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Best answer: The last photograph I desired to buy - but didn't - was of a dancer who looked Turkish or something, with poofy pants and something like a turban. This was in San Francisco so it was an ethnic dancer, probably not actually IN Turkey. The shot captured the blur of motion, color and light in a most elegant way. ... show more

What is the point in pencils?

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Best answer: graphite and children's dreams

Why is my art so unpopular?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 4 days ago
Hi I'm Daniel Harrison and my art has the highest ratings on (I bested 4.4 out of 5 over 3 times). There is only one work of art with 4.4 or higher on artfeedback if you fail to include my art. Despite the massively high ratings that I'm getting I only got like 20-32 views for my art on... show more


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•Do you think photo journalists have a duty to step in when necessary to help?

a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?

Can you tell me what's happening in this drawing?

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So I have recently found interest in clay art and making my own figurine dolls. I have many questions regarding curing and painting the dolls. The figurines will be about 4 inches in scale with rather normal human proportions. I plan on using polymer clay, with fake hair, lashes, and glass eyes. When curing... show more

How do I attach clay to a wooden doll?

4 answers · Sculpture · 4 days ago
I am hoping to add clay elements to a wooden doll (such as the example below - arms, hair etc) I am hoping to add the clay BEFORE baking so I know everything fits and is in place, but how do I stick the clay to the wood? After baking I'm guessing you'd use some sort of glue but I dont really want to have... show more

Is there a way to edit this photo?

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Best answer: You can download gimp for free from and use its sharpening tools.

I want to specialize in old building photography?

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Is that a good idea? I want to photograph them because they express how my struggles feel. But I’m dirt poor, I don’t have the money to travel to visit more old places (and of course ask permission to photograph them). So how Can I go about this?

I'm sure they still do, but I happen to notice there is more digital photography than actual film. Also, (not sure) is there a way to transfer film to digital for exposure?

Best answer: Lots at eBay.

Shrinking image without losing quality?

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So i wanted to shrink this an image that is very large to something small. i used online image resamplers and i guess they were okay, but when i printed the image, they look like crap. the images were smaller yes, but blurry and pixelated. printing the same image in its orignal size look great and the small image... show more

Completely over-exposed 40 min long star trail.?

9 answers · Photography · 2 weeks ago
Hi guys, I tried to take a 40 min long single exposure, but by the end the photo(RAW) came out completely over exposed. Aperture was set at F4, ISO 250 and shutter speed Bulb for 40 minutes. Did I do somethings wrong with the set up or 40 min long single exposure is supposed to be over exposed? Can I correct the... show more

What should I sculpt?

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Best answer:   .   design for deep, powerful meanings .... A sunken pirate ship at bottom of sea with flag still at mast A fetus in the womb with a tatto saying stop oppression Create a head bust, but instead of hair you have city or objects of a town life A ballarina on a stage, and the stage is a painting, , and it... show more