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Do you do alot..many a day?

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I feel the same... and I know others who expirence the same feeling.

Best answer: I think this is the kind of thoughts you have when you're young. It seems like you'll never meet anyone and you'll die old and alone. There's several problems with this kind of thinking, and you realize it when you're older. First, this is called "catastrophizing." That means that... show more

Best answer: I tend to have a very difficult time liking narcissists for any reason.

I like to choke myself?...?

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If you’re gonna troll, f^ck off So first of all, I’m not trying to hurt myself..I’m not depressed I swear lmfao It just gives me a sexual tingling feeling. I just wrap my hand around my throat and apply pressure, and imagine someone else is doing it. I’m only 16 so is that weird?...

Like ppl do this and its more common than u thinl. but then byber are bad??? ummmmm

I’m going to kill my self?

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my grades are plummeting and i hate my existence my paresnts cause on me verbal and physical abuse and anxiety i’m better of dead i have no genuine friendships and nothing seems to be going good in my life so this is me letting it all out but good bye.

Should i commit suicide?

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Life has always been hard for me but now i feel like giving up...all this.Nothing is interesting when i wake up i dont want to do anything...I force myself to live.I am trapped and i cant get out of this situation.I just want to rest in peace. And what is the best way to do it...?? I dont have a gun.

Best answer: Knowing that people are people. The people who committed the Holocaust, the perpetrators of the Cambodian Killing Fields, and the betrayers of the Russian Dekulakization, are just like your neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

So im just a teenager with problems and for the longest time i've just kept them to myself but at the end of last year i decided to get help so ever since then i've seen a therapist. But i just feel like our session are always so weird and bad. To begin with i never talk if she doesn't ask me a... show more

So I’m 16 and my whole life my room has been pretty unorganised but it’s gotten beyond just simply being ‘messy’. I have piles of clothes of which I don’t even wear laying around. There is literally years worth of rubbish and dust under my bed. I haven’t opened my closet in months because it literally cannot... show more

Best answer: My parents divorced when I was 7 and it definitely had a crap affect on my life, so I can relate to you. Life without a father was much harder. This is a smart question. I think divorce has become too easy and it allows lots of partners to run away from situations they don't like and don't want to work... show more