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Why do feminists hate men?

26 answers · 12 hours ago

That men have high sex drive

this is sexist!!!!!!

Are you a feminist?

11 answers · 23 hours ago
Why/why not?

My business has been thriving for the past 11 years, and I'm pulling in a very nice income. But all that time he's been saying things like: "One day your business will fail and then you'll be flipping burgers" and I've been hearing it for nearly a decade. I don't think my business will... show more

i have a foot fetish and for the first time the other night i saw her feet in some heels and i was like wtf is them things she's like what i said those lil hobbits hangin off of your feet.. hell naw i'm out. went back home. stubby, thick toes are nasty to me.

Best answer: Hi Tessera most women are straight

Best answer: For the most part, i've believed the women that have told me their story of assault. There have been women I haven't believed. At the end of the day, all I can do is listen to my own sensibilities. That's not enough to convict someone, only enough to form an opinion.

Women, in general do you hate men?

22 answers · 2 days ago
Or do you like men and believe both men and women need eachother?

Does feminism stop rape?

12 answers · 3 hours ago
Best answer: Yes feminism does stop rape. Wanna know how? Because talking about it will make your wiener soft.

What are your thoughts on middle age 40 yr olds such as leonardo dicaprio, ben affleck and justin theroux dating women who are in their early 20s Are they Peter Pans?

For example:

Best answer: They're trying to get your attention. IMMATURE men think they can take advantage of female competition dynamics to make _themselves_ the object of competition. But THAT won't necessarily work out very well for them, especially if the other "competitors" don't actually EXIST. If I'm... show more

Best answer: Today I heard two blondes carrying a 30 minute conversation about Pumpkin Spice.

im 24 years old and a kissless virgin. i live in europe (switzerland). 2 years ago i tried tinder but i never got a match. and i think there's a lot of fake women (bots) on these kind of sites. Ijust started with Badoo yesterday. i swiped a lot and only got 7 matches. a few of them good looking. but i think... show more

Best answer: Because women go from man to man getting creampied, never washing next thing you know they smell like a sewer down there. Quite disgusting creatures. That is why you can smell their perfume literally 10 metres before they get to you. They have to cake themselves in scent to wash away the woman odor.