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My parent flew in last week to visit me. I make a very decent salary, but my parents are not happy. My parents keep telling me that it's wrong for me not to wear a suit, tie and watch to work. I tell them that no one cares about those things nowadays. People have more respect for a discipled man who keeps a... show more

I have a gf lol so don't worry I won't do either of those lol But like we lived in centuries of where Women were judges People of different racist And different religions were judged How do people know there not just judging that Isn't love supposed to be with the person you love most in the... show more

On their computers and iPads.

It is often said that, “inequality is the result of abundance.” What are your thoughts on this?

How would you describe my boss?

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She loves to.complain about stupid white men and mansplaining. She also comes in late, and leaves for 3 hours to can de- stress from the 2 hours sitting in the office checking emails. She takes credit for, which is hers, but also all the work we do and complains that people assume I'm... show more

Best answer: i dont think so but you nnight have a hard tinne sleeping cause of the caffeine in the coke

Where did all the good people go?

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Best answer: They left the country when Trump was elected

Best answer: Cucumbers and Cacti whilst blindfolded.

Logic says that one should never advocate aspects that have exclusively detrimental impact. Uninhibited racial heterogeneity is a societal condition that has exclusively detrimental impact, as the evidence overwhelmingly powerfully shows. Therefore, advocating uninhibited racial heterogeneity is illogical (or... show more

Why are people sad when cops die?

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Best answer: People who get their pansies in a knot over something that doesn’t affect them or hurt anyone. For example, some people get really irritated if someone doesn’t have kids which is silly. Some child free people are obnoxious, but so are some parents. So it just seems really silly when someone gets so mad about... show more

Best answer: U.S.A.

Best answer: Choice and laziness.


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just disappear from society. from the world and out of sight from everyone. i feel so lost and absolutely nothing going for me. i feel forced to retreat after being rejected from the world all the time. feel so broken. all my dreams and confidence shattered. im struggling at 23. all i want to be is a famous... show more