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Do they all not mean the exact same thing - a valuable thing. Something that has value, something that is useful, something i can give to others in exchange for something else, or something i can use for myself. They all seems to mean the exact same thing, do they not?

Best answer: There is another alternative, common ownership of the means of production and using them to meet human need. No profit motive to justify ruining the environment; no waste of effort in the whole paraphernalia of the money system; no state or armed forces to keep people in their place.

My macroeconomic analysis needs to provide an analysis of my chosen currency against the U.S. dollar over the 5-year period ending with 2010. What should i include in my analysis, unemployment rates, trading, ...?

Best answer: A lot of what society views comes from people's perspectives of the majority and the majority pays bills and has a job so that's just what we assume for most people. We know that there are exceptions but they are so few that we hardly recognize them.

Is that their way of lying to themselves about doing a good deed for somebody even though they didn't help them out at all, because there's nothing at all you can buy with a little bit if change or a dollar

Best answer: You can be diabetic by destroying your pancreas. to do so you must drink a lot of alcohol.

Best answer: If West Virginia were a country ii would be a fifth world country.

I only make $50,000 a year am I poor?

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We have had time to gauge the results.

Since free hydrogen is light enough to escape earth's atmosphere, if we split water into hyďrogen and oxygen, couldn't we over time reduce the amount of water on earth which is a finite resource?

Best answer: Either that or it will undergo a major reorganization. Europe simply is not what it was, and the old structure is not going to hold up. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but before too many more years.