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Best answer: Their environment and social structure. They're extremely social and dominated by alpha males. They fight for power, sometimes to the death. Orangutans are solitary-- again, due to environment (food scarcity). Gorillas are pretty peaceful. They scare other alphas off with their chest beating but they don't... show more

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Since they're descended from at least four different and rather unrelated populations?

Supposing it didn't dissapear... Let's say a group of tourists go camping in the woods and come face to face with one or more Neanderthal people. What would happen next? How would they interact?

Are Bulgarians Slav?

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Bulgaria is a country in the southeastern Balkans. The Bulgarian people speak a South Slavic language and descend from a combination of Slavs and Thracians with a small amount of ancestry from the Turkic-speaking Bulgars who founded the country.

Best answer: The average Mexican has 47% European blood. I’d say this is the average of all Central American countries. The most European Latin-American people are the Argentines and Uruguayans, who are completely of European descent, mainly of Italian and Spanish descent.

Best answer: I am most proud to be a member of the human race, but I hate what we are doing to each other and the planet. To be the only sentient beings on such a wonderful Planet and to do what we do to it is unconscionable.

when space is needed

Best answer: lack education, wilful ignorance

Best answer: Given the EEOC clearly and specifically states that gift giving, compliments, and looking st someone all constitute harassment, I find it very odd that feminists here have so strongly denied they do. There really is no way for men to protect themselves however. You can’t function in a work environment without... show more

I want to run away because everything is bad at home but I don’t feel comfortable wearing “normal” clothes so if I wear a black dressing down and jeans will anyone stare at me? Please no rude comments, just put yourself in that situation and would you look at someone if they were wearing a dressing down and walking... show more

Best answer: It may well be true that they said it the question you should be asking is "is it gonna happen?" Is it gonna happen? - no idea (but I think not) but I will be dead by then so it dont matter to me

Best answer: The human brain runs at about 8-10% capacity on average. Evolution will likely improve upon that unless we blow ourselves up.

Best answer: I know somewhere back about a thousand generations ago, one of my ancestors intermarried a Neanderthal woman and my fellow cousin hybrids went on to colonize the world. Sadly we did kill off the pure Neanderthals, Denisovans, Red Deer Cave People, H. floresiensis, a hominid in Africa known only from its DNA and... show more

Best answer: They ARE native Americans. You mean are they related to northern tribes... probably, yes. It's an unknown how many migrations of people into the ancient Americans there were, if they were mostly from the same place (Siberia), etc. There is a mystery population in Amazonia more closely related to Australasians.... show more

Best answer: White people get angry when they're reminded they didn't exist until a few thousand years ago. Original Europeans were dark black and blue eyed. Whiteness only came to be after middle eastern farmers and central asian pastoralists migrated into Europe, mixed their genes/replaced most of the WHG, and had an... show more