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Body shaming is predominantly a female to female practice. I and most men will tell you that we spend VERY LITTLE TIME talking about women that we're not attracted to. Women on the other hand CONSTANTLY comment about other women's bodies including when the woman they're gossiping about isn't... show more

Do you do alot..many a day?

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Do women ever stop thinking about themselves?

23 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
Best answer: nope. they never grow out of it. their game is always the same. it's always about what they don't have, american women love to seduce men with their suffering and using reverse psychology to get it with fan favorites like, "you only care about yourself,"(code for DO FOR ME) which is totally not... show more

I feel the same... and I know others who expirence the same feeling.

Are all women pretty much the same?

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Best answer: They are far more similar than they would have you believe. yes. With women they tend to fit into regimented sewing circles. Each circle is an exact replica of the others. you will notice these circles when you see them at clubs. within each circle there is a hierarchy. The one in charge is usually the most... show more

Is it common for 19 year olds to be depressed?

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Would you ever be friends with a narcissist?

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Best answer: I think this is the kind of thoughts you have when you're young. It seems like you'll never meet anyone and you'll die old and alone. There's several problems with this kind of thinking, and you realize it when you're older. First, this is called "catastrophizing." That means that... show more

Why some people cant speak in front of the class?

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Should the human species cease existing?

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A value cannot be logically derived, we can only make statements about what is, not what ought to be. But one value judgement I'm certain of is that abuse and suffering is better not to exist. Does it matter if the earth has no life on it and was just another planet like mars? I don't think so, therefore... show more

Can we all agree that the Women's March is needed really bad?

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Here's what Viola Davis said at the Women's March today: And here's what Natalie Portman said at the Women's March today: Women go through gender discrimination around the world (including in the United... show more

If you cheat on a man you'll be called slt but you're also humiliating your current boyfriend because that's emasculating for him. Where did I got this?From mgtow forums, I learn so much perspectives from them.

Are narcissists possessed by the devil?

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