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Lots of men nowadays think they are better than woman n look down on woman n men always think they can do a job better than a woman , if men think they are so better then why do men sexually harass & abuse woman and cause majority of the shooting in the world , who says a woman won’t be better than a man as... show more

Let me ask you girls a question? You are not allowed to use google. A kilogram of solid iron bricks or a kilogram of nitrogen gas mixed with helium and methane, which one is heavier and why?

Best answer: The beach is an excellent date if she is not menstruating. Best include a picnic lunch and snacks or she will think you are a cheap skate.

Best answer: Because they're taught all the worst examples of male behaviour while ignoring all the positive and neutral examples.

How many genders are they?

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some women freak out about "unhealthy beauty standards" all you gotta do is not eat as much and run. that's it.

Best answer: I've noticed that a lot of women are jealous of things; cars, Xbox, playing cards, etc.. Fortunately, Japan is perfecting the AI robotic companion. Soon, nagging will become a thing of the past!

Best answer: yes. extra weight looks good on women, since we are meant to have high body fat. it's men, who are already less attractive than the average woman to start with, who look disgusting overweight.

Best answer: SHUT UP YOU MUPPET!!! They may stop! Keep going ladies. Looking good!

he has a life. he has opinions. he has feelings. he's a human. there's a reason why every man walks away and i'm willing to put it on the mother. until people start to realize this fact, this phenomenon is going to keep on happening.

a woman offered you a rimjob ? Would you like it or deny it? Assuming you were/are single, and this woman was attractive (to you).

Why don't women like Anal?

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do they not like something big going in and out their butthole

I believe it's called , DEADBEAT DAD. and its rampant . why wouldn't a dad want his kids to eat well? dress well? gee wiz man.

Best answer: In a couple of recent marches, I interviewed some ladies to get their views on the subject of their march. The most common answer was, "just needed to get out of the house for a while". They didn't even know what they were "protesting"!!!