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How does one tolerate asshoIes?

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I'm a coward, it's just the way I am, I was never good at sports growing up and it's because I'm afraid of getting hur and afraid of messing up because people won't like me, I gave up athletics because I was afraid of racing competitively. I remember in school I chickened out of my first kiss, I... show more

when I was 18 years old I had myself sterilized because I never want to have children. I am 24 years old now and a few days ago my girlfriend told me she is pregnant, I then proceeded to tell Her that I had a vasectomy at age 18 and that her child is not mine. she screamed at me and called me a liar. I kicked her... show more

Best answer: The need to control others is the strongest reason. Most bully's feel inferior and only by degrading others do they feel empowered.

How do I let go of anger and hate?

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I am shy and I am afraid to dance in front of people. The reason is because I feel like all eyes are on me and I am being watched. It feels so uncomfortable. I am also afraid to perform, give a speech, and a presentation in front of multitudes or even a small number of people. I have stage fright so my body... show more

or when you really become a "real adult"? I remember when I turned 18, I thought I was just as smart if not smarter than MOST adults and felt that way, but I realized later that I was pretty stupid then, but at age 30 I was sure I was an adult then. but later found out I was pretty young in thinking then... show more

How to become mentally strong?

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To be able to cope with anxiety and things that bother you

Why do people find Maths hard?

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Is it the way its taught, the long winded questions or the fact that alot of what's taught is useless in real life. I cannot trust myself to redo my Maths GCSE to get an apprenticeship as I fail to see why I should redo a subject that upsets me, causes me frustration and makes me feel worthless and thick and... show more

I highly believe I am schizophrenic or have some form of sphycosis. It’s progressed over the years but it seems to be getting worse. And today at work was an awful experience. I’ve always believed I could see demons. I’ve seen them on occasion and hear them taking with each other as well. But it’s to the point... show more

Feel like I messed up my life?

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Best answer: Right, we all go through phases where things seem dark. If we stay there obsessing about what can not be changed, we'll get stuck until we decide that each day offers a fresh opportunity to move towards the kind of life we really want.