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Best answer: Indiana until 2 years back(?) didn't require license plates on 49cc 'Moped' smallest scooters- were treated as 'bicycles with assist' instead of 'motor vehicles' requiring license plates, drivers license, and financial responsibility/insurance proof' Bicycle causing damage- civil... show more". Is there anything she can do legally? Is the dealer wrong for doing this? Or what can she do?

Is it really important to rotate tires every year?

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Can alternator problems be intermittent?

14 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 15 hours ago
Last question about this before I bite the bullet and pay several hundred dollar to get it fixed. I thought that an alternator either worked or it didnt. I have a 2004 ford escape and although my battery light stays on most of the time, it gets me from a to b without issue 99 percent of the time. Twice in 2... show more

Can cheap tires make car shake at 75mph and up?

17 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
I installed 4 tires on my car for a total of $280 all season tires on a sports car and my car steeering wheel shakes like crazy going about like 70 or 75 mph but I just had a shop take a full look at the car and they said that it is in perfect health tight suspension and all nothing needed except bumper cover... show more

I got in a fender bender a month or two ago and it thought we had it all sorted out. We traded insurance but she never took any action. Now out of the blue she wants to know my license plate number, the year, make and model of my truck. What could she be trying to do? Is she trying to report me to the police?

Best answer: Tthey pay off the loan and give me whats left from taking in my car The car was purchased for $31000 It sounds like you put a HEFTY down payment down and now owe $11000. The insurance company will pay you the fair market value which will cover the $11000 and then you will have some money (maybe $10000) left... show more

Do I HAVE to talk to the insurance representative after a car accident?

17 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago
My friend has a license, a car, and his own car insurance. He borrowed my car because his car wasn’t working. He got into an accident and hit someone. The cops came and made the report, and gave him a ticket. I never called my insurance. The guy he hit insurance contacted my insurance company and now a case is... show more

Its located underneath the drivers side next to the Hood Release button. It jjust says on/off and its on off. Ive never used it and never knew it was there. Does anybody know what it is? I have 2 pictures of it.

Is Toyota with 220k+ miles worth it?

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Truck Misfiring and maybe lying mechanic?

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I have a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 dually and theres been misfires and the truck is shaky and feels like its gonna power off when idle and shakes when pressing gas, this mechanic that came by to check it out said that water went into the pistons and causing it to misfire suppostly because it overheated and made... show more

When replacing car brakepads, does it have to be OEM?

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Can it damage an engine if it never warms up to the right temperature?

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I had the thermostat replaced and now it always runs a tiny bit colder than it should.

What gloves are best to wear when fixing oily engine of a car?

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Best answer: Those cheap brown cotton gloves they sell for cheap are ideal. In cold climates it is self-explanatory but also everywhere else it protects your hands from those bloody bleeding accidents which always happen. However, it cannot be about cleanliness of the hand because you must remove the glove for some sensitive... show more

I was in a car accident and only got the license plate. Can I do anything?

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I was rear ended and there was no damage to either one of our cars so I just let it go. I didn’t get the persons information or anything. Not even a plate number. I had to go to the hospital because of whiplash and now I’m stuck with that medical bill and the alignment in my car is thrown off. I ended up passing... show more

Should you buy a car repaired write-off?

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Why do new cars not come with a carburetor instead of fuel injection?

15 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
New cars only come with fuel injection...and as someone who works on vehicles carbs are not only easier to work on, but much cheaper to service and tune correctly.