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Should i sleep naked?

30 answers · 3 days ago
I am a 17 year old male

Everybody's so scared of being alone! Why are people so weak? Why do they need each other so much? I could never live like that! How can you stand to be so dependant on anybody??? This is the reason why so many people feel lost when they end up by themselves. They never learned how to be alone! You can't... show more

I self harmed people are bringing me down and it is frustrating me I cut my arm

My father died in 2004 because of a heart attack due to alcohol. I was 6. When it happened, I didn't cry. I didn't cry a single time in about almost 14 years. I actually never have been able to talk to anyone about the situation and my experience. Is it normal so suddenly cry about him every day for the... show more

This past weekend I went to attend a college graduation. I went to use one of the public restrooms and was surprised at how beautiful and well kept they are. I wanted to show my girlfriend so I snapped a quick picture. I was conscious of what I was showing in the pic and at that time nobody was using the urinals or... show more

Best answer: yes more opportunities

Problems doesnt seem to die mistake after mistake i have made recently i miss the golden opportunity of not chking my mail let go of getting into a good company this chance wont come again ...i tried to suicide i couldnt ...i still wamt to...i dont know peoplw around me are frustrated with me i want to die

Best answer: When you have monopolies you are forced to pay whatever they charge. Competition is healthy, for driving standards up and prices down.

So, I graduated high school in June 2017, and today I have no job and I'm not in college. I'm very insociable and I'm often very angry. I'm currently living off my family and all I do is listen to music and look at pictures of my favorite cartoon characters on my computer, as well as ruminate about... show more

Why am I so angry all the time?

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I'm 20 years old and I'm never in a good mood these days. All I do is say swear words/hateful things under my breath. I always want to hurt and disrespect others. I graduated from high school last June, and people keep pressuring me to get a job (or go to college), and every time they do, I just want to... show more

Best answer: No, you are not being unfair

How to be a man?

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Is a real man someone can fight and stand up for myself Does eye contact show courage If I can't look in eyes shall I look at nose or eyebrows

Ever since I found out about this yesterday, I got so angry about it that I locked myself in my room twice and cried about it, but I think I shouldn't be angry. Google didn't help because this issue is so obscure, so how do I stop being angry about it. I have autism, by the way. (Sorry for bringing that... show more