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generally speaking but why are Cubans terrified of capitalism? how about not terrified of capitalism instead?

Best answer: It doesn't work. The government of Ontario, Canada tried it, but recently cancelled it, citing the high cost. Apparently, if you pay people to not work, many of them won't work. Not exactly a shock.

Before Trump came along conservatives proudly touted their support of free trade and free market capitalism. But in less than 2 years conservatives completely changed their core values and now claim to support tariffs and protectionism. Was anybody else surprised by how quickly the right abandoned their... show more

Best answer: The U.S. dollar will collapse when the world currency is no longer the U.S. dollar because China is going to become more wealthy than the U.S. has ever been and the Chinese Yen will become the world currency. This will happen within five years.

Best answer: My dollar store DOES sell steak, but it is hysterically thin

What is development?

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Is Economics a soft science?

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Best answer: Economics is not science.

Best answer: Because we don't want our country run by rich greedy a***oles.

Best answer: Capitalism is more effective at creating wealth, innovation, and success than Communism because capitalism relies on the individual, the harder you work the better for you. Yes you can call it "greed", but greed is an excellent motivator. Communism relies on the collective or group, with no incentive to... show more

What is "economic freedom"?

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The way I it there are two commonly accepted views of what this means. 1. All should have free an open access to whatever resources they need. 2. Some should have the "right" to privilege, power, and to deny others access to things they need. In your view which best sums up true economic freedom? 😊

Best answer: Maybe. QUOTE “Wealth & fame amplifies whatever is underneath. If you are unhappy, it makes you more unhappy. If you are insecure, it makes you more insecure. This is why so many people start to abuse drugs and become addicted once they become rich. If you are secure and at peace inside, wealth turns you into a... show more

Best answer: well he gave you a pittance with tax cuts and now needs it back plus interest

Best answer: Henry Ford paid his workers a salary that was much higher than the average at the time because he knew that if his employees made more, they'd be far more likely to be able to afford to buy one of his cars. Giving people more purchasing power leads to more consumer spending, which leads to more demand, which... show more

I guess it's true that you can't fix stupid!