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Don’t they know these policies are needed to create a level playing field to give women a fighting chance to succeed? I know I wouldn’t have gotten my current job if not for affirmative action.

Women who think men are useless are being called feminists. What would the male version be? InCel? MRA? Red Piller?

Are you pro life or pro choice?

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This survey below demonstrates that women's primary sexual interest is *masochism*, and they prefer male dominance more than men actually like to dominate. Most of their fetishes involve receiving pain, humiliation, violence, "rape", and abusive acts towards themselves. Men also prefer female... show more

What do you think of white knights?

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Best answer: Misguided fools , that mistakely believe their " heroic actions " will win female favour , quite the opposite screams " needy " to a woman , the ultimate female turn off !!

Best answer: Well, someone has to stay at home with the kids

Best answer: She should.

I don't deny that a lot of women are hateful towards men, but even if women have enough of men for some time, she will return to them after some time, and she will say things like "Men are pigs, but we still love you!" Whereas men seem to be hateful as hell. They leave women forever, call them... show more

Best answer: Relieved

is this because men dont want women to like sex?

Does anyone say "me too" anymore?

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I mean in a normal sense, not in a feminist way. Sometimes I accidentally slip up saying that. It's a pity those people turned it into a hashtag.

Whats worse, rape or abortion..?

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Best answer: Abortion is murder. Rape is also an unspeakable evil, but I would have to say that abortion is worse.