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I am Russian and Ukrainian, and a little bit of Jewish. I was just wondering what I have inherited from Neanderthals.

Best answer: Because the geographical location of Africa makes it hard to develop due to the weather, climate and lack of materials.

My biology teacher told us that he believes that cavemen never got into a fight or an argument with one another because they had very healthy, natural diets, and human beings with more natural diets have more natural behaviors. Let me know if you agree, disagree, or neither. Please explain why, and please, no... show more

Are Indians Asian or Aryan race?

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Best answer: In the north, probably Aryan. Indo-Aryan migration models discuss scenarios around the theory of an origin from outside South Asia of Indo-Aryan peoples, an ascribed ethnolinguistic group that spoke Indo-Aryan languages, the predominant languages of North India.

Best answer: Chimps (Pan not pygmy) have been observed "raping" by our standards of rape. Out of spite/vengeance even. Not in gorillas. Not that I've read. They have harems but they seem to be by female-choice and good fathers/mates. Gorillas are more peaceful than chimps, despite the stereotype. Orangutans have... show more

Why do humans keep fighting wars?

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We’re literally floating on a tiny planet in space. Why are we surrounded by hatred and misery. Why can’t everyone just calm the f*ck down and lay on some grass. The sun is a GIANT BURNING ORB. Why does money exist. F*ck everything

if we we re evolving from monkeys to humans then what are we in the next 100 million years? do humans have their maximum limit for height, lifespan, intelligence? are we still gonna dwell in the surface of earth?

Best answer: They are further north. A typical explanation found in the scientific literature for the evolution of light hair is related to the evolution of light skin, and in turn the requirement for vitamin D synthesis and northern Europe's seasonal less solar radiation. Lighter skin is due to a low concentration in... show more

Best answer: Some Asians are even hairier than Europeans (see the Ainu). The reasons for this aren't clear, but certain East Asian groups and Amerinds are noticeably less hairier than other groups. It is possible that having less hair protected them better against certain parasites like lice.

Watch this: Would be cool to see how the world would be if 2 species of the human kind lived along with eachother (not neatherthals particulary since they were absolutly way too savage to live in a modern world lol)

The length of his legs looks very long in relation to his torso and arms. Is this natural or photoshopped?

The average Neandertal was?

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Best answer: Was more robust than the modern humans. Compared to modern humans, Neanderthals were stockier and had larger muscles. They had expanded rib cages which housed larger lungs.

Best answer: Birthplace of Western civilization Greece was known as the "Birthplace of Western Civilization" (Aquino & Badilles, 2006, p.80) because its culture became the epitome for the succeeding western civilizations.