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Best answer: YES, they are sick people..they are what is wrong with the world or going wrong with the world. They represent one of the signs of the ending times. There will come a time where men will dress like women, act like women and women will claim to be men, dress like men and marry women, etc. The time has come. These... show more

I feel like there is so much societal pressure on me, especially as a woman to do these things. And I don’t even want to do them. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with doing these things. It’s sickening to me honestly. I feel obligated to do these things and like I will be left behind and left out and... show more

I am 24. I want that to be me before 30 lol.

Here are statistics from the department of justice. 96 percent of child molesters are male. 37 percent of victims were boys. Between 1-3 percent of the population is gay. Out of the 5,800,000 total victims (about 1/20 male children will go through sexual abuse as a kid) 96 percent were male on male. That's... show more

I don’t always understand. If you’re heartless and senseless then why do you come on here? Is it to hurt others? If trolls made you that way, then you shouldn’t come to the Internet. Simple as that. Not everything you see here is a troll or considered spam violations. It’s how it is sometimes.

I tried to keep my head up and find happiness in things but they end up bad. Its me. I feel like I’m the problem. And I’m tired. I’ve been contemplating to end my life. I know its wrong. Any resources or advice plz.

Best answer: You can use a mirror or just forget about it. Anyone that says anything has a rude demeanor. It should make no difference how you look.

Even the losers pick on me and I want it to stop how?

Best answer: Because they're narcissists?