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Best answer: It's because they WERE muppets.

Best answer: That is a very subjective assessment to make. Entertainment is mostly a social construct, tied to culture and rarely has much depth or complexity. It tends to peek and then is quickly forgotten. Doesn't really stand up to repeat viewings. Art is more universal, usually with complex subjects, techniques and... show more

Been playing for a few years now but I still feel like I m not as good at soloing or other things that require me to be fast on single notes.

What do I do?

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Best answer: Appears you have a flair for words. Try writing. (acting). Some help centers have programs that research an individual's talent(s). Peace.

What kind of guitar is this?

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I’ve had this guitar lying around in the garage for about a year now and I’m looking to sell it, I got it as a gift but I don’t even play guitar, so it’ll be more useful to someone else than me. I wish I could add more than one picture (it won’t let me idk why) but it’s a Seymour Duncan Electric Guitar and it says... show more

Alright- let's get one thing straight. My only talent is art, and the reason I would like to audition isn't because I want to win. My mom is absolutely gorgeous at singing, she used to be in a small local band, and she wants to record and post on Facebook and so on, but me and her mom are both on her case... show more

Do you get up early on weekends?

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My household staff often allow me to sleep in and let me rise a bit later in the morning on Saturdays unless I have other engagements. But Sunday I am up early due to attending church service. When do you rise in the mornings? Now I shall have few minutes stretching my muscles before engaging the exercise running... show more

Best answer: Of course they can. Naturally it will take MUCH longer than someone who's able to spend a lot more time and effort on it, but of course you can learn anything if you don't mind taking decades instead of years.

Best answer: It's not stupid at all. Many people who love music learn to play more than one instrument.

Best answer: Because of the quality. Traditionally 3/4 size guitars were for small children and were cheaply made from plywood. Some were virtually unplayable. The guitars you mention are made to the same standards as other Taylor and Martin guitars.

Best answer: its the sort of thing that goes away with time. i had the same thing when i learned guitar as a child. use plasters, let them heal, go easy for the first few weeks, and soon you will find your fingers have toughened up and they wont hurt anymore. for now, just take care of the blisters.

Is being an actor difficult?

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Best answer: It's really difficult. You're going to need years and years of training and experience to even start auditioning. And I saw some of your other questions and it looks like you're in England, so that would mean you'd need to get into one of those really big, expensive drama schools after your A... show more

Best answer: You don't really need an acoustic-electric unless you intend to perform for others, where a straight acoustic might not be loud enough. If cost is an issue, just buy an acoustic. Another thing to consider, you can buy a sound-hole pickup to put in a straight acoustic if someday you find that you want to... show more

Best answer: They just have to be commercial British theatre productions.

Thing is I have a recorder from my old school days. I cannot make a decent sound with it. I have never been able to whistle so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Also, I want to know if flutes are blown differently, given the fact you play them horizontally, and therefore not knowing how to whistle... show more