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Genetic/evolutionary reasons: The hypothesis is that due to the fact that different races faced different evolutionary pressures during certain periods in history/pre-history, they evolved to possess different levels of intelligence and thus, racial differences in intelligence are genetic and largely immutable.... show more

Best answer: Around 40 times. In Eurasia, interbreeding between Neanderthals and Denisovans (both assumed to be derived from Eurasian H. heidelbergensis) with modern humans took place several times between about 100,000 and 40,000 years ago, both before and after the recent out-of-Africa migration 70,000 years ago. That would... show more

Desirable human attributes include: - Maximum prevalence of maximum logical and critical thinking skills - Maximum capacity for intelligence - Maximum capacity for physical capability - Maximum general physical attractiveness (maintained primarily through specific European racial composition, British and... show more

Best answer: Die. Or be imprisoned. Balance of Nature. Somebody has to be the opposite of the Person who never does wrong.

I mean if we share the same DNA with Lizards and even fish at some level then shouldn’t there be a good amount of Erectus DNA in our chromosomes left over from 1.5 million years ago?

Best answer: It was because he kept molesting young male recruits,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We are all the same?

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Nobody is another creature like a bear or a lion Are monkeys and gorillas dangerous than us? Why be scared of another human ?

Best answer: Celtic, but over the Centuries Nordic blood has infused. Hence, the term Norman. (Normandy) The Nords (colloquially Vikings) have bred into most European society.

Why can't monkeys talk?

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I understand that they may not be able to understand our language, but why can't they mimic a word that they hear from a human? Are they physically unable to make the same sounds we do during speech?

Best answer: Race and ethnicity have no biological basis. They are socio-cultural constructs primarily used for political purposes. There are different human populations no doubt but not the races most people think of. All humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens, and we have the potential to interbreed.

I'm not trying to start an argument or prove anything, I genuinely want to learn because this is all new to me.

What kind of theories are there for why the human thumbs do not have more joints like other fingers? If you can please post a website link....

Best answer: They are different groups of people. I am celtic and certainly see slavs that look like celtic to me but they are different ethnicities. You will find that it is hard to define race by anything that is more than opinion. Our genes are so close that they are practically indistinguishable. We certainly have some... show more

So, Archaic humans first emerged in Africa, and then left Africa. Then after a while, we -- homo sapiens aka Modern Humans emerged in Africa, and then left Africa, but some stayed in Africa. Those who left interbred with the various groups of archaic humans, such as Neanderthals, Denisovans, and so on. So, how... show more

Best answer: By assimilated, do you mean decimated? We didn't assimilate them 30K years ago. We replaced them. We hybridized with them 70K years ago and those hybrids later replaced them. So many of our "problems" are due to our excess lack of real problems. We have so much food and prosperity now compared to... show more

For instance, biracial people such as Obama are "equidistant" between black and white people in terms of genetics; which means that the so called "genetic distance" between Obama and white people is exactly the same as the (genetic) distance between him and black people. However, the... show more