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Why are so many people ignorant?

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Best answer: Well, every five seconds somebody dies of hunger or easily preventable disease.... How many abortions are done?

Best answer: I guess because they assume you're being a pain. Maybe they'd also wonder why you'd want to use such a vague almost meaningless term. Maybe it's being old that does it but I get REALLY irritated by people who use words wrongly or make up silly terms to use instead of words we've used for... show more

Best answer: The way our society as gone since the 80's with political correctness, I strongly suspect you are more likely to be forgiven for stealing from someone?

Best answer: Less parents are teaching their children about God. Teach them about God, them let them make up their own minds. But teaching them about the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost gives them a choice.

I live in a good suburban neighborhood but all of the teenagers try to act all “gangsta”. They don’t even talk right even though we go to a private school, they post things on Instagram like “I don’t like da police so if they tryna brick me and I found out u told u betta neva come in my hood or else imma check u”.... show more

Best answer: get a cheaper brand,buy in bulk. if you get the large package of scott on sale, it usually comes out to less then 60 cents per roll. they often have coupons (50 cents/some stores double to $1)

Best answer: Somewhat, because it limits their interactions with the opposite sex, they don't have as many chances to learn to be at ease with boys.

Best answer: For some yes, for others certainly not.

Best answer: good question!

Best answer: I avoid/ignore them. They should do the same if they dislike me.

sleep though, I’m 19, doing my own little sleep experiment, I’m not in college or work at the moment so I have free time to do it.

If women arent getting married while theyre sstill young and pretty theres less people getting married with that less people and WE ALL GO EXTICNT