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Will this work?

Sperm jacking: Stealing a man’s sperm, typically to become pregnant without his consent.

I know the whole "Your body, your choice" spiel, but I want to know what's generally expected from potential partners.

Best answer: Women voted in colonial America, long before America won its independence. Women voted in the very first ever presidential election after winning independence and officially becoming the country of the USA.

a hot sexy woman is almost impossible to resist. she should not be temping a man who is in a committed relationship. she is taking advantage of a man's sex drive. something nature made so strong that he loses his mind and doesn't know what he's doing once those parts in his brain are activated.

My women's studies professor said this. If not a patriarchy, what kind of government does the U.S have?

If so. What are some examples?

Also, why are these not considered a Title IX violation since they clearly discriminate on the basis of sex?

Best answer: I have, yes

We know some women are more beautiful and perfect but yet we gravitate towards the normal everyday girl even when given the choice