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Best answer: Says the idiot who can’t spell “uneducated” right.

Best answer: No, they are just unable to function in a white dominated society.

Best answer: So they don't have to pay taxes.

If you took a bunch of newborn babies and placed them in like a dome type building and simulated it to appear like Mesopotamia time (sorta like in the Truman show) and you put apes (since they’re close to humans) in the dome with the babies. Then if you observed how the babies grew up and what language they created... show more

Not everything needs to be diverse. I get sick of certain people thinking that diversity needs to be shoved into absolutely everything. So movie character is white. so what? Why does a white character have to be made black just to be "diverse" It makes no sense. I'm not white, BTW I'm Asian... show more

Best answer: Because those are the same people that don't play any sports when they're kids. Usually when you are active when you're growing up, you'll be active when you're an adult and vice versa.

You wanna try that again

Best answer: Get a girlfriend. Enjoy some fun stuff while you are young. It's paid btw.

Best answer: its a form of eugenics that's its illegal. is it also illegal for people with inherited disease to have children knowing they could pass it on?

Best answer: places you can interact with a lot of different types of people. show you are able to communicate and handle different situations. try a soup kitchen, in a school, retirement home or something like that

Best answer: Movies are fiction, not documentaries. There is no Prince Charming coming to save you. Save yourself. You’ll respect yourself more in the end. And by the way, plenty of men are very romantic. Same with women. If you want a romantic guy, be a romantic woman.

Best answer: What is, is and always will be. “Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; Man got to sit and wonder 'why, why, why?' Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; Man got to tell himself he understand.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

Best answer: Most of the women I was ever with weren't very good looking. So, in a way, I felt violated. Maybe. I mean, I couldn't help myself, my mind was working by itself. Or some part of me was doing the thinking.

Best answer: If you mean is karma real? Eh. Not really. Mean people can sometimes effectively bully their way through life. Just look at Donald Trump, the epitome of bullying.

Why do blk people glorify pimping?

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Best answer: The are criminally predisposed.