of around 10k, my criteria is 0-60 in around 6 seconds or less, not front wheel drive (rear wheel or 4 wheel) and manual. audi s3 s4, bmw m3's are a few of my current ideas. any suggestions ?