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Is it because then they don’t seem as bad by Comparison

Like c'mon. I've seen his pic. He doesn't look good enough to be considered charismatic. He is above average, not a Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Ryan Gosling, etc. Not even close And surely just couldn't be considered charismatic because his "behavior/demeanor" had "lured"... show more

Do they not have a conscience? I don't understand how someone can be that greedy when there are many people living in poverty around the world.

Best answer: I understand what you're SAYING, I took steroids once for a medical thing and I was TOTALLY wacko, I was crying for no reason, angry for no reason, depressed then elated then depressed again. Twice during that treatment I actually got too worked up to speak coherently, which had only happened three times before... show more

Best answer: they are more violent by nature

Best answer: You said all you should have and needed to. If they did not request an aisle seat when they should have known they would need one, that is their own fault. You booked yours on purpose, you have no requirement to give it up to someone who didn't do the same.

Best answer: Passive Aggressive personality. They are attention seeking when it comes to you and they hope to engage you in a high energy confrontation. Ignore them and watch how quickly they explode.

How can I create my own luck?

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Effects of music?

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So, I'm a 14 year old girl. I listen to rap music, and I love it so much. I think it gives off fun vibes and so much energy, and it feels positive. It makes me feel energized and ready for anything. However, my parents think that it could "influence me", and they won't let me listen to it. I have... show more

Imagine a world where people can find out prior to their death how they will die, when, where etc. I assume people would try there best to avoid the circumstance, like in Final Destination, but also in that movie no matter what they do death gets them in the end. What would the ability to know this mean for... show more

So every time I come back from school I tend not to do alot of my homework. I just feel sluggish after I come back home and finish eating. Do you guys know any psychological methods or something that could help me be more productive when I come home or any examples of your lifestyle that you do. I m a college student.

(Or adult?)

We have broke up many times before but this time was different. I asked him to move out and to never speak to me again and he said "you got it". Granted i meant it....yes i had a good reason. But love doesn't just end with get out. Its been over 2 weeks. Im not going back to him, i just want to... show more