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LMAO imagine thinking 1940s Americans would stand for gay marriage, abortion or interracial marriage, in fact by today's standards WW2 soldiers would be called Nazis, I mean if they could see what they died for they would of probably put down their arms and fought with the Germans Fighting Nazis Then Vs Now |... show more

Usually, an adult rejoicing the death of a child is seen as taboo. Nevertheless, have you ever felt that way, for example if the kid was mean/a bully/bratty etc.

Are Mexicans Native Americans?

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Best answer: Some of them have told me that. Others have told me they know he is a moron but its still better than having Hillary.

I have a Bible Question?

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Do men look good in skirts?

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Best answer: When last I checked, it was you conservatives who pretended that all children needed a mother AND a father. Edit: Oh, I see. You're being racist. I'm sure YOUR parents are quite proud.

I ve seen a lot of people refer to the Parkland students or the Covington students, or other times on the internet, I ve seen adolescents being referred to as children. Biologically, a person stops being a child once they start puberty. The main stages of human development are child(birth -onset of puberty),... show more

Best answer: Yes, superficial people do and there’s no lack of them.

Best answer: I blame ebonics.

I have O- blood, which is the universal donor type in case you didn't know, that means that in a case of emergency any blood type can receive my blood. I am agnostic so I have no religious problems donating blood... but I just don't like the idea of my blood in another persons body. It's a totally... show more

Best answer: I never judge people.

Best answer: 1. false 2. false 3. false 4. they aren't the most racist people are religious people

Are we all a product of incest?

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Best answer: The lack of diversity in our genetics suggests that our species has been down to just a thousand (?) or so individuals a few dozen millennia ago, and probably one time before that. So yes, every two random humans are all several kinds of distant cousins to eachother