Gender Studies's questions - English iziqna

1. Mark Zuckerberg :- A good looking beta male. A nice guy and one of the richest man on the planet. Net worth over US$ 60 Billion 2. Johny aka The Animal :- A real man with balls made of steel. Looks good too very masculine isn't he? A well known white alpha male according to police records. Net worth : US$... show more

Best answer: Very interesting question. The reason is very simple women like alpha males and hate beta males. All they care is how alpha the man is, looks, money, race, color and personal hygiene none of this matter. Alpha means aggression. Most alpha males are @ssholes but women love them anyway there is nothing we can do... show more

jobs like teaching, nursing, barista, food server, bank teller etc not saying there are only women in these jobs and there are no women in jobs that require more work but it is interesting that they are dominated by women

like i dont feel sorry for them, i dont know why, even though i know its wrong. When i hear someone got raped it doesnt trigger any response in my brain. I dont feel sad for them at all. I just feel like "here we go again" like i always hear people say "rapists scar people for life, they should be... show more

I wish men were like woman. Woman almost never look at men's private parts.

Is a masculine man better? Are men who don't necessarily fit the role of traditional masculinity doomed to be alone?

Feminists say men and women are equal, but when feminists say women need programs advantaging them to create a level playing field, aren’t they saying women are less capable?

Best answer: It has always meant "Rights without responsibility". Which would indeed go under the name 'privilege'.

why do men feel so disgusted by women that want to marry rich men and have nice big houses and fancy cars.

Lets say there is another guy who is fat and ugly. He is all about confidence and manliness. A real man in all sense but ugly. which one will you choose Brad Pitt act like woman or fat and ugly real man? (Just imagine this scenario I am an ugly person in real life :-))

i understand its something you cant change, and i completely agree that men should be allowed to not be attracted to fat women either since you can always lose weight but i just dont get why men dont understand that we cant help we are attracted to taller men. they call us "shallow" but its literally in... show more

Best answer: "What’s the difference between equal opportunity employment and affirmative action?" Equal Opportunity means just what it says. Everyone has an equal opportunity to apply and compete for a position. Affirmative Action on the other hand, is just a fancy way of saying "job quotas". And for the... show more

Best answer: I think the usual justification comes down to "work as hard as" rather than "equal work". That is, if Jane works as hard as John, she should be compensated the same as John is. But it cannot work that way in a capitalist society. If John and Jane have different jobs, all kinds of other... show more

Best answer: No,because there's always a chance the man has been wrongly accused