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I mean, death is a natural occurence in all living beings, so why fear extinction?

Best answer: Why do people make you want to drink bleach?

Best answer: Is Libcrusher a male? I used to think that but now I have to wonder whether it’s a lonely menopausal female. Sure is bïtchy enough.

Best answer: The distribution of indigenous light-skinned populations is highly correlated with the low ultraviolet radiation levels of the regions inhabited by them. Historically, light-skinned indigenous populations almost exclusively lived far from the equator, in high latitude areas with low sunlight intensity; for example,... show more

I don t know a lot about races and stuff but anyway, I m American and my parents are both from Guyana (Country in South America), also from what they have said there s I Have some Indian (Country in Asia) blood in me too I hope that was enough information to help you answer

Will our child be at risk?

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Best answer: To be honest, the risk ofa child having a disability is ways there, I think age can add to the risk but it doesn't make it certain. My father was 39/40 when he had my brother and 42/43 when he had me. His father was 55/56 when he had him and we were all okay. However my grandmother's parents were both 18... show more

Best answer: This isn't an actual question. Many American have German ancestry, in part. Mostly because there were a lot of Germans in Europe or at least people who have been called Germans at some point and these Germans were Protestants, which meant they could come to the US and skip any sort of lines, as long as they... show more

Best answer: It's because everything is so censored dumbed down and, boring nowadays. Almost everybody uses the internet now instead of back in the good old days when only weird people used it and it was a wild west. I wish you could be edgy and somewhat inappropriate without risking getting heavily moderated. It's... show more

Were Egyptians African?

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Best answer: Geographically they are North Africans, distinct from Subsaharan Africans. Originally, they were a mixture between people from Somalia and Ethiopia with people from West Asia. Hence one cannot say they are 100 % Africans, at least not as an ethnic group.

Does either foot-shape serve any sort of advantage/disadvantage in any situations? If so, what? If not, why did the trait become a common thing? Also, which one came first?

Best answer: Provided they didn't have to compete with modern humans for resources, they would probably do just fine. The problem is that there is no place they could live that they wouldn't have to compete with us. Even the most "primitive" of human cultures, that live the most similar to how they did, still... show more

Which country had the darkest skin?

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I know obviously the majority of Africa have blacl skin, but different countries are lighter than others. I know in nordic countries like Sweden and Norway they have the lightest but who has the darkest?

All they had was weapon based fighting, like sword fighting, but nothing comparable to the hand-based or full body-based fighting like East Asians or Africans.

Best answer: I am assuming that you mean people who have only served one tour of service. If that's the case it's because they have fought and served this country, put their life at risk so this country can be safe. They earned the respect they fought for.