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Can I be a Liberal-Marxist?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I'm using Liberal in the classic sense not the American version which means anything left of Hitler. Basically I believe in private property, I believe in competition, and all the important liberal values (liberty, free speech etc.) But I just believe that property should be owned by the stakeholders rather... show more

Shipping from China?

6 answers · 3 days ago
Hey guys. Please help me. Is it normal to wait for an item from ebay for 60-70 days? I ordered something on 27th November and up until today still nothing ?

This guy at my job has been trying to get with me for months but never won at it. He tells his friends about me and does little things but he never gets to the point. He seems very shy I see his friends hype him up to talk to me but he would come close to me than make a excuse or walk back away. It’s been 4 months... show more

What does godspeed actually mean?

4 answers · 6 days ago

Best answer: The Amish community pays state and federal income taxes and property and sales taxes, but the group is exempt from paying Social Security or Medicare. Congress exempted the Amish from participating in Social Security in 1965. They neither pay into the system nor use the benefits. They also do not accept welfare or... show more

What does elasticity measure ?

7 answers · 1 week ago

Best answer: Yup. I got in the storage room a heckuva whole slew of baked beans, canned sardines, beef jerky, wholewheat pasta, etc.


5 answers · 1 week ago
India accounted for the largest number of people living below international poverty line in 2013, with 30 per cent of its population under the $2-a- day poverty measure, the World Bank said.